Chaotic Sword God

Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Chapter 3042 - Comprehending the Way of Alchemy

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Chapter 3042: Comprehending the Way of Alchemy

Jian Chen returned to the Heavenly Crane clan. This time, he had completely recovered mentally. He had adjusted himself to his peak condition as if what had happened to Changyang Mingyue no longer affected him at all.

The past few days had brought him sorrow, but it also allowed him to see through a lot of things and set down a lot of baggage that he needed to set down. He had completely calmed down now.

On the Soaring Snow peak of the Heavenly Crane clan, in the same alchemy room, Jian Chen saw ancestor Lan again and mentioned his request to comprehend the Way of Alchemy again.

This time, ancestor Lan did not turn him down. She agreed to Jian Chen’s request happily and said, “Just stay here and comprehend the Way of Alchemy during the upcoming period in peace. You don’t have to use He Qianchi’s identity anymore.”

“Yes, senior!”

Afterwards, Jian Chen cast aside all of his unnecessary thoughts and remained on the Soaring Snow peak at ease, comprehending the Way of Alchemy like there was nothing else for him to do in the world.

He had already dealt with the matter regarding his elder sister, while fairy Hao Yue’s current fate was unknown. The only remaining thing for Jian Chen to do on the Ice Pole Plane was to refine pills.

On top of that, comprehending the Way of Alchemy. Elevating his master over the Way of Alchemy to a certain level was extremely important to Jian Chen.

He needed to refine high quality Godking grass into Godking pills himself. Then he needed to bring a sufficient quantity of them into the Darkstar World so that he could obtain ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood from the Darkstar race.

To Jian Chen right now, that was the only shortcut for him to release the Primeval Divine Hall’s seal through his own powers.

“Jian Chen, you don’t have any basic grasp over the Way of Alchemy, so if you want to learn how to refine pills, you’ll have to start from the beginning. I’ll teach you some basic knowledge regarding the Way of Alchemy first,” ancestor Lan said slowly. She extended a finger, and a tremendous amount of information immediately flowed into Jian Chen’s mind.

Even though it was only some basic knowledge regarding the Way of Alchemy, the basic knowledge that ancestor Lan provided to Jian Chen was extremely wide. Obviously, it was much wider than many alchemy sects of the Saints’ World, given ancestor Lan’s achievements with the Way of Alchemy. Even with Jian Chen’s current cultivation, it would take him some time to digest it all.

Jian Chen sat down in the middle of the air subconsciously and shut his eyes. He began to absorb the information as quickly as he could.

He had a feeling that the basic knowledge ancestor Lan had provided him with was probably even richer, even more complete, and even more detailed than what he had come into contact with through the grandmaster alchemist, the Azure Ink Grandmaster, in the past.

Two hours later, Jian Chen finally opened his eyes. During this time, he had completely grasped everything regarding alchemy that ancestor Lan had passed onto him. He had also familiarised himself with the knowledge of various different materials, combinations, and so on. All he lacked right now was actual practice.

“You completely grasped the basic knowledge so quickly, much faster than what I was expecting. Looks like you also have quite the talent for the Way of Alchemy,” ancestor Lan’s voice rang out with a bit of surprise. She paused and continued with what she wanted to say, “Since you’ve already familiarised yourself with the basic knowledge, then you can try and refine pills next.”

“In the Saints’ World, with every age, every region, or even every alchemy organisation, there are various different names and divisions to pills of every different quality. Here, pills are divided into three main levels. These three main levels also happen to be their most popular names given the current world.”

“I call the first level spirit pills. Spirit pills are usually pills that Mortal realm and Sainthood cultivators come into contact with. I call the second level saint pills. Saint pills are basically widespread among Origin realm and Godhood cultivators.”

“The saint pills of our Saints’ World correspond to the immortal pills of the Immortals’ World!”

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“The third level are god pills that Primordial realm experts come in contact with. God pills also happen to be publicly recognised as the highest level of pills among the six worlds, as a pill that surpasses god pills has never appeared in the known history of the six worlds.”

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