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Chapter 773 - Strange Woman (1)

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Chapter 773: Strange Woman (1)

Inside the ward, Fourth Uncle Qi was angered to death. He raised his hand and flipped over the fruits that Chi Shuyan had just bought, and four of each type of fruit rolled over the floor. Qi Zhenbai, that rascal, actually dared to curse him to death?

Fourth Uncle Qi was so angry that his head was practically steaming and his vision turned black. Before he could faint, the ceiling light in the ward came cras.h.i.+ng down. Although it was just an everyday electric light that wasn’t as big and heavy as the Qi family’s chandelier, it hit Fourth Uncle Qi solidly on the head, causing him to bleed. His vision turned black and he completely fainted.

Fourth Aunt’s face changed drastically and she cried out, “Ah Ming, are you okay?! Doctor – Haoze, Yunxiao, hurry and get the doctor!”

Outside the hospital, Chi Shuyan was very cheerful, especially when she saw that Fourth Uncle Qi was about to suffer bad luck again. The smile on her face never wavered.

Qi Zhenbai’s face was very gentle. He felt that his wife was like a hen protecting her little chicks, and there was a sincere smile in his eyes. “Are you that happy?”

Chi Shuyan nodded. “When I think of how your fourth uncle is going to be unlucky again, I’m especially happy! Your fourth uncle really isn’t a good person!”

She had in fact secretly wanted to do something to make Fourth Uncle Qi suffer again, but who would have thought that she didn’t have to do anything at all.

Qi Zhenbai couldn’t help but smile when he heard his wife’s words. At that moment, his phone suddenly rang. Qi Zhenbai glanced at the screen and picked up the call.

When the man picked up the call, Chi Shuyan was quiet. Qi Zhenbai didn’t speak for long, mainly because he didn’t want to make his wife wait. After hanging up, he told her to get in the car.

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“Has something come up for you? I won’t disturb you anymore. I’ve taken too many days off from school. If not for Counselor Zhang, I really wouldn’t be able to apply for leave this time!” Chi Shuyan said.

“Boss, you’ll always be the chief that we in the Cheetah Special Forces admire the most!” Yan Youwei said solemnly, then changed the subject. “I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for your training back then. Also, Boss, no one has broken the records you set in the past. We all miss you very much!”

Qi Zhenbai waved his hand, unwilling to talk about his former glory. Chi Shuyan examined the other party and saw that his military rank was quite high. She hadn’t thought much about it before. Even when Xiao Shan and the others called this man “Major General Qi,” and said that he had once been part of the special forces and almost became a “soldier king,” she hadn’t thought much about it.

Now, it seemed that this man had really been extraordinary in the past. No wonder this man had been able to rely on his own strength to not only kill the fourth son of the Qi family, but also the sinister and powerful Celestial Master behind him in Chi Shuyan’s previous life.

Chi Shuyan was about to speak, when a man and a woman walked over from not far away. The man was dressed strangely, and wore a black face mask. The woman next to him looked very young, but Chi Shuyan could tell at a glance that she was in her forties; it was just that her face was as pretty as a woman in her late twenties. As she pa.s.sed her, Chi Shuyan keenly smelled the thick scent of blood on the woman. Her gaze fell on the beautiful and somewhat bewitching bracelet on the woman’s wrist, and her face changed slightly.

“Xiao Yan, you’re here too?” A pleasant and gentle female voice suddenly rang out!

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