Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Sweets Flood

Chapter 169 - Arrogant and Conceited

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Chapter 169: Arrogant and Conceited

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Nan Zhi’s face heated up from his deep and dark gaze and ambiguous words. Turning to the side, she looked deliberately away from him, feeling unnatural and awkward. “Who seduced you? I don’t have any memory of it at all.”

Mu Sihan’s tall body moved towards Nan Zhi and she moved back naturally until her body touched the wall. She had nowhere else to go. Raising both her hands, she placed them on his shoulders to stop him from coming closer. “Young Master Mu, I’m being serious with you.”

Mu Sihan’s flawlessly handsome face leaned in front of hers. She was surrounded by a unique masculine smell that was distinctly him. “Say it then.”

Nan Zhi could not stand his gangsterish behavior. All she could do was lower her dense and long eyelashes since she could not push him away. In a hurry, she said, “You can’t spoil Xiaojie too much. I’m scared that he will get too used to this kind of luxurious life and won’t be able to get used to the drastic change when we leave.”

Mu Sihan pulled Nan Zhi’s hand and held it up to caress his handsome face. Nan Zhi felt like she was electrocuted and wanted to take back her hand. However, he held onto it tightly, refusing to let it go.

His black orbs stared at her petite face that was as fair as the finest piece of jade. In his usual conceited manner, he raised an eyebrow with the arrogance fitting of an emperor. “You want to leave that much? Do you think you can fall for another man after seeing my face?”

Nan Zhi did not have the chance to say anything else, when he pulled her hand again and placed it to his chest.

He was wearing a v-line black silk shirt that revealed the outline of his collarbones and firm chest. It was undeniably sexy and attractive. Her fingertips accidentally touched a small part of his chest when he pressed her hand against it. With one touch, she could feel his firm and taut skin, its warm temperature making her heart throb.

“Apart from my face, which other man’s body can compare to mine?” He pinched her fingertips. “Didn’t you and that colleague of yours think that I’m European-sized? Do you want to try touching it?”

Nan Zhi blushed. “Mu Sihan, you are such a shameless person.”

Who wants to touch?

Who cares if he’s European-sized?

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Mu Sihan lifted Nan Zhi’s exquisite chin and continued, with a half-smile on his face. “It’s my business as to how I want to spoil your son and you during the contract period. I also wouldn’t let the two of you live a poor life, even after the contract ends. If a hundred million is not enough, I’ll give you a thousand million.”


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