Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2999

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Chapter 2999 - Yeah, Then? And if It’s Not, Then?

“How is this possible?” Qian Renji muttered, feeling extremely saddened from the news.

She was sad that she let Zi Qingtian down, as she could not take care of a peerless prodigy, the invincible number one disciple of the outer-palace, the most outstanding talent of the Profound Connection Divine outer-Palace. Qian Renji felt extremely guilty about it.

“We would’ve saved him if we could, as all of us owed our lives to him. However, the danger was unimaginable, we too, experienced countless near-death experiences before reaching here. I believe you are the same too.” Yang Xikuan said.

Jiang Chen saved them by sacrificing himself, it was unexpected.

“Alright since we have everyone now, we should think about how we are going to enter the tomb. We’re still at the outer-layers of the tomb. Brother Dou, us from the Profound Connection Divine Palace have the numbers, notify us if you need any help, we’ll certainly do our best to a.s.sist you.” Third Elder said.

“Alright!” Dou Tianhuang said.

Since the Profound Connection Divine Palace has several experts now. He could not recklessly go against them.

Dou Tianhuang observed the door for three days and nights, however, the three attempts to break through it still resulted in failure.

“Nine Dragons Exorcism Formation! Pretty terrifying. But where’s the eye of the formation?”

Dou Tianhuang was anxious as he wanted to enter the tomb as soon as possible. However, the Nine Dragons Exorcism Formation was something he had read in the records of the Battle G.o.d Clan before even though he did not know set it up, to break the formation, one has to look for the eye, it may look simple yet it was connected with nine dragons, not even a great master could identify and break through this formation.

“Brother Dou, is this formation that hard to break?” The Third Elder got somewhat anxious.

They were getting anxious as they were standing in front of a giant treasure chest yet could not continue forward. The third Elder was unable to a.s.sist in anything and the Battle G.o.d Clan was a clan that specialized in formation, Dou Tianhuang’s knowledge in this field far surpa.s.sed everyone on-site, therefore, he was the hope of everyone.

“Come and break it yourself if you have what it takes.” Dou Tianhuang said, feeling slightly triggered as he could not break the formation.

“Haha, I’m just saying, if you can’t do it, we’ll break through it together with brute force.” The Third Elder gave a fake laugh.

“This Nine Dragons Exorcism Formation is not your average formation, the whole tomb structure will instantly change if you destroy the pillars, there might be other formations that would pop out, it’s a foolish choice to make. Do you think that the Ancient Northern Cold Emperor did not think that far? We have to follow the sequence and just not brute force it. ” Dou Tianhuang frowned and sneered.

They may as well be trapped in this place if they tried to destroy the formation.

“Alright, Brother Dou! We shall patiently wait.” The Third Elder silently nodded.

He too knew that even a master would take time to break a powerful and complicated formation, he was just anxious.

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“It’s good that you know, I will do my best to break the formation.” Dou Tianhuang said.

This trip was top-secret, only a few members of the palace knew about it. Dou Tianhuang was invited by the palace lord. Jiang Chen was just a mere outer-palace disciple, to think he had the audacity to bring his own men to this place, the Third Elder was extremely angered. He had prepared for this expedition for many years, those that were outside from the Profound Connection Divine Palace was not qualified to enter this place!

“They are my friends. ” Jiang Chen frowned as he could see the Third Elder’s hostile expression.

“Friends? Hmph, are you sure it’s not guys that you specifically arranged? This is a top-secret mission from the Profound Connection Divine Palace. Do you think anyone else knew about it? You dare bring in your own men, you are not taking the Third Elder and Profound Connection Divine Palace seriously.” Yue Changzhi sneered.

The Third Elder wasn’t fond of Jiang Chen in the first place but Jiang Chen still dared to do such a thing.

“Who the f.u.c.k are you? I, Jiang Chen, do not need you to teach me how to deal with things.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Do not change the subject, tell me, are you responsible for those two?” The Third Elder stared at Jiang Chen coldly.

“Yeah, then? And if not, then what? Is this tomb a place where only you guys are allowed to come?.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Do you know who you’re speaking to? The Third Elder is not someone that you can go against! This fella is truly hateful, Third Elder, I suggest that we kick him out from the Profound Connection Divine Palace, he’s disrespectful and allowed outsiders into this mission. How can the Profound Connection Divine Palace have such a sc.u.m of a disciple like him? ” Yue Changzhi said.

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