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Chapter 871 - Couldn't He Be Ashamed

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Chapter 871 Couldn’t He Be Ashamed

She said that he was going to attend a dinner gathering for the research room tonight, so she couldn’t go back and have dinner with him.

As expected, Wei Zhiqian asked her where the gathering place was.

Tan Mo also sent it to him honestly.

She also told him, “Even if I’m not here, you have to eat well. Remember to send me a picture of your dinner.”

Otherwise, she was worried that Wei Zhiqian might continue working in the company and eat casually.

When her gathering was over, he would come directly to pick her up. Now that Tan Mo was far away, she couldn’t take care of him.

She felt that Wei Zhiqian could work in the company, but he had to have a good dinner.

Seeing her say so, Wei Zhiqian agreed and was especially happy.

Just as Tan Mo expected, Wei Zhiqian did plan to continue working in the company.

Originally, if Tan Mo came home for dinner today, he planned to bring his work home. Even if he worked at home, he would go home early and be with Tan Mo.

Just in time, Tan Mo would handle her work and he would handle his.

They could still work together in the study at night.

It was much more satisfying than working alone in the office.

But since Tan Mo didn’t come home for dinner, he would settle dinner quickly in the office.

It saved time on the way home.

It would probably take more than two hours for Tan Mo to have a dinner gathering.

he would be done with work at that time, and it is time to pick her up.

Zhou Jingan came in and was about to ask Wei Zhiqian if he was going to work overtime tonight.

This would determine whether he could get off work on time tonight.

The new season of Battle of Armies was starting today, and he was in a hurry to go back home.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he came in, he heard Wei Zhiqian say before he could say anything, “I’ll stay at the company tonight to work overtime. You don’t have to stay here. I’ll put it on your desk after I’m done. You can deal with it tomorrow morning.”

“Order a meal for me before you leave.” Wei Zhiqian thought for a moment and said, “Choose the one looks nutritious and rich. Don’t order a simple meal.”

Zhou Jingan was wondering when Wei Zhiqian had such a demand for food.

He saw Wei Zhiqian shake his head helplessly and sigh, he said in a helpless tone, “After you fall in love, someone will take care of you. She’ll watch you every day. Even if you’re busy with work, you can’t forget to eat properly. Just now, Momo specifically told me that working is fine, but I have to eat properly. She also asked me to send her a picture of my dinner, to prove that I ate on time and well.”

As Wei Zhiqian said this, he sighed again. He looked at Zhou Jingan and shook his head.

Zhou Jingan: “…”

He really wanted Wei Zhiqian to stop shaking his head.

He was so tired of looking at him.

“Forget it. You definitely don’t know how I feel. You don’t have a girlfriend. How could you know what it’s like to be cared for by a girlfriend?” Wei Zhiqian continued to shake his head, “I don’t have the common conversational topic with you now. Even if I tell you, you won’t understand.”

Zhou Jingan was speechless.

Saying so much, Wei Zhiqian just wanted to show off that he had a girlfriend.

Couldn’t he be ashamed?

Why didn’t he think about how old was Tan Mo when he was showing off?


Zhou Jingan had long developed the ability to not take Wei Zhiqain’s words about non-official matters so seriously, especially many words were stinging.

At this moment, he pretended to be not hearing it.

The little man in his heart covered his ears and silently recited the Buddhist scriptures. He calmly ordered Wei Zhiqian’s dinner and added dishes to the menu. After that, he took a screenshot and sent it to Wei Zhiqian. Wei Zhiqian was satisfied, so he confirmed the order and had the company’s restaurant send it over.

Wei Feng had his own restaurant, which was very big.

There were all kinds of dishes in it.

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The dishes were changed every day to ensure that the employees would not eat the same every day. From the common dishes to some special offers, such as various ca.s.serole dishes, grilled fish, kebabs, sus.h.i.+, scallion pancakes, and even the pancake rolled with the crisp fritter.

This undoubtedly solved the problem of employees being in a hurry in the morning to a large extent.

They could go to the company directly with an empty stomach to have a simple breakfast, and then go to work.

If time was tight, they could even punch in before going to eat.

As long as they didn’t delay their work progress, the superiors wouldn’t be too harsh.

Wei Feng’s work system was still relatively flexible.

Therefore, the dishes that Zhou Jingan ordered for Wei zhiqian were also the fried dishes for the dinner slot in the company’s restaurant.

Wei Feng had a special enterprise App.

It was designed for saving employees’ time and avoiding long queues in the restaurant.

In addition to the food serving counter, anyone who wanted to eat a special stir-fry or snack, they could order in advance through the App.

When ordering, there will be an appointment time for employees to choose.

If a time period became gray, it meant that the appointment was already full at that time. Similarly, it also avoided the acc.u.mulation of orders at the same time to ensure the smooth operation of the restaurant.

After you appointed a time period, as long as you went to the restaurant at that time, you could pick up the meal by scanning the code. However, for the case that Wei Zhiqian ordered, there was no problem delivering the meal to his office directly.

After Zhou Jingan ordered a meal for him, he also tidied up and confirmed with Wei zhiqian that there was indeed no need for him to stay before leaving the company. Not long after, the dinner was delivered to his office.

Wei Zhiqian obediently took a photo and sent it to Tan Mo before eating seriously.

Tan Mo also followed Ming Yeqing and the others to the gathering restaurant.

Because it was beside Beijing University, the selling target here was the students of the Beijing University.

So the price was medium.

After all, it was in B City, and also in the area beside the Beijing University, so it would not be much cheaper.

The price was already considered not bad in this area.

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