Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao

Flying Alone - 孤单地飞

Chapter 2172 - You're Dreaming

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Chapter 2172: You’re Dreaming

Wenren Yue’s grandfather had been the previous clan leader of the Wenren Clan. He had initially wanted to pa.s.s this position to his son, yet his son had unfortunately pa.s.sed away in an accident during his adventures. He only left two sons, Wenren Yue and Wenren Chuang.

At that time, Wenren Yue and his brother had still been infants. Wenren Yue had been slightly older, but he had still only been two years old. Meanwhile, Wenren Chuang had only just been born.

Initially, if Wenren Yue’s grandfather had remained healthy and alive, the transition of the clan leaders.h.i.+p would have been smooth and successful. However, that old geezer had been an adventurous person, and he had ventured deep into mountains by himself to hunt a powerful beast. In the end, he paid with his life.

His death caused the main branch of the clan to become extremely weak, and the side branches of the clan seized this opportunity to s.n.a.t.c.h power.

Wenren Yue and his brother were ultimately still the legitimate successors in name, and there were also some “old officials” who continued to support them. However, with the pa.s.sing of time, the side branches gained more and more power. At the same time, more and more of the “old officials” were also eliminated.

This side branch was represented by none other than Wenren Tang, the senior elder of the clan. Moreover, they controlled over 70 percent of the clan’s finances.

Money was naturally the most important thing to running a clan, so after taking control of the clan’s finances, Wenren Tang’s next step was naturally to eliminate Wenren Yue and his brother. That way, the main branch would have no more successors. At that time, the side branch could naturally a.s.sume power. After all, the clan couldn’t fall apart because there were no successors from the main branch, could it?

Wenren Yue was 769-years-old now, and he and his brother had already experienced no fewer than 500 “accidents”. They would experience an “accident” almost once a year, and if it weren’t for the help from the group of elders who were loyal to the main branch, they would have already died a long time ago.

However, as Wenren Tang became increasingly powerful, the situation of Wenren Yue and his brother also became direr and direr. Many elders realized that there was no chance for these brothers to turn the tables again, so they abandoned any remaining thought of supporting the legitimate main branch.

Thus, Wenren Yue had no choice but to take a gamble this time. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be long before he and his brother died in an “accident”.

Ling Jianxue slowly nodded upon hearing this, saying, “If I manage to make it out alive, I’ll definitely help you become the clan leader!”

“Not me, my brother,” Wenren Yue stressed.

“Why don’t you want to become the clan leader?” Ling Jianxue asked in curiosity.

“Because I’m more interested in cultivation,” Wenren Yue replied. “I want to join the Heavenly Saint Palace.”

Ling Jianxue faltered slightly, and he said, “Your ambition is truly great!”

If Wenren Yue stayed in his clan, he could only become the leader of a small village. If he entered a large sect such as the Heavenly Saint Palace, however, he could at least become a Severing Mundane Tier cultivator. Compared to the measly Genesis Tier limit of the Wenren Clan, his achievements would be countless times greater.

After all, how could a Genesis Tier cultivator compare to a Severing Mundane Tier cultivator? The gulf between them was limitless.

Thus, Ling Jianxue remarked that Wenren Yue’s ambition was truly great.

Wenren Yue remained silent, yet there was a bright glimmer in his eyes. There was also a hint of resolve.

This time, he was running the risk of offending the Dragon Universe Palace. If he were caught by the Dragon Universe Palace, he and his brother would definitely be plunged into a perilous situation with no chance of escape. At that time, all of his ambitions would be void.

This was called looking for riches amid great danger.

Ling Jianxue nodded, and said, “I’ll definitely repay you for saving my life! I can personally help your brother become the clan leader of the Wenren Clan. As for you wanting to enter the Heavenly Saint Palace, that will be slightly more troublesome. I can only try my best, although becoming an external disciple shouldn’t be too difficult.”

The Heavenly Saint Palace was an Eight Heaven Celestial King Tier force, so there were countless people trying to do everything they could to enter. Even though Ling Jianxue had become a core disciple, he still only had the right to introduce others to become an external disciple.

“That’s fine,” Wenren Yue said with a nod. He was confident that he could rise above the others.

The two of them ceased their divine sense conversation. This was because someone had neared them, so even communicating using their divine senses wasn’t safe anymore. If they were too close to others, their conversation could still be heard.

Fortunately, that person only looked around for a short moment before leaving. The two of them breathed a sigh of relief.

“My brother and I always played hide-and-seek when we were young, so it was by coincidence that we discovered this tree,” Wenren Yue said with a slightly proud expression. “Even though this tree is withered, it’s quite a mysterious tree in that it can obstruct the detection of others.”

An expression of realization spread across Ling Jianxue’s face. No wonder the cultivators from the Dragon Universe Palace always ignored this tree, even though they had already scoured this area several times.


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Two figures landed before them. One was an old man who was wearing a golden-purple crown, and one was a middle-aged man who was wearing a yellow dragon robe. The old man waved his hand, and another person instantly appeared on the ground. He had most likely been placed in a Spatial G.o.d Tool.

“Brat, you really were hiding here!” Sui Yuanliang said with a loud laugh. There was a menacing killing intent in his eyes, and he said, “You actually dared to steal my Cold Moon Light Sun Sword… You’re truly seeking death! Otherwise, as the true disciple of an Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier force, how would I dare to touch you?!”

Upon hearing this, Wenren Tang almost collapsed to the ground in fright.

‘What? Ling Jianxue is the true disciple of a Celestial King Tier force?!

‘I’m done for… If Ling Jianxue dies here, will a Celestial King come to flatten the Wenren Clan?’

He had indeed been scared sh*tless. After all, how could a mighty Celestial King lower themselves to the level of targeting a measly Genesis Tier clan? Moreover, it was Sui Yuanliang he needed to be the wariest of at this moment. Since he was now aware of Ling Jianxue’s ident.i.ty, would Sui Yuanliang still let him leave alive?

“Now, hand over the Cold Moon Light Sun Sword! If you do, I can grant you a quick death!” Sui Yuanliang said in an arrogant voice.

Ling Jianxue smiled and turned to Wenren Yue, saying, “By the looks of it, I can’t keep my promise.”

Wenren Yue was also extremely open-minded, and he said, “In any case, I failed to help you escape, so this doesn’t count as breaking a promise!”

The two of them exchanged a glance before breaking into loud laughter. It was as if death weren’t about to befall them.

“Brat, do you not understand?” Sui Yuanliang asked with a humph. He reached over to grab at Ling Jianxue, saying, “Forget about it, I’ll retrieve it myself!”

A large hand swooped over, blotting out heaven and earth.

Ling Jianxue gritted his teeth. Even if he only possessed the power of an ant, he would still resist with all his might. The words “give up” didn’t exist in his vocabulary.

Right at this moment, however, a burst of light suddenly shot toward Sui Yuanliang’s large hand.

“You’re dreaming!!”

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