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Chapter 1018 - Something Wrong with the Man

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Chapter 1018: Something Wrong with the Man

Father Chi was really amused by his daughter’s words and couldn’t suppress the smile on his lips. Chi Shuyan relaxed when she saw her father’s happy expression.

“Okay, child, don’t hang around in the kitchen. Do something for me. I’m afraid your Uncle Wei and Aunt Chang haven’t had dinner yet. I cooked some meat porridge for your Aunt Chang. Send it over, and then call your Uncle Wei and the others over for dinner.”

“Okay! No problem!” Chi Shuyan also knew that she would only make things worse if she tried to help in the kitchen. She could still wash the dishes, but she really couldn’t cook anything, so she immediately agreed.

Chi Shuyan listened earnestly to her father’s exhortations before she left with the thermos.

It was already past seven, and the sky was a bit dark outside. As soon as Chi Shuyan went downstairs, she looked up and saw a small, faintly discernible spark in the darkness.

She subconsciously took a closer look and saw a tall and somewhat familiar figure leaning against a military car and puffing out smoke. He looked over with a hooded gaze, then continued smoking as he looked into the distance.

Chi Shuyan had good eyesight and quickly recognized the man leaning against the car in the distance. Who else could it be, but Qi Zhenbai?

What had upset this man?

Could it be that her father had really kicked him out?

Given her father’s nature, Chi Shuyan still felt that it was impossible. Although her father had been provoked today and insisted on chasing the man out, it was unlikely he really would do so since he had already acknowledged the man earlier on. This was also the reason why she had been able to draw talismans in her room with peace of mind.

She walked over and took the initiative to greet him. “Why are you here? Aren’t you going upstairs?”

The man in front of her frowned slightly, took a puff in a practiced manner, and stared at her expressionlessly without saying a word.

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Chi Shuyan felt that his gaze was a little strange. Was this man in a bad mood tonight?

Qi Zhenbai said that Father Chi hadn’t chased him out and that he and Father Chi got along well.

Chi Shuyan nodded. Afraid of keeping Aunt Chang waiting, she said, “I’ll go to the hospital first. Go upstairs. Dinner is almost ready!”

Qi Zhenbai nodded expressionlessly.

Chi Shuyan thought that the man was going to go upstairs, so she headed in the direction of the hospital. Suddenly, the man took the porridge from her hands and said that he would send it over. He also told her to go upstairs first.

After saying that, the man didn’t give Chi Shuyan a chance to object, and left with steady steps.

Chi Shuyan stared blankly at the man’s tall and distant back. She felt that something was off with him tonight.

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