Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Slight Uplifting, 微扬

Chapter 872 - Anger Still Bubbled Inside No Matter How Many Times She Wiped

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Chapter 872: Anger Still Bubbled Inside No Matter How Many Times She Wiped

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“Xin Yanting!” fumed Yan Rusheng, and his face was livid with anger. He looked as though he could swallow a person alive at that moment.

He peeled her hands from him with a firm and rough grasp. There wasn’t a tinge of compassion he had towards the woman he loathed and despised.

But the woman was strangely strong that Yan Rusheng wasn’t able to push her away.

Xin Yanting swiftly glanced at the second level and a smirk formed on her face. The next second, she kissed Yan Rusheng’s cheek.

She then continued to cling onto him and displayed an unyielding determination to hold on.

“Third Brother, I like you so much ever since I was a child. You promised that you would marry me.”

She whined and pouted, but it only disgusted Yan Rusheng even more. “Xin Yanting, don’t force me to hit a woman.”

The next moment, he grabbed Xin Yanting’s thigh, and with full strength and determination, he pulled Xin Yanting off from his back. Then he threw her without any care on the floor.

It was as though he was holding a little chick and simply flung it away without a second thought.

He adjusted his clothes and disdainfully glared at the woman who was already sitting on the floor and whining. His eyes emitted a murderous aura.

“Yan Rusheng, are you a man?!” Xin Yanting clutched her buttocks and back. She seemed to be in pain. She hollered at Yan Rusheng at the top of her voice.

Yan Rusheng’s murderous aura made everyone keep a safe distance away from him. When the waiters walked past him, they stopped in alarm and took a detour.

He pointed at Xin Yanting and threw a menacing warning. “Xin Yanting, I shall overlook this one more time on the account of Jiang Zhuoheng. If you see me next time, you better scram as far as possible!”

Without a second look at Xin Yanting, he turned around towards the stairs.

He looked up and was shocked to see a figure. “Xuxu…”

“Hmph!” Xuxu was peering at Yan Rusheng from the top, and she snorted before turning on her heel.

Yan Rusheng instantly scrambled after her. “Xuxu!”

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‘It’s all that loathsome woman. It’s Xin Yanting’s fault! She deserves to die!’


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