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Chapter 1210 - Chaotic-Level Cultivation Site

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Chapter 1210: Chaotic-Level Cultivation Site

Where does that vortex lead?

The idea occurred to Su Ping, instantly feeling the urge to explore. He was in a cultivation site anyway, and could resurrect whenever he wished.

The urge to go there became stronger, until he stopped hesitating and headed towards the clouds.

The vortex was quite inconspicuous; Su Ping wouldn’t have detected it if he hadn’t mastered the path of illusion.

A vague tribulation aura was coming out of the vortex; Su Ping was feeling wary, as if some sort of prehistoric beast were sleeping on the other side.

Su Ping took a deep breath, then concealed his aura to enter the vortex.


“The host is about to leave the DemiG.o.d Burial and enter the Remains of High Heavens, a chaotic cultivation site!

“Congratulations, host. You’ve found a chaotic-level cultivation site; the ticket costs a hundred million energy points!

“Every resurrection costs a million energy points!”

A series of reminders popped up and made Su Ping stop in his tracks. He also realized that, even though the vortex seemed near at hand, there seemed to be an infinite distance in between; he stopped for the moment.

“A chaotic-level cultivation site? What’s that?” he asked the system in his heart, feeling rather dazed.

“The chaotic-level cultivation sites are also the ultimate cultivation sites; they’re even better than the top-level cultivation sites!” said the system with a snort, “It shouldn’t have been unlocked unless your store reached level seven or you break through to the Celestial State. However, since you’ve already discovered it, you’re free to enter as long as you pay for the ticket.”

Su Ping was stunned. He didn’t expect to find worlds more advanced than the top-level cultivation sites such as the Archean Divinity and the Chaotic Realm of the Undead.

The Remains of High Heavens?

Is it a place where ancient mythical figures live?

However, Su Ping remembered that the place where Golden Crows dwelled was not considered as a chaotic-level cultivation site.

High Heavens… Could it be the place where the legendary ‘Heavens’ live? Su Ping speculated, thinking it was possible.

Heavenly Tribulations, the Heavens…

Su Ping looked at the vortex with a racing heart. The Heavens turned out to be living deep inside the clouds.

The level of a cultivation site depends on its lifeform’s combat ability. A chaotic-level cultivation site must be home to lives that are unbelievably strong, superior to those found in the Archean Divinity.

Su Ping stared at the vortex, eventually giving up the thought of entering.

The main reason for his choice was that he still didn’t have a hundred million energy points.

Besides, the cost for resurrecting in that world was beyond crazy. He would use up all his savings if he died a few times.

I will surely explore everything when I gather enough energy; I should also upgrade my store as soon as possible. Little White is now a Star Lord with a high-level rating. That is one of the requirements for the store’s level six upgrade.

The next requirement is about revenue.

Su Ping retreated to the bottom of the thunderclouds. After watching the clouds disappear, he displayed the list of cultivation sites, and saw “Remains of High Heavens” listed at the very top.

The name was not in golden color, like the top-level cultivation sites were. The words were in a deep red color, which seemed to be emitting the smell of blood.

“Congratulations, Mr. Su.” Heather and the others dashed over to congratulate him, holding back their shock.

None of them looked down upon Su Ping anymore. It had nothing to do with the expert backing him; they were trembling due to his potential.

Su Ping didn’t conceal a thing during the tribulations nor when he cultivated. They could easily tell that Su Ping was far stronger than any other Star Lord, and was almost as strong as Joanna in her peak status. He was even more talented than anyone they knew in the Archean Divinity.

Su Ping nodded. He also knew what Joanna was thinking as she looked at him with a gentle smile, even without saying a word. He nodded back at her, suddenly finding the scene familiar… as if he would have seen Joanna’s eyes somewhere before.

Where was it? Su Ping thought quickly, feeling that piece of information was important.

Even though he had a good memory, his head was up to the brim with information; it took him some time for him to find specific things.

While Su Ping searched his memories—s.h.i.+valello said with a friendly tone, “Mr. Su, you’ve established the seventh small world. It’s an unprecedented achievement even in the Archean Divinity; I hope you won’t forget us when you rise to higher levels.”


“Mr. Su, do you need us to find more people soon to go through tribulations?”

“No, thanks.”

Su Ping shook his head. More tribulations would certainly be useful, but he didn’t have enough time. His main goal of grasping the Heavenly Tribulation path was achieved, and his pets had gained lots of stuff too. He now intended to perfect the path of ultimate darkness.

I wonder if the path of ultimate darkness related to the Sorcerer’s Const.i.tution can create a world… Su Ping’s eyes glittered; he had to go to the Golden Crows’ site for answers.

“I’ll keep your wish to return to the Archean Divinity in mind. Do you have anything else you want to offer me? I’m about to head back,” said Su Ping.

s.h.i.+valello and the others looked at each other in bewilderment; they had never seen anyone ask for gifts so directly.

“Mr. Su, there are some other gifts I want to give you.” s.h.i.+valello was the first to show his stance; he took out some Ascendant treasures and reluctantly handed them over to Su Ping.

Having been robbed by Su Ping, he now found Ascendant treasures as valuable, and didn’t want to part with them.

Heather, Avril and the others were rendered speechless. They inwardly complained about the little human’s greed.

Still, none of them were vocal about this. They had already suffered heavy losses; Su Ping would probably demand even more stuff if they p.i.s.sed him off again.

“How generous; you’ve offered me plenty of gifts already. I almost feel awkward receiving these.” Su Ping accepted all the items, clearly not meaning what he said.

All four G.o.ds chuckled, at a loss for words.

“Time to go.”

Su Ping bid farewell to the group, retrieved all his pets, then left the DemiG.o.d Burial.

The four Superior G.o.ds heaved sighs of relief once the robber left the place, then exchanged bitter looks.

Once back in the store, Su Ping left Joanna and went straight to the Golden Crows’ cultivation site.

Su Ping immediately felt the pressure in the air upon arrival; it was much stronger than that in the DemiG.o.d Burial.

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He found himself in the middle of a desert again. He released his senses, soon detecting lifeforms hiding in the sand a few kilometers away.

Su Ping and the others went to the territory of a tough mythical creature with a Celestial State cultivation. Su Ping merged with the Little Skeleton and the Inferno Dragon, then fought it with his other pets joining in. Still, they were killed one after the other.

The strength of the Celestial State is unbelievable…

Su Ping released his seven small worlds, but they were smashed by the illusion of a red universe that his opponent threw out; the force was too powerful.

“However, I was able to resist it for more than ten minutes. That’s quite impressive, right?”

In a certain part of the universe—Heavenly Lords could only escape from the Celestial’s pursuit; they couldn’t fight for long. Even if they were chased for three days and three nights, the time they really spent fighting wouldn’t be longer than three minutes.

Fighting a head-on battle for ten minutes was definitely remarkable for many.

Su Ping wasn’t stubborn after being killed; he chose a random location to resurrect.

He had discovered the gap in power between them during the battle. The mythical creature had yet to use its full strength; it would be pointless for him to resurrect and fight a war of attrition.

Besides, any Celestial creature would certainly have a high intellect. Su Ping could end up confined if he were to resurrect!

He would be stuck if his soul was entrapped, and his sole option would be to wait for the automatic return to the store.

Su Ping continued his journey after choosing to resurrect in a random location.

Five days pa.s.sed—a bird shriek was heard, coming from somewhere up in the sky. Su Ping looked toward the distance with glittering eyes. It was a Golden Crow!

He instantly activated his Golden Crow body and took to the sky, soon catching the attention of the other creature.

Su Ping’s crow form was young, but he was unlike the normal Golden Crows youths, since he was strong and intimidating. Even though he was much weaker than the adult crows, he was exceptional as a young one.


The Golden Crow dashed over, causing a wave of flames that further dried the sand on the ground. The local sand was actually special, highly resistant to heat, and would never turn black.


The Golden Crow was a graceful one, with brilliant feathers emitting a dazzling light. It gazed at Su Ping with a mix of surprise and confusion. “Your smell… is rather familiar…”

Su Ping went back to his human appearance. “h.e.l.lo. Can you take me to your clan?”

The graceful crow widened its eyes upon seeing the transformation. The latter then wrapped itself in golden flames, which later revealed a beautiful, long-legged girl. She was dressed in an exotic style, her short skirt barely covering her a bit, making her legs even more appealing.

“It’s you?”

Su Ping was quite astonished to see her, not expecting such a coincidence to happen.

“It is you!”

Diqiong showed delight as she looked at Su Ping, not expecting to see that outsider again. Her planet had been sealed by the ancestors’ power; Su Ping was the sole visitor able to enter.

She was really curious about the outside world, and Su Ping was her only source of information.


Diqiong suddenly realized that Su Ping was considerably stronger than before. She had at first thought that he was one of her clansmen about to reach adulthood.

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