Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

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Chapter 173 - Savage Man

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Chapter 173: Savage Man

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“This is wicked. What kind of monster makes this kind of voice? Why am I bewitched by this voice?”

Looking at the dark abyss of the bottomless valley, Jiang Yi felt his blood run cold. Had it not been the protection from the Fire Spirit Pearl, he would have fallen into the deep valley.

The strange thing was the moment he came back to consciousness, the strange voice disappeared. He looked around the peaceful surroundings, but that strange voice didn’t sound out anymore. It was only when he went back to the cave and prepared to sleep did the strange voice echo again. There was this surge of thought that he could feel—urging him to walk into the valley.

“This is too wicked! There must be a formidable demonic beast in this deep valley, and it is adept at using the soul spirit!”

Jiang Yi was frightened. He didn’t hesitate to summon the Silver-Moon Demon Wolf to bring him far away from there. The valley was very deep, but that voice was still resonating in his soul spirit, luring him to go seek for his death in the valley. With such an incredible soul-spirit-type demonic beast around, Jiang Yi didn’t dare to stay there.

“If this Soul-Seizing Valley has such a formidable demonic beast, the Flames of Netherworld in it must be even more dreadful. It is a pity that my strength is incompetent now. Wait till I am stronger in the future, and I will come back to claim that Flames of Netherworld!”

Sitting on the demon wolf, Jiang Yi looked back the distancing deep valley with regret. Soon, the valley was no longer visible. Jiang Yi didn’t seek for a place to sleep and concentrated on detouring around the Forest of Sin to enter the Divine Martial Kingdom’s territory before turning straight into the royal capital.

The royal capital was bustling with excitement recently, and it was all due to the Kingdom War. All the accomplished prodigies of the Divine Martial Kingdom were flocking into the royal capital. There were many young ladies who weren’t here to participate in the Kingdom War but also flocked into the royal capital along with the various experts. With all the young masters and prodigies gathered here, it was the best timing for them to pick a husband.

Crown Prince Xia Wuhui was back early from the Azure Dragon College, inviting various young masters and ladies for banquets at the crown prince residence every single day. The kingdom’s most beautiful princess, Sixth Princess Xia Feiyu, had also returned from the Centaurea College. She would occasionally appear in the banquets, causing many of the young masters to be extremely excited.

Ten days later, the Mt. Spirit Beast College’s army had arrived, making the entire royal capital even livelier.

The participants from the college had Zhan Wushuang, Yun Fei, Shen Ying, Ah Ni, and many more young masters and ladies with esteemed status. This time, Princess Yun Fei didn’t return to her kingdom and followed along with the college’s army instead. This was a huge opportunity for many people.

Principal Qi and seven other vice principals were personally escorted by the Kingdom’s Protector, General Long Xiang, into the royal palace. They were to be entertained by the Divine Martial Kingdom’s Lord. Principal Qi arranged for the mentors and the college to stay within the royal capital’s largest inn, Hidden Dragon Pavilion. They were to get some good rest there and gather up two days later. They would then be teleported to the imperial capital to begin the Kingdom War.

There were plenty of young masters and ladies from various clans that were residing in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, making it extremely lively. Zhan Wushuang, Yun Fei, Shen Ying, and the rest were all staying in their small courtyards with countless visitors. Su Ruoxue received up to a dozen invitations in a single day. Crown Prince Xia Wuhui even personally sent an invitation card to Su Ruoxue, making obvious how much charm she had.

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Su Ruoxue paid no attention to all these invitations and was now seated in a small courtyard with Zhan Wushuang. Her beautiful eyebrows were knitted together, displaying this expression of worry.

Zhan Wushuang observed Su Ruoxue who had been sitting in his courtyard for the whole morning. He was rather anxious as he clenched his teeth and said, “Mentor Su, you can go back first. If I have any information, I will inform you on the first notice!”

Su Ruoxue snapped out from her thoughts. She put her teacup down and glanced over with cold eyes, speaking with an annoyed tone, “Why? Can’t I sit here? I don’t want to go back. My courtyard has too many flies.”

“I didn’t mean it like this!”

Zhan Wushuang gave a bitter laugh and didn’t know how to explain it. The Crown Prince had given her an invitation; she didn’t attend to it and was seated here instead. If this news traveled into the Crown Prince’s ear, he would never be able to explain it even if he had a hundred mouths. What’s more, he had his own affairs to attend to. It had been a long time since he came back to the royal capital, and he had to meet up with various young masters to connect with them, too.

“Big Brother Wushuang, why aren’t you going to Princess Yun Fei? Don’t let anyone else hook her away!”

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Right at this moment, a vulgar and wretched voice echoed. Zhan Wushuang and Su Ruoxue’s eyes instantly lit up; they stood up and saw a meatball rolling in. Su Ruoxue immediately tensed up and asked, “Qian Wanguan, why are you here? Where is Jiang Yi?”


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