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Chapter 986 - Real And Fake Debris of The Stars

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Chapter 986: Real And Fake Debris of The Stars

In those worlds, there were countless beings that were being reproduced in chaos, thus allowing the worlds to grow rapidly before falling during their prime. In the end, they were destroyed in a major calamity.

Seeing this scene, Lin Li got chills. Clearly, the other party was no longer limited to the Hunter profession. The countless worlds that were constantly emerging and being destroyed were exactly what the seven pieces of the debris of the stars had evolved from. They were true Sanctuary-level Magical Domains. Those worlds were real, and so were the beings in them. The person who controlled the Magical Domains was the creator of those worlds, and being able to create worlds was a level that only those that were at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm could reach.

In Anril, the profession of mages was known as the best of all precisely because a mage could create their own Magical Domain with their comprehension of nomological power after entering the Legendary-realm. In the Magical Domain, the mage who created it would be the master. That was something that other professions like Sword Sages and Assassins could not achieve.

Hence, most of the time, mages who had their own Magical Domains would be able to exert much more combat power than other professions at the same level. Besides, the difference would become even more obvious once one reached the Sanctuary-realm because mages in the Sanctuary-realm were true sages in the entire world.

Therefore, if the incarnation of the Immortal King was just a Hunter that was three levels superior to Lin Li, Lin Li was not truly helpless. However, the incarnation of the Immortal King had already given him a direct blow before he could even activate his Magical Domain.

Lin Li was extremely bitter when he looked at the scene of the rise and fall of the worlds. The Immortal King was clearly out to kill him. However, Lin Li had no other choice but to fight. When the Immortal King left just now, he had already secretly experimented with the Sky Castle’s control crystal, but he didn’t get any reaction.

In fact, after thinking about it, he realized that it made sense since the Sky Castle belonged to the Immortal King, and the control crystal was left behind by him. The Well of the Sun was also in the world created by the Immortal King. Since the Immortal King had given Lin Li such a test, how could he have missed out the loophole of the control crystal?

Therefore, even though he knew that he was much weaker than the Immortal King’s incarnation, Lin Li had no choice but to bite the bullet and go toe-to-toe against it.

With that realization, Lin Li dared not hold back at all. The moment that the Immortal King’s incarnation displayed that power, Lin Li, too, activated all seven pieces of his debris of the stars.

The seven pieces of the debris of the stars, namely Holy Light, Gloomy Dark, Polar Snow, Raging Flames, Thunderbolt, Rebirth, and Nothingness, were all presented in different forms and glowing with different colors. They were continuously flying around Lin Li. Under Lin Li’s control, the seven Laws of origin that constituted the world formed another Domain World in Lin Li’s surroundings. It looked like another world that was somewhat illusory as if it existed in another dimension.

However, compared to the Immortal King’s incarnation, Lin Li’s World Domain was obviously inferior. The World Laws that the Immortal King mastered contained countless worlds that were emerging and getting destroyed. The destruction of each world would produce a terrifying force that would make everything collapse. That was the power that could only be comprehended and mastered by a Sanctuary powerhouse who had reached the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, and possessed the ability to break through the restraint of the World Laws of this world.

However, the seven pieces of the debris of the stars that Lin Li controlled merely formed a seemingly stable world that was slowly developing. It looked barren and desolate, devoid of any signs of life or vitality. However, Lin Li had to create such a world because he had devoured a portion of the soul memory of Osric’s clone in the world of Alanna back then.

The Immortal King’s Soul Imprint had already said everything that should have been said. The only purpose of the incarnation was to kill Lin Li. With the release of the magical waves, the incarnation finally awoke from his slumber with killing intent in his eyes. Next, he pointed his hand at Lin Li, and his Magical Domain that consisted of worlds that were continuously spawning and getting destroyed collided with Lin Li’s Magical Domain.

The sounds of the collision of the Magical Domains of the two Sanctuary powerhouses was groundbreaking and earth-shattering. The shock waves of the collision alone caused the entire Well of the Sun to vibrate violently like a boat in a storm. It was as if it would topple over at any moment.

Amidst the vibrations, there were groans coming from the surrounding space, as well as the sounds of things shattering continuously. Various space rifts continuously opened up and closed in the void. Fortunately, this world was created by the Immortal King, and despite the collision between the Magical Domains of two Sanctuary powerhouses, it did not collapse, and instead continuously repaired itself.

However, the people in the expedition below were in a dire situation. They were initially already forced to retreat because of the magical waves that were erupting from the Immortal King’s incarnation. The aftershock of the collision of the two Sanctuary-level Magical Domains was the reason that the magical defenses of the expedition continuously shattered one after another, and even the casting speed of the tender Elemental Wyrm Xiao Hua could not make up for the broken magic defenses in time.

Watching the violent collision of Magical Domains in the sky and feeling the power of the unstoppable aftershocks made Archbishop Martin feel like he was on the verge of tears. He initially thought that he could earn a fortune in the Sky Castle, but after experiencing the consecutive ordeals, he felt terribly vexed as they were all almost fatal.

Archbishop Martin and the others finally understood that even if they reached the peak of the Legendary-realm, and were said to be only one step away from the Sanctuary-realm, they were still insignificant in the eyes of the Sanctuary powerhouses, who could crush them without even using any special means.

Since the Alchemy Colossuses of the Rotterdam Kingdom had never been repaired due to the fact that the expedition’s members were putting up defenses, they could only hide in the team and rely on the defensive spells of the other two forces to resist the powerful impacts. However, in the collision this time, the layers of magic defense were shattered one after another. In the end, the members of the Brilliance Shrine and the Tower of Dusk could only fend for themselves. No one could be bothered to defend the large Alchemy Colossuses.

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The aftershock of the Sanctuary-level Magical Domains’s collision alone instantly swept up the several Alchemy Colossuses that were at the front of the team. Their massive bodies were blown upwards like leaves that fell in the wind. Unable to resist at all, the Alchemy Colossuses below lit up before exploding because of the mana. Afterward, they were slammed at a spot much further away from the expedition, with no means to stand up at all.

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