Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow, 卧牛真人

Chapter 2602 - Brain Dissection

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Chapter 2602: Brain Dissection


Creepy howls came over from the end of the tunnel.

It sounded like a ferocious beast on a rampage that had been skinned alive.

Very soon, a daunting shadow rushed into Li Yao and his companions’ sight after a few leaps.

It was also an officer of the Imperial Guards. Judging from his epaulet, he was of a rather high military rank.

His face, however, couldn’t have been more appalling. His head had expanded to twice the normal size. Quite a few lumps were rising high on his forehead and his temples, fluctuating like beating hearts.

His eyes were so red that they were almost purple, so purple that they were almost black. From the festering eyes, tremendous colorful, suspicious fluids were flowing out, as if his brain had entirely been turned into mucus that was being squeezed out.

Even so, he still boasted unparalleled strength. After a wave of his hands, he already tore two Imperial Guards who went forward to stop him into two pieces, their guts flowing all over the ground.

If the vitality field of the other Imperial Guards was like a lifeless river that was running at a fixed speed, the vitality field of this mad officer would be as violent as a colorful, surging vortex.

After killing a couple of soldiers in a row, he threw his head at a heavy tractor. He even tried to lift the heavy tractor that weighed hundreds of tons. His arms were squeaking, his legs deeply sank into the ground, and even his arm bones were protruding out of his elbows, but he couldn’t care less about it.

The officer had completely gone mad.

The “normal” Imperial Guards around were utterly fearless. They took the opportunity to charge forward. After paying a price of more than ten victims, they finally dealt a fatal blow at the mad officer.

The mad officer, however, was unbelievably tough. His internal organs were almost burnt up by the heating guns and the crystal guns. A devastating hole appeared on his torso. However, his wails did not die down until more than half a minute later.

At this moment, his head had expanded to three times the normal size. The few lumps on his temples and the center of his eyebrows were as swollen as grapes that might explode at any moment.

A team of soldiers wearing special helmets that looked like anti-epidemic personnel immediately went forward and dragged the corpses of the officers and the dead soldiers away into an inconspicuous branch next to the tunnel.

The rest of the Imperial Guards seemed to be too familiar with such a scene to be surprised. It took them only half a minute to restore their order and continue shipping the crystals mechanically.

Li Yao and Long Yangjun looked at each other and said at the same time, “Follow them!”

Li Yao split a few crystal cameras and followed the team of “anti-epidemic soldiers” from not far behind them.

In the meantime, he scanned the tunnel and the branch and simulated the structure in his crystal processor. When another quake took place, he powered the drill of mystic rays and crawled toward the branch.

In the end, together with Long Yangjun and Li Jialing, he put on his crystal suit and turned on the stealth mode. The three of them were melted into the environment like chameleons.

The branch was zigzagging and now high, now low. It took the anti-epidemic soldiers more than twenty minutes to finish a thousand meters and reach their destination while carrying a massive amount of bodies with floating discs.

At the end of the branch was a hole from which fire and smoke were jetting out nonstop. There seemed to be a magma pool somewhere deep down.


The anti-epidemic soldiers threw the corpses of a few soldiers in first. The dead bodies were immediately taken away by the fire and disappeared into the smoke. Melted by the magma, they did not have a single cell left.

“Let’s do it!”

The anti-epidemic soldiers were about to throw the mad officer’s body into the magma when Li Yao and Long Yangjun dashed down. Flashing into almost ten clones, they controlled the four anti-epidemic soldiers instantly and made them fall to the ground without any sound.

For safety, Li Yao set up an alarm rune array and a sound-blocking rune array on the branch, in case the sounds here might spread out.

“Do you want me to do it, or do you want to do it yourself?”

Li Yao asked Long Yangjun.

“Let me. I have a more profound understanding of the so-called ‘brainwashing’ than you.”

Long Yangjun took out a few scalpels that were as thin as paper from her Cosmos Ring. They danced among her fingertips agilely.

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Li Yao and Li Jialing helped her move the rest of the bodies, and they only kept that of the mad officer on the floating disc. Then, adjusting the anti-gravity rune array, Li Yao set the altitude of the floating disc to Long Yangjun’s chest, turning it into a simple operation stable.

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