Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2819 - Azalea Mountain

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Chapter 2819

Azalea Mountain

“We should explore the place no matter what Azalea Mountain holds. Plus, this will be our only chance to explore the Azalea Mountain, and the Silver Dragon Fruit might be somewhere around there.” Jiang Chen said.

“Yes, the Dragon Silver Fruit must be there, looks like we need to go to Azalea Mountain.” Mo Fangzhou said with a smile.

“When did I ever say that I’ll go with you? Don’t let me see you again, otherwise, you won’t get away so easily. I will save Moling Dongchen myself, I don’t need your help.” Jiang Chen then turned and left, bringing Donghuang Taiji and Murong Yun’er with him.

“You brought this upon yourself. I hope you’ll live on.” A’Mo Kehan said coldly and left, leaving Mo Fangzhou alone.

“Bastard, all of you are bastards. A’Mo Kehan, I will make sure that you’ll wish you’re dead when we return back to my clan. Pray, pray that you’ll never leave this Wang Di Mountain.” Mo Fangzhou shouted in anger.

However, he still had the jitters after looking at a mountain of wild butterflies. He knew that he would lose his life if Dieyi Fairy returned.

After crossing the mountain of flowers, they had come to another mountain which shocked them. The mountain was filled with blood-red coloured azalea flowers that were blooming all over the hillside.

Compared to the previous mountain they had been, this mountain which was full of azalea flowers, looked more graceful just like a fairyland and it was intoxicatingly beautiful.

There was a giant stone on top of the mountain, standing upright, reaching the clouds with the name of Azalea Mountain engraved on it!

It was a bad omen, for a mountain to exist within a mountain. It was their first time seeing such blood-red azalea flowers that blossomed on the whole mountain.

“If things are out of the norm, there must be something wrong with it. Be wary of these flowers.” Jiang Chen said.

Even the powerful Dieyi Fairy didn’t want to or could not enter this place. He believed that this was not a place that normal human beings would pay a visit. These blood-red azalea flowers felt like it was the blooming of life, the flow of blood, as if it’s connected through the whole mountain.

“Looks like it won’t be easy to search through this mountain with all these flowers around.” A’Mo Kehan said and Jiang Chen nodded.

A’Mo Kehan also sensed that the azalea flowers were unusual but he couldn’t figure out what’s wrong, plus, if it was that easy, Dieyi Fairy wouldn’t have let them enter this place.

“Stay alert and be careful,” Jiang Chen said in a deep voice.

Currently, Donghuang Taiji has also recovered slightly after taking the pills from Jiang Chen.

“This is Azalea Mountain alright. But we don’t know the exact location of the Silver Dragon Fruit.” A’Mo Kehan scanned the surroundings carefully but found nothing.

“Guys, look, is that a canyon?” Murong Yun’er said and found a white canyon which was located at the end of the Azalea Mountain. However, to reach that place, they will need to cross over the Azalea flowers.

“The Silver Dragon Fruit is probably there, however, we need to come up with a plan to destroy all the Azalea flowers so that we can save Moling Dongchen.” A’Mo Kehan said.

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