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Chapter 443 - There Is A Great Connection Between Us, Pure Yang Immortal Swordsman.

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Chapter 443: There Is A Great Connection Between Us, Pure Yang Immortal Swordsman.

Brushing his teeth, washing his face, having breakfast…


Was it not a little ill-fitting to call it breakfast, since Jiang He had just woken up?

Still, it was more or less reasonable if judged according to his sleep hours.

Nonetheless, he looked spirited in his jersey, inch-long hair, and handsome facial features.

Of course, it was not actually a jersey, but a medicore-grade acquired soul combat armor that Jiang He looted after killing the Golden Immortal of an unknown race at the Black Demon Star, which he strengthened through planting.

In other words, that jersey was now a superior-grade acquired soul treasure.

Indeed, Jiang He returned with considerable rewards following his ambushing strike.

He had looted a dozen acquired soul treasures, which he had strengthened via planting. Aside from the jersey that his current combat armor had transformed into, he had also gotten his hands on a superior-grade acquired soul spear.

“What a shame.”

“I did not manage to make a superior-grade acquired soul flying sword… still, I have a lot of inferior-grade acquired soul treasures. I could melt all of them and reforge it to make some.”

A thousand thoughts crossed Jiang He’s mind even as he travelled to the Taixu Sect atop his sword.

He had quite a few flying swords, but the Golden Radiance sword was the only flying sword at the grade of soul treasure; the rest were premium-grade immortal items, which meant the power output when he cast the Sword Array of Ten Realms and Infinity was uneven, hence greatly reducing its power.

Otherwise, at his current level and if he had ten mediocre-grade or superior-grade acquired soul flying swords, Modolo, White Sky God King, or whatnot would all be subjugated once his sword array was raised. All of them would have to die even with those premium-grade acquired soul armors of theirs.


There was only two thousand or so kilometers between Lingzhou City and the Taixu Sect. Both Jiang He and the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist arrived outside the mountain archway of the Taixu Sect in minutes, and since they did not hide their presence, many Golden Immortals sensed them the instant they arrived.

Most of the Golden Immortals, such as the Eight Immortals, appeared nonchalant.

They were not acquainted with Jiang He and did not recognize his aura, only aware that two Golden Immortals had arrived.

However, the True Habitant of Taixu, the Golden Immortal of the Jiuhua Sect, and the Golden Immortal Scale Dragon of Shennongjia all changed their expressions.

They traded glances, each of them noticing the serious shock on their faces.

Jiang He… had returned!

He was alive!

And he was now Golden Immortal too!

The True Habitant of Taixu did not care to think further. Immediately standing up flying to the mountain archway, he looked upon Jiang He with a mix of expressions and sighed in awe. “How long has it only been, Mister Jiang… and you’re already Golden Immortal?”


Jiang He nodded and smiled. “I have ascended up to True Immortal for more than a month. It had been a difficult journey of cultivation, and I barely made it to Golden Immortal.”

Beside him, the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist staggered and almost fell out of the skies.

What the f*ck…

Jiang He was such a genius that he did not forget to show off at any given moment.

More than a month of rising to True Immortal?

Moreover… a difficult journey of cultivation?

Have you even cultivated?

A while ago, you were going on trips and fooling around with your maids and slept until four or five in the afternoon before you finally woke up. You call that a difficult journey of cultivation?

Of course, the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist merely thought of that in his mind.

After some small-talk with Jiang He, the True Habitant of Taixu spoke with some degree of shock, “Perfect timing, Mister Jiang. The reinforcements sent from the celestial battlefield have just returned, and our Taixu Sect were just settling them in.”

They hence entered the Taixu Sect, with the True Habitant of Taixu smiling. “Brothers, allow me to introduce you: this is Jiang He, the one whom I’d mentioned before.”

The many Golden Immortals, True Immortals and Heavenly Immortals turned toward him, the shock apparent in their eyes.

Even the best Golden Immortals such as Lü Dongbin and Iron Crutch Li looked astonished.

Jiang He offered a fist-palm salute and flatly said, “Greetings, fellow brothers and sisters.”

One of the Golden Immortals rose to return his salute and said, “Brother Jiang He, Brother Taixu here had just told us about you, claiming that you are True Immortal after less than a year of cultivation and is unmatched in fighting ability, capable of turning the tables against Golden Immortals… still, it seems now that the True Habitant of Taixu must be mistaken. Are you not Golden Immortal, Mister Jiang? You are even full-fledged Golden Immortal, judging from your Dao presence.”

That Golden Immortal was doubtful even as he spoke.

Had Jiang He hidden his cultivation before?

That would mean that his identity was fabricated as well… he might not really have cultivated to True Immortal in a year.

Still, Jiang He was courteous toward these Golden Immortals who had returned to defend earth from billions of light-years away.

Moreover, the Taixu Sect was the first immortal Sect that had good ties with Jiang He, aiding him considerably when the elites of the Taixu Sect and the Ten Thousand Swords Sect hunted him. As such, Jiang He promptly offered an explanation when he realized that the other Golden Immortal had misunderstood the True Habitant of Taixu.

“You may not know this, Brother, but it had been half a month since I met the True Habitant of Taixu. I had only ascended as a Golden Immortal just days ago as well, and it is reasonable that the True Habitant of Taixu was not aware.”


The other Golden Immortal was baffled.

His eyes bulging, he carefully studied Jiang He and exclaimed in shock. “You are a funny one, Brother… You are already full-fledged Golden Immortal.”


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Jiang He was taken aback.

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