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Long Qi, 龙柒

Chapter 309 (END) - Extra 5

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Extra 5

Hearing Jiang Xie’s words, Xie Xi raised his spirit and didn’t dare be careless.

Jiang Xie told him, “I’ll test it.”

Xie Xi nodded.

The girl was very pitiful. She looked 15 or 16 and should be in the most beautiful flower season yet at this moment, she was skinny and worn clothes hung on her body, making her look skinnier.

She held a huge broom as if she was cleaning the yard.

Jiang Xie approached and the knuckles of the hands holding the broom protruded. She was terrified. “Please go quickly, you will die. She will…”

Jiang Xie smiled, his handsome face giving off a calming strength. “Don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt you.”

The girl stared, cheeks red and voice still scare.d “No, she will hurt you. She… my…”

She cried while she spoke, her sad expression really pitiful. Xie Xi looked on from the side and didn’t feel much. This girl was miserable but there was a sense of violation.

The girl told them to leave but if she really wanted them to go, why not say it clearly?

Such vague words combined with the miserable appearance would make people feel pity and curiosity and they wouldn’t want to leave.

Of course, maybe Xie Xi was thinking too much. After all, this was a girl who was scared and timid. It was normal for her words to be a mess.

Xie Xi didn’t act rashly and just quietly watched.

Jiang Xie reached out to the girl. “Get up first. Kneeling on the ground is very painful.”

His words caused the girl’s eyes to flash.

Xie Xi looked down and found that below the girl’s short skirt, her knees that had been placed against stone were smooth and delicate with no wounds.

It seemed that Xie Xi’s gaze was noticed as blood slowly oozed from the knees.

Xie Xi raised his eyebrows. This wasn’t simple.

The girl suddenly shouted, “Go! You go! Grandmother has woken up!”

The moment she finished speaking, the door suddenly opened and a black figure pounced along with a cool wind.

It was an old woman with an unkempt face.

She wore black clothes covered with blood, the smell making people sick.

The old woman was very fast as she rushed to Jiang Xie.

She stretched out her claws, the slender nails on her fingers like dead wood that were about to pierce Jiang Xie’s heart.

Jiang Xie gently held her hand.

Xie Xi was startled by the scene.

The image was quite strange, the elderly hand and Jiang Xie’s hand forming a sharp contrast.

There was one terrible hand that didn’t look human and a perfect hand like white jade.

Jiang Xie held the old woman’s hand like snow being covered with mud.

The old woman didn’t move. The girl squinted and her eyes swiftly turned to her grandmother.

At her gaze, the old woman moved again. She made a squeaky noise like a monster and her face was fierce and terrible as she opened her mouth.

Her body writhed madly like she was going to tear the main in front of her to pieces.

However, Jiang Xie just held her with one hand like it was a cage, not letting her break free.

Xie Xi paid attention to the girl who displayed a deeper fear on her face.

According to reason, the mad grandmother was subdued and the girl should be relieved. Instead, she was even more afraid.

What did this mean?

Jiang Xie spoke softly, “It’s been hard on you.”

He was talking to the old woman. The old woman groaned and her muddy eyes suddenly overflowed with clear tears.

The girl’s pupils shrank and she stared at Jiang Xie with horror. “You…”

Jiang Xie removed his hand and the old woman lost all her strength, falling softly to the ground.

Jiang Xie questioned the girl. “What have you done to her?”

The girl held the broom and gazed hesitantly at Jiang Xie and Xie Xi. “Who are you?”

Jiang Xie’s gentleness disappeared. He moved a finger with an expressionless face and a red cage fell on the girl.

The girl was shocked. “You… you aren’t human!”

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Xie Xi, “…”

What a mess.

He looked at the old woman. Jiang Xie had used a heart-clearing pill on this woman and the vicious demeanour had changed.

The still yellow face was soaked with tears and looked every uglier.

Xie Xi approached her and asked, “Are you okay?”

The old woman stared at Xie Xi and couldn’t say a word. She could only cry silently.

Jiang Xie stared at the girl and declared, “You are the real witch.”

The young girl was frightened by the cage that appeared out of thin air and stuttered, “W-What are you talking about?”

Jiang Xie said, “If you don’t admit it then I’ll kill you. Then this village will be safe.”

The moment he finished, a few long swords hovered in the air above the cage. As long as they fell, they would pierce the girl in the cage.

In such a narrow cage, the girl had nowhere to escape.

Xie Xi couldn’t help giving a reminder in the team channel: We are here to fix the world, not erase it.”

Jiang Xie: Baby, rest assured. If I was erasing it then she would already be dead.” There wouldn’t be so much nonsense.

Xie Xi, “…” He always felt that this repair task wasn’t a cure at all. It was full of violence!

This might be hard to ignore but it was really easy.

It wasn’t the girl who asked for mercy but the old woman. “Don’t… don’t hurt Mother…”

The old voice was as rough as sandpaper but they could be spoken with such strong love.

Xie Xi stared blankly.

The ‘girl’ in the cage revealed her true face. “Shut up!”

The old woman huddled up, looking pitiful. Her muddy eyes seemed to be washed clean by the tears, revealing purity and cleanliness.

Jiang Xie asked the old woman, “You are Nalene?”

The old woman didn’t dare say yes. She only carefully stared at the young girl in the cage.

The girl removed her disguise, her pitiful appearance becoming vicious and cruel. “Who the hell are you?”

Jiang Xie glanced at the girl and then the old woman.

Xie Xi asked in the team channel, “They swapped their bodies?”

Jiang Xie: It is unlikely. The fit between the soul and the body is very high.” If it was an exchange then he would see it instantly.

Xie Xi didn’t have this eyesight and asked: Go to the rest of the house to see?

Jiang Xie: Don’t go in. It must be disgusting inside.

Xie Xi: What should we do?

Jiang Xie: Look directly at her memory.

Xie Xi: ………………

Was this okay?

Facts proved it was fine. Jiang Xie who could use skills was like a giant chat affecting the existence of the game balance.

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Thus, they saw the ins and outs of the story.


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