Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2896 - Craftsman God’s Inheritance: Heavy Great Hammer Technique

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Chapter 2896 Craftsman God’s Inheritance: Heavy Great Hammer Technique

“Activate!” Chu Yunji shouted.

At this moment, the Blue-and-white Cauldron flew up to the sky, the flaming red cauldron was almost melted by the volcano as Chu Yunji lost focus for a split second. He was dripping in cold sweat from that blunder, luckily, the cauldron managed to survive that ordeal. However, the black metal wasn’t that lucky as it became a pool of molten iron.

Chu Yunji raised the Thunderous Overbearing Hammer in his hand and started hammering.

The black molten iron was surrounded by Chu Yunji’s origin energy as it was getting hammered, sparks lit up the whole mountain. Clang, clang, each pummel reverberated through everyone’s heart.

The impurities from the iron were slowly being expelled by Chu Yunji as it became darker and blacker with each strike.

Jiang Chen was calm, the Myriad Qi Cauldron was thrown into the Nine Cauldron Mountain for seven days. Meanwhile Chu Yunji had already forged the shape of a black longsword.

Although the Purple Universe Starry Steel had become a pool of molten iron, the impurities within it was difficult to expel. For Jiang Chen to forge a true Origin Divine Tool, he needed to infuse the Myriad Qi from the Myriad Qi Cauldron to the Purple Universe Starry Steel, therefore it’s taking a longer time.

“That fella’s cauldron… could it be that it’s already melted? Haha and he’s still standing there, dumbfounded.”

“That could be true, kakaka, if it’s that dramatic, the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect would become the joke of the whole Tian Xing Boundary.”

“Look! He moved!” Someone pointed out.

Jiang Chen moved his arms and the golden Myriad Qi Cauldron flew out from the volcano without a scratch. The Purple Universe Starry Steel had thoroughly fused into the cauldron with the fire energy from the volcano, its quality was certainly top-notch.

“The repulsion from the Myriad Qi is too strong, perhaps, it thinks that the Purple Universe Starry Steel is unqualified to fuse with it.” Jiang Chen smirked, it’s time for him to forge.

Chu Yunji kept waving his arm with the Thunderous Overbearing Hammer with sparks and lightning flying all over the place.

“Heavenly Astral 36 Hammering Art!”

Jiang Chen was genuinely impressed by Chu Yunji’s Heavenly Astral 36 Hammering Art. Chu Yunji could use it to forge Divine Tools and as a means of attack.

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The black longsword was slowly being completed, jet-black and shiny, giving off a powerful aura.

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