Dominating Sword Immortal

JianYou TaiXu, 剑游太虚

Chapter 732 - Natural Martial Spirit Body

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Chapter 732: Natural Martial Spirit Body

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In that critical moment, the individual power could be demonstrated clearly.

The Shield king formed a spell with both of his hands, a yellow mountain formed outside his body, wrapping Xia Houzun towards the other side of the cave, letting the spider web covering everything. While for Guang Lin king and ice spear king as well as Wanai hu, the situation might be a bit easier. The three of them joined forces and formed a massive protective zhen yuan layer. The elder formed his super powerful wind shield, flying out with the teenager. Only iron hand king was all by himself, looking rather tired. However, he seemed to have good luck, always managed to escape from the most critical moment.

As for thunder spirit king, he waved his blade with both of his hands. A thousand meter long thunder blade light had been waved out, everything in front of it had been shattered into nothingness.

However, the other did not have this powerful tricks. No matter how they struggled and tried to survive, they could not escape from that layers of spider webs.

The mysterious attack contained the space ultimate meaning which could beat the enemies into a different realm of space, limiting their attacking power. It was one of the most powerful attack of hers that she had invented herself. She had not only trained the attack to the highest level, she even managed to perform it in a different effect. That shining tunnel she had just created looked like a triangular space but it was more like a bridge between spaces. People flying within felt like they entered a completely different world.

“Tearing the surreal space?!”

Ye Chen was rather shocked.

Qing Liu explained, “Space had its own structure. Using it as a building then there will be two ways of entrances. One of them would be to use force to damage the walls and enter directly; or open a door of your own. And the mysterious attack will be the second one.”

“Of course, the space here is too stable. I could only use the hammer to do it. Right now, the whole place is slowly cracking down, we should move faster otherwise the space might be sucked into this one.”

Entering the surreal space inside the forbidden place was very dangerous, but Qing Liu had no other choices.

There were twenty-five warriors entering the cave. Only fifteen of them were still alive. But however, the ones that died were just warriors that did not have enough power.

In another word, without enough power, enough surviving power, there would be no need in hoping to survive through the place. For those of deceased, they had been hoping that they would be in the other fifty percent that made it through the whole place and it would not be them that were killed. But if they were offered another chance, then most of them would choose to give up. Of course, there were no second changes in live, and time cannot go backwards.

After making through the cave, what lied in everyone’s eyes was a dead world and that endless black graves.

“We are finally here!”

Sun Tianlang revealed a smile.

“Finally here!”

Qing Liu let out a breath. They were quite luck. So far, they had only lost Lin gaoming while the rest of them all survived. However, with more crisis, they might not all make it through.

“Alright, from now on, it is all on us now.”

A bright light flashed through thunder spirit king’s eyes. He did not come here for the same reason as the others which might be to search for treasure items. He had come here solely for the space ultimate meaning martial arts. As long as he could learn it, then it would be great for his future.

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As he spoke, a space vibration was sensed nearly. Everyone looked over and a shock expression soon appeared on their faces.

It turned out that there was a teleporting door here which had shipped five human shadows through. There were two batches of them, one being the punish king and the two top warriors from the hell marital school, the other group was Dantai Mingyue and the elder with white hair.

“Hell marital school, and the family of Dantai!”

Guang Lin King had a bright light flashing in his eyes. The top nine marital schools and the top four families although were all at the same level, but on a serious note, the top four families might be weaker than the nine martial schools since the latter were schools after all which would not be something families could compete with. The hell gate martial school as one of the top nine marital school, their power would definitely be more powerful than the Lin family. However, the punish king as the old generation demi king warrior, he seemed to have the top demi king warrior power. Dantai family was just like the lin family so their general family power level was similar. Unfortunately, Dantai family had marital geniuses like Dantai Mingyue.

“Haha! We are quite lucky. We did not get left out that much.”

Punish King laughed loudly as he glanced at Thunder spirit king and Qing Liu. The former frightened him while the latter had the top rank spirit tree.

“Punish king, long time no see.”

When Thunder spirit king first entered the demi king warrior level, punish king was already one of the top warriors, however, after time passed, thunder spirit king had reached beyond him and grew to be one of the top demi king warrior.


Punish king nodded.

There were five graves there, lining up in one line. The first grave should be the grave of wolf king since two massive wolf statues were located in front of the grave.

Ye Chen scanned around with his soul eyes. He realized that the whole place was covered in the horrifying forbidden power which was not aggressive but that light feeling in the back of the spine gave him the creeps. It was like it could kill you any second. And the only entrance was the front gate of the grave.

“Indeed, we would need a key!”

Ye Chen had seen a key hole on the front door. Without any surprises, if wanting to join in the grave, a key was needed.


All of the sudden –

The thunder spirit king standing in front suddenly took out his sword. The aggressive thunder blade had landed right on that metal door.


A bright light shone from the door, the blade looked like it hit something extremely soft which then bounced it back.

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