What Should I Do If The School Bully Is Interested In Me


Chapter 1 - May I Pursue You?

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After Ji Liao finished playing basketball with his cla.s.smates and returned to the cla.s.sroom, he checked his phone and at a glance, saw the WeChat notification on the screen: Baby, your shirt is too short. Your slim waist nearly made me hard.

When Ji Liao read the message, his face reddened drastically. Yu Jin, who was behind him, saw his strange expression and curiously came closer. "What are you looking at?"

Ji Liao panicked and quickly pushed him away, turning off his phone and putting it in his pocket. Right then, the cla.s.s bell rang and Yu Jin didn't pay any more attention, instantly returning to his seat.

Ji Liao heaved a sigh of relief. Thinking of the extreme message from earlier, his face became red and hot.

Returning to the night three days before.

Ji Liao was slumped on his bed browsing through WeiBo when there was a WeChat notification requesting him to be added as a friend. The remark from the other party: I'm He Cheng Ming.

At first, Ji Liao had not reacted to who He Cheng Ming was. When he realised that it was that cla.s.s gra.s.s from Cla.s.s Two, the well-known school bully He Cheng Ming, he quickly scrambled up and sat straight, hugging his phone.

He thought to himself, I don't think I've offended him before, right?

The two of them were from the same school but in different cla.s.ses. He Cheng Ming was in Cla.s.s Two and Ji Liao was in Cla.s.s Twelve, eighteen thousand miles apart. So, although they were in the same year, they were completely unfamiliar with each other and had no common friends.

So why was he adding him?

Ji Liao was thinking of the reason and delayed accepting his request. He Cheng Ming had probably waited enough and sent another request: Accept me.

Ji Liao was hastened and subconsciously selected accept.

The other party immediately sent over a message: Ji Liao?

Ji Liao was actually a little afraid of He Cheng Ming. Although they had never interacted, he had heard many things about He Cheng Ming's "brilliant" deeds. For example, he emotionally abused a cla.s.smate just because that cla.s.smate touched a book of his. Another example was Chen Li Wen from their cla.s.s. Because he had secretly "discussed" He Cheng Ming, he was beaten up the next day until he had to be admitted to a hospital. These were the consequences of offending the school bully.

Even hearing about it made Ji Liao scared to death, so he replied with particular prudence: Yes, I'm Ji Liao. I didn't see it earlier. Sorry. May I know why you're looking for me?

He even used an honorific: you.

The other person very quickly input: … you? Am I that old?

Ji Liao hurriedly explained: No, no, I just wanted to show respect.

The tall, slender teenage on the other end, who was lying on the bed holding up the phone with both hands, let out a laugh.

He replied: Just call me by my name. Nothing much. Just wanted to chat with you.

Ji Liao found it strange but still replied politely: Oh…chat about what?

He couldn't figure it out. What was there to chat about? They weren't close!

Using the interval before He Cheng Ming replied, Ji Liao got off the bed and poured himself a gla.s.s of water to ease his nervousness.

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The phone notification sounded.

All along, he felt that his looks were average, his grades were normal and he was timid…how could someone like him attract He Cheng Ming's attention? Thinking about it, Ji Liao's face gradually became hot and his mouth was dry. For a while, he was in a panic and didn't know what to do…

Picking up his gla.s.s, he took two big gulps of water, then heard the phone notification.

He Cheng Ming: If you don't say anything, I'll take it that you agree. !!! How could Ji Liao dare to agree. He hurriedly replied: Sorry, I like girls!

After the message was sent, Ji Liao stared at the screen as other party was in the midst of typing. He was extremely nervous, swallowing his saliva and counting the time. Thirty seconds had pa.s.sed and the other party was still typing!!!

He felt like his heart was about to explode! His heart was in a mess. Thinking about it, could He Cheng Ming fly into a rage out of humiliation, then send someone to beat him up tomorrow? If he was really beaten up, how could he explain this matter to his mother? He was innocent and yet, he would have to pay for medical bills. Would he be looked down on by cla.s.smates?

The more he thought about it, the more apprehensive he became. The other party was still typing and had not replied. Ji Liao was so frightened that he retracted the message and re-typed: Regarding that…can I think it over?

He was someone who was very afraid of getting into trouble and only wanted to continue school in a law-abiding manner, so was very afraid of offending He Cheng Ming.

This time, the reply came very quickly: Okay.

Followed by another message: I'll be good to you. Sleep early. Good night.

Ji Liao felt that this "okay" word had another meaning! After ensuring that there were no more messages being sent, he hugged his phone and lay paralyzed on his bed, feeling as if his whole body was hollow.

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