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Chapter 1478 - Slaying Dragons and Capturing Immortal  

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Chapter 1478: Slaying Dragons and Capturing Immortal

The vibrant clouds shattered, causing streams of lights to scatter toward the surroundings. However, very quickly, they turned back, forming an arch by the void. Then, taking the form of dragons, the streams of lights came lunging toward Yan Zhaoge.

“Hehe, Meng Zhang Azure Empyrea Archives.” Upon coming in contact with the sea of vibrant clouds, Yan Zhaoge had already recognized the technique used.

Meng Zhang, the head of the Four Divine Beasts – the Azure Dragon. He was also referred to as Meng Zhang Divine Monarch.

Just like how the Vermillion Bird was called the Hill Light Divine Monarch [1], this was the way Daoism referred to the Four Divine Beasts.

Before the Great Calamity, there existed a supreme martial art known as the Hill Light Flying Immortal Scripture. It inherited the Hill Light Divine Monarch’s insights in Daoism, its profoundness being on a different level from other scriptures.

The martial art this Immortal Court Heavenly Monarch cultivated was called the Meng Zhang Azure Empyrea Archives, which contained Meng Zhang Divine Monarch’s insightful strength before the Great Calamity.

The two lineages had no relations whatsoever with each other. Since these arts projected one of the respective Four Divine Beasts, they were usually referred to in the same manner.

Before the Great Calamity, the Heavenly Court Divine Palace’s Martial Repository had these supreme martial arts in its archives.

Although Yan Zhaoge didn’t cultivate this art, he had perused it before. As such, the instant he saw his opponent’s attack, he immediately recognized it.

“It’s improved compared to the Meng Zhang Azure Empyrea Archive before the Great Calamity. For an Immortal Court martial art cultivator, this is rather commendable.” Yan Zhaoge praised his opponent. He even had the time to experience the transformations in his opponent’s martial art.

Albeit admiring, Yan Zhaoge didn’t slow down his movement at all. With his fingers as his sword, he cleaved toward his surroundings.

The Azure Dragon’s blood splattered, causing purple-red signs of brilliance to blot the skies.

The light dragons were being killed one after another!

For a while, the void was filled with the dragon’s disfigured body parts.

The dragon’s tragic bellow and the accompanying scent of blood permeated through the universe, turning the universe into a blood-filled hell.

After being massacred, the light dragons’ body remains transformed into rays of radiance, which then dispersed into the air.

This time, these streams of lights wouldn’t be capable of division any longer. Just like an actual living being, they could not revive anymore after being slain.

As the streams of lights dispersed, everyone’s eyes were blinded with fogs of brilliance. They encompassed such a vast area with its edges could not be seen.

A middle-aged Daoist slowly emerged from the fog of light.

“This sword art…” The middle-aged Daoist stared at Yan Zhaoge, his eyes filled with bewilderment.

“Oh, this is a sword art I created myself. It’s called…” Yan Zhaoge smiled brightly, “Slaying Azure Dragon.”

The middle-aged Daoist’s face darkened.

He pressed his palms together and suddenly pushed both of his palms forward.

The all-encompassing fogs of lights turned into azure color.

As the azure lights flickered, the iridescent clouds appeared once again, followed by a dragon’s roar, which shook the entire cosmos.

An Azure Dragon came bellowing as he stuck his head out of the clouds and rushed toward Yan Zhaoge!

Just as Yan Zhaoge intended to do something, the Azure light Dragon’s scales opened and closed together.

Every single dragon scale turned into pieces of mirrors. The myriad of dragon scales on his body was like a myriad of mirrors. Countless mirror lights shot out from the mirrors, intertwining with each other.

As the rays of mirror lights intertwined together, they quickly formed a formation, which enveloped and suppressed Yan Zhaoge. Myriad of chains came shackling his movements.

As the Azure Dragon bellowed, its dragon claws struck outwards, blotting the skies, covering Yan Zhaoge’s field of vision.

Yan Zhaoge smiled and remained on the spot. Streams of gases surged around his body, enveloping him within.

In that instant, he turned into something resembling an axe, yet resembled a halberd at the same time.

The grandiose insights of the heavens opening and the earth splitting, as well as the manifestation of creations displayed, blasted his surroundings. It broke through the green formation containing him within.

His figure shook, and the illusory Heaven Splitting Halberd moved, preventing the Azure Dragon’s claw from advancing any further.

Yan Zhaoge calmly extended his left hand outwards, passing through the dragon claw, and immediately grabbed the Azure Dragon by the head!

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The Azure Dragon’s head, as large as a divine mountain of antiquity, instantly shrunk in Yan Zhaoge’s grasp.

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