God Emperor

Flying Fish, 飞天鱼

Chapter 1947 - God-King Fist

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Chapter 1947: God-King Fist

With Xianji Mountain’s five main peaks as the center, the eight war fortresses that the Deathkin had built were all lit up in the fires of battle.

Inside Xianji Mountain, a death ship made of Saint Bones hid in the mist.

Multiple figures stood on the bow as they observed the fighting outside through the mist.

Leading the party was none other than the current master of Xianji Mountain, Yuanmo Shenzi.

Standing on either side of Yuanmo Shenzi were six people: four men and two women. The aura that radiated from their bodies was extremely terrifying, and they were clearly no ordinary people.

Without exception, all these people were heirs of the gods, with high levels of cultivation and none of them were weak.

The first person to Yuanmo Shenzi’s left had a slightly thin figure with a pair of grey wings behind him, exuding a decaying aura of death. He was Chixing Shenzi.

“Yuanmo Shenzi, the situation down there doesn’t seem good. Are you sure Huo Nu and Commander He Yun can handle it?” Chixing Shenzi frowned slightly.

He found that Yuanmo Shenzi seemed to be a little too calm and did not even react when one of his Death Legates had died.

All of these Shenzis and Shennü had many elites under their command, but they could not withstand such losses. Losing a Death General or two was fine but losing a Death Legate or two would make anyone flinch in pain.

For example, when Chixing Shenzi had three Death Legates under his command dying one after another, it almost drove him crazy.

Yuanmo Shenzi looked extremely calm, saying. “No need to worry, Zhang Ruochen won’t be able to do anything, but that Fairy Baihua looks a little tricky to me.”

“Fairy Baihua? She’s only a Precept Dominion-realm cultivator, and her strength is at most the close to Commander He Yun, what’s so tricky about her?” Chixing Shenzi had a puzzled look.

Yuanmo Shenzi shook his head slightly, saying. “You underestimate this Fairy Baihua too much. While her martial arts cultivation is indeed not too high, her spiritual powers is extremely strong, and is perhaps no weaker than Ming Gu.”

Hearing this, Chixing Shenzi and the other Shenzis and Shennü all had a surprised look. They were not aware of this but did not doubt what Yuanmo Shenzi had said.

Yuanmo Shenzi was not only powerful in his martial arts cultivation, his spiritual power was also extraordinarily strong. He had almost no weakness, otherwise he could not have become one of the ten strongest elites of the Deathkin Saint Kings. There was barely anyone that could force him to use his full strength.

“Since Fairy Baihua is that powerful, with her around, Huo Nu may not be her match.” A rather tall Shennü frowned.

A Shenzi with four arms smiled and said. “Muling Shennü, you don’t have to worry too much, I believe that Yuanmo Shenzi had already long thought of a countermeasure.”

A smile appeared in Yuanmo Shenzi’s eyes, saying. “Have you forgotten? Qi Yang had been eyeing the nine fairies on the Nine Immortal Beauties portrait for a long time.”

“Qi Yang had already came over?” Chixing Shenzi showed a surprised look.

Yuanmo Shenzi nodded. “Yes, With Fairy Yuan appearing in the Northern Region, how could Qi Yang not come?”

“I’m afraid only beautiful women can actually pique Qi Yang’s interest. Since he is here, this battle would be a lot easier for us.” A smile appeared on Chixing Shenzi’s face.

Who is Qi Yang?

He was the same as Yuanmo Shenzi, one of the Deathkin Saint King elite ten, and his strength was terrifying.

He had a well-known hobby of collecting beautiful women. The beauties of various races were all objects of his collection.

All along, Qi Yang had wanted to take all the fairies in the Nine Immortal Beauties portrait as part of his collection, but he never had the chance.

Suddenly, Yuanmo Shenzi’s expression became serious, saying. “Later on, not only Qi Yang will make his move, we also need to make our move, and face the Celestial Court elites. Be careful, don’t go dying in their hands.”

“Zhen Yuan is mine, pick whoever else you like.” A ray of light appeared in the eyes of Chixing Shenzi.

The four-armed Shenzi laughed. “It seems like you have suffered a defeat in Zhen Yuan’s hands earlier, how about I deal with him instead?”

Chixing Shenzi turned his head and hissed coldly. “Shengku, don’t interfere with my business. It was just a test last time; do you really think I’m afraid of Zhen Yuan?”

“Just saying, why take it so seriously. I’ll leave Zhen Yuan to you then.” Shengku Shenzi shrugged.

The relationship between Shenzis and Shennüs were not absolute harmonious. After all, the forces behind each of them were different, and much of the times, they were happy to see others suffer.

The laws of survival in the Infernal Court was brutal and was much more fighting and struggles than the Celestial Court.

A violent gale suddenly blew before the war fortress Zhang Ruochen was at as a golden light appeared and transforming into a massive golden demonic bird.

On the back of the golden demonic bird stood a handsome man in golden armor. He wore a smile on his face and had an outstanding temperament.

The moment he appeared, his eyes was immediately locked onto Fairy Baihua, as if everyone else had disappeared and that only Fairy Baihua existed in this world.

“Beautiful, just beautiful, as expect of Fairy Baihua on the Nine Immortal Beauties portrait, and you are much prettier than flowers.” A avaricious look appeared in the eye of the handsome man in golden armor.

He was not anyone else, he was the Qi Yang that Yuanmo Shenzi had mentioned. He was one of the top Shenzis of the Deathkins and stood equally with Yuanmo Shenzi.

Ji Fanxin’s gentle palm strike sent Commander He Yun reeling backwards, and then looked at Qi Yang.

Upon seeing Qi Yang’s gaze, a look of disgust appeared in Ji Fanxin’s eyes.

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Qi Yang flew off from the back of the golden demonic bird, and came to about ten feet before Ji Fanxin, smiling. “I am Qi Yang. I’ve heard of your good name for a long time, and had always been admiring of you. I wonder if fairy could fulfill my infatuation?”

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