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Chapter 1231 - The Arrogant Brother Ki

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Chapter 1231 – The Arrogant Brother Ki

Kirilenko had called to remind Feng Yu about the NBA Finals and asked him to watch his team by the sidelines.

When Feng Yu’s team entered the Finals, Kirilenko had gone to support him. Now, it’s the Nets’ turn, and how can Feng Yu not go and support Kirilenko’s team?

The Nets’ players are much better than in their previous life. In Feng Yu’s previous life, the Nets had relied on new players to enter the finals, and none of the players got more than 15 points. But in this life, the Nets have stronger players, and Jason Kidd is playing much better. Feng Yu felt the Nets stands a chance to be the Champions.

This year, the Nets had gotten better results, and their first match is at its home ground. Feng Yu flew to New York and asked his driver to send him to New Jersey, which is only two hours drive away.

“Oh, many Lakers supporters had come to support them.” Feng Yu looked at the stands and saw a group of people in yellow and purple jerseys among the sea of white fans.

Kirilenko is furious. “What are the ticket sellers doing? Why did they sell so many tickets to people from LA?! Feng, I am not talking about you as I had invited you.”

Feng Yu rolled his eyes. “Don’t forget I have shares in the Lakers’ home ground arena. If you want, I can arrange for your team’s fans to be seated together, making them more outstanding in the stands.”

“Hahaha… Alright! It would be best if I can buy out all the tickets, and I can choose who can watch the match!” Kirilenko laughed.

“That is impossible. Don’t forget that some fans had bought tickets in advance and not many tickets are left. I will call Ralph to make the arrangements.”

The average price of tickets in New York is around 80 USD, and before Carter came to New Jersey, its average ticket price is less than 20 USD. But after Carter joined, the ticket prices doubled, but they are only less than a 2-hour drive from New York. This made Kirilenko mad.

Although the LA ticket prices are not as high as New York, the Lakers and the Wind and Rain Team’s average ticket prices are over 60 USD. Despite its price, the tickets are selling better than New Jersey.

The Nets had changed its starting lineups. Bateer is one of the starting lineups, and his job is to guard Shaq with Gasol. Gasol has long arms and nimble footwork and is the best person to assist Bateer.

The Lakers’ Center is stronger, while the Nets are stronger in the Power Forward position. Their Small Forward and Shooting Guard are around the same standards, but Jason Kidd is the strongest Shooting Guard in the league.

As for the substitutes, there is not a lot of difference between both teams. The Nets’ players are younger and are more energetic, while the Lakers have more experienced players.

Kirilenko is pissed with those commentators and media. Everyone felt the Lakers can defend their title, and no one supported the Nets.

What do these disgusting Americans know? Although I had not spent a lot on my team, I had put in lots of effort. Since you all look down on the Nets, I will make them the Champions this year!

“Feng, do you think we can win the championship this year?” Kirilenko lost his confidence suddenly.

The match started, and Shaq slammed the ball in.

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