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Chapter 491 - Midnight Invasion

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"Hey, what the hell is taking so long? We're already past our deadline." Mister Johnson called the four cultivators on their fourth day on the job.

"Calm down, Johnson. We'll get the job done by tomorrow. It took longer than expected just knocking on the doors. That bitch Meixiu is definitely avoiding us on purpose. Maybe she is somehow aware that we're looking for her."

"What? How is that possible? Unless someone warned her about us, it's impossible that she's aware of our operation," said Mister Johnson.

"She probably can't hear your knocking because she's playing Cultivation Online."

"If that's the case, it'll make things even more convenient and a breeze when we take her."

"Whatever. Just get it done by tomorrow or your check will see some deductions." Mister Johnson said.

"What! Not our pay!"

"Then hurry up and get the job done before the Yu Family complains even more!" Mister Johnson yelled at them before closing the line.

"You heard him. We better finish tomorrow or our salary will suffer."

"If that's the case, why don't we do it tonight? It'll be much easier to kidnap someone at night."

"You're right… Let's just finish it tonight."

Once everyone agreed on finishing the job tonight, they went to prepare for it.

A few hours later when the sky had turned pitch black, the four cultivators returned to the apartment with a lockpicking kit and started breaking into the rooms that didn't answer them for the past four days, starting with the room on the 7th floor.


Once they unlocked the door, they silently made their way into the room and began looking around.

Inside the apartment, they could see two people laying on their beds with the Cultivation Online gaming console on their heads.

Seeing this, they approached them to take a look at their faces.

Once they confirmed that neither of them was Meixiu, they silently left the place, leaving the two people completely unaware that they'd just experienced a breaking and entering.

Next was the 9th floor, and just like the previous apartment, everyone living inside was fully immersed within Cultivation Online, completely unaware that they had four intruders inside their home right now.

After leaving the 9th floor, they made their way to the 17th floor and immediately began working on the door that was closest to the elevator.

Luckily for Yuan and Meixiu, their door was the furthest away from the elevator.

Inside the first room on the 17th floor, they could see a family of four currently sleeping.

The moment the cultivators saw four people, they turned around and left the room, as they were only expecting two people at most.

Once they left that room, they began working on the second door on the 17th floor.


Meixiu, who had been cultivating in her room, suddenly opened her eyes when she could hear subtle noises coming from the door.

'They're breaking in?' Meixiu quickly realized what was going on and immediately stopped cultivating.

She then took a deep breath and silently left her room to wait for them to enter their house without notifying Yuan about the invasion, as there was a good chance that they'd break into their home before she could warn him, and it would be smarter to keep the noises to a minimum. 


The lock to their door suddenly became unlocked, and the door slowly began opening the next moment.

Meixiu could see a shadowy figure enter the house a few seconds later.

However, before he could take two steps inside their peaceful sanctuary, Meixiu, who had been hiding right beside the door suddenly threw a quick but powerful jab at the unsuspecting invader's lower jaw.


The sound of bones cracking resounded, startling the other three.

They quickly realized what was going on when the man that entered the room first suddenly fell onto the floor with his neck bent at a weird angle.

"Shit! Scorpion is down!"

"I-Is he even still alive?!"

The other three immediately got into position and prepared themselves.

"Show yourself, Meixiu! We're here to bring you back to the Yu Family! Let's not make things difficult!" One of them said to her from outside their home.

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Meixiu appeared before them a moment later with the moonlight shining on her beautiful figure, and on her face was a cold expression that complemented the atmosphere quite well.

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