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Chapter 776: Spent It All

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Chapter 776: Spent It All

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Spent It All

"You stole a large amount of money from them?" Lin Yi glanced at Black Bird and his subordinates. They didn't look like good people, especially in comparison to Yu Xiaoke. Lin Yi leaned towards her.

"Not too much… Around 100,000 or 200,000 yuan…" Yu Xiaoke replied carefully.

"Holy shit!" Lin Yi jumped, "That's not much? No wonder they want to rape you! Can't you just give it back to them?"

"How can I return it when I've spent it all?" Yu Xiaoke cried.

"You spent that much money? But you are still wearing bad quality clothes?" Lin Yi exclaimed in disbelief.

"I didn't spend it on myself. I used it on other people," Yu Xiaoke replied, "Can't you help me? I know you are good!"

"You spent it on others? Do you steal money for others? Are you out of your mind?" Lin Yi wanted to help her, but after hearing her words, he decided that it was better to keep some distance from her.

"You are the one who's out of your mind! I have to support the whole orphanage. There are more than a hundred people to feed. How long do you think that amount of money can support them?" Yu Xiaoke glared at Lin Yi.

Lin Yi was surprised since he didn't think that Yu Xiaoke stole to feed her family. But, why did it sound like a lie?

Still, the word 'orphanage' touched Lin Yi's heart. He had never seen his parents before and reasonably speaking, he is an orphan too. If it wasn't for his master and Old Man, he would probably be growing up in an orphanage too.

Lin Yi decided to believe her and asked, "How much do you owe them? I'll pay back for you first?"

"It's not as simple as paying them back! I… I also… Kicked Black Bird, and he lost one of his balls…" Yu Xiaoke blushed and whispered.

"Huh?" Lin Yi widened his eyes in shock. No way! Was she that violent? She even broke one of his balls? No wonder they wanted you to rape you! No one else would feel balanced after that! Lin Yi secretly thought that even a miraculous doctor like him couldn't grow a new one for him, "Then let him play with you. I can't help you with that."

"What? No!" Yu Xiaoke widened her eyes, "I'm still a virgin, alright? I heard that virgins are worth a lot, and I'm thinking that one day when I can't feed the children in the orphanage in the future, I'll go and sell my first time!"

"Ha…" Lin Yi almost burst into laughter but forced it back. Yu Xiaoke's idea was quite shocking. However, Lin Yi respected for thinking like that…

A little girl was willing to make such a sacrifice for the orphanage?

Lin Yi looked into Yu Xiaoke's eyes and believed that she was being honest. It was also why he believed Yu Xiaoke temporarily.


"Ok ok, please help me first? I owe you a favor. I, Yu Xiaoke, am a famous and chivalrous lady! Everyone knows that I'm loyal. If you are in trouble in the future, I'll definitely help! Yu Xiaoke saw that Lin Yi was moved, she quickly added.

"Chivalrous lady? More like a flying thief!" Lin Yi shrugged, "I don't think I have any problems…"

"Fuck! What are you two whispering? Stop pretending that I'm not here!" Black Bird was about to explode from fury. A small white face intervened halfway. How did he become Yu Xiaoke's husband?

However, it didn't matter if her husband was here or not. Since you are here, I won't let you go! Songshan city's thief organization and Feiyan sect had been enemies for a long time. Since Lin Yi was Yu Xiaoke's husband, he's definitely from Feiyan sect too! Since he's here, he shall die too!

"I didn't pretend that you aren't here. Whether you are here or not doesn't matter to me either way," Lin Yi glanced at Black Bird, "How shall I address you?"

"You, white face, aren't you arrogant?" Black Bird laughed coldly, "But I don't know if you can still be this arrogant in a minute! I am Black Bird, have you heard of me before?"

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Black Bird was the second leader in the thief organization and he was famous. Those in the same career all knew who Black Bird was. Even some thieves who didn't belong to any organization only dared to commit stealings after visiting Black Bird first.

"No," Lin Yi shook his head honestly, "Black Bird bro, is it? Since you are a thief and so is she, you two are of the same profession. Maybe you can let this pass and don't look for trouble. A thief is a thief, don't cross the line and act like perverts!"

"What the fuck? Who the fuck are you? How dare you scold me!" Black Bird fumed and pointed at Lin Yi while commanding his four subordinates, "Beat him until he's disabled. Then, we'll play with Yu Xiaoke together!"

"Hehe, no problem, Black Bird bro!" Four men rushed towards Lin Yi.

Yu Xiaoke was nervous. She saw Lin Yi here and wanted him to help because she had no other choice. In an empty alley, Lin Yi was the only person who could save her! But now Lin Yi came, she became worried as there was only one person. How could he win against five men?

Lin Yi didn't look too strong and Yu Xiaoke only believed that Lin Yi could fight one of them. She thought that she could handle one person which is why she dared to follow the thief to the desolated alley! Yu Xiaoke thought that even if she grabbed the money off him, she would be able to fight him alone.

However, she didn't imagine that the situation would change so soon, and she was surrounded by five men. Under this situation, she could only rely on Lin Yi.

"Can you win?" Yu Xiaoke worried.

"Well, do you want to fight them instead?" Lin Yi laughed and asked back.

"Oh, no, that's fine!" Yu Xiaoke calmed down after seeing that Lin Yi was relaxed. It looked like Lin Yi had it under control, or he would be thinking how to escape right now!

"Brat, give your wife to us, and you can go!" A man looked down on Lin Yi. He felt that Lin Yi wouldn't even be able to withstand a single blow.

"Exactly. Look at you. You might be a thief, but you won't be able to fight. Don't ruin your pretty face. It'll be inconvenient for you to steal in the future," Another man also sneered.

"Why don't you let them play with your wife instead?" Lin Yi didn't ask the man to let the man's wife with him since he thought that it was disgusting.

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