Chaotic Sword God

Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Chapter 2290 - Arresting Chang Yang

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Chapter 2290: Arresting Chang Yang

On the stage, Donglin Yanxue felt very helpless as she listened to the objections. With the intense objection of so many elders, there was no hope even if her master had recommended Chang Yang herself.

After all, Chang Yang was simply too weak. He only had a one-colored soulcore. With such puny cultivation, it was impossible for him to receive the focus or support of any elder.

If he became a protector despite such a cultivation level, the candidate would be the one protecting him instead.

Donglin Yanxue sighed gently. She had already tried her best and done everything that she could. However, she was still unable to change the ultimate outcome.

When she thought of the puresoul Chang Yang had given to her prior to all this, Donglin Yanxue could not help but feel deeply ashamed. It would be rather difficult for her to face Chang Yang now. She had never thought that anything would change with the competition this time. In the past competitions, the nine retainers would be completely up to the Chosen Saint after they were selected from the candidates.

This was the Chosen Saint’s right.

However, the nine retainers had all been chosen by the elders and the important members of those large clans this time.

“Hehe, you’re still thinking about Chang Yang? It’s said that Chang Yang has already gone missing for a very long time. His situation is unknown. Let’s ignore the fact that he might be dead right now. Even if he were in the Radiant Saint Hall, he would have no right to set foot in the sacred hall. Isn’t it absolutely hilarious that a low level disciple who can’t even set foot in the sacred hall wants to be a retainer?” At this moment, a voice rang out from below the stage. The white-clothed Gongzheng Xin had called out fearlessly.

Immediately, Gongzheng Xin’s voice spread across the entire square. All the Hallowed Saint Masters gathered there heard his voice clearly.

In the past two years, Gongzheng Xin had been cultivating in seclusion. He had heard from his clan that they had already sent people to deal with Chang Yang. He was certain that Chang Yang was dead, as he refused to believe that a Radiant Saint Master with a mere one-colored soulcore could avoid being hunted down by the experts of his clan.

He had only emerged yesterday, so he did not receive news of Chang Yang returning to the Radiant Saint Hall.

“Chang Yang doesn’t even have the right to enter the sacred hall. It looks like he’s just a weak disciple with no background…”

“Not only is his puny cultivation, but he has no background either. He’s just dreaming if he wants to become a retainer like that…”

“Donglin Yanxue actually wants Chang Yang to be her ninth retainer. This sure is rather interesting…”

Gongzheng Xin’s words immediately caused a discussion between the various peak lords in the surroundings. Many Radiant Godkings discussed the matter secretly.

Jian Chen frowned slightly. His strength was far greater than most of the Radiant Godkings present. Moreover, after the changes to his soul, his senses had become astonishing as well. As a result, many of the secret messages were unable to escape his senses, allowing him to hear them clearly.

A cold light shone through Jian Chen’s eyes. He did not try to hide anymore. He called out, “Who says I don’t have the right to enter the sacred hall.” Jian Chen was loud, so he immediately attracted everyone’s gazes.

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At that moment, not only did the Radiant Godkings in the surroundings look over, but even the elders who stood on the stage cast their gazes towards Jian Chen.


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