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Chapter 100 - Side Story 10 – I Think You Want to Eat Me (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 100 - Side Story 10 – I Think You Want to Eat Me (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

All the freshmen majoring in finance realised that master Gu, who had both a high IQ and good looks, would skip any cla.s.s except moral education. It was rumoured that was so that he could accompany his little boyfriend to cla.s.s.

The little boyfriend had been dug out as being the worst performer of the archaeology department. Because he was nothing special to look at, the girls majoring in finance firmly believed that Gu Ming Ren was getting the short end of the stick!

At that moment, Lin Jiang was working in the milk tea shop and senselessly browsing through the web forum.

He had finally experienced the controversy that ensued when Ji Liao and his Ming Ge had gone public. How could people say he was a vixen reincarnated?! Lin Jiang wanted to laugh, never expecting a day when he would receive such an honour!

There were two knocks on the table and Lin Jiang quickly hid his phone. His smile started to form but as soon as he saw the person, he took it back.

“Why did you come?”

Gu Ming Ren looked at the menu and said mildly, “Why can’t I come?”

His little boyfriend was busier than him and never took the initiative to look for him, so of course, he had to come over.

Lin Jiang gave him a look, then asked solemnly, “What are you drinking?” Gu Ming Ren ordered the best-selling milk tea.

Lin Jiang continued to ask, “How sweet do you want it?” “I don’t want it to be sweet.”

“What kind of milk tea is it if it isn’t sweet?!”

Lin Jiang roasted him. He didn’t know why but he just wanted to take jabs at Gu Ming Ren. He would be happy once he made Gu Ming Ren angry.

“Are you like this to your other customers?” Gu Ming Ren found a seat and sat down.

He had come straight to see Lin Jiang after his cla.s.s ended and didn’t expect this son of a b.i.t.c.h to not even show him a nice expression.

“Look at what you ordered for yourself. If you don’t add sugar, can it still be called milk tea?” Lin Jiang was being antagonistic while keying in the order with familiarity but smiled when he turned away.

There weren’t many people in the shop at that moment. Gu Ming Ren’s gaze dropped from Lin Jiang’s back all the way down and stopped at his perky bottom. The ap.r.o.n ties were resting on his bottom and the image was causing him to have wild thoughts. He suddenly had a smile on his face and said, “You really deserve some H.”

When Lin Jiang heard, he turned and glared at him fiercely.

After the milk tea was prepared and sealed, Lin Jiang stuck a straw in and sullenly placed it in front of Gu Ming Ren.

Some people looked well-dressed but in fact, were animals inside. That was him!

Right then, Zhang Wei arrived.

She was probably in a good mood as her make-up was exquisite and she was carrying a small handbag. At a glance, one would think she was a socialite from the upper cla.s.s, out of place in this ordinary milk tea shop.

“Hey, Xiao Ming Ren?”

Zhang Wei saw Gu Ming Ren sitting in the shop and her eyes lit up instantly. She walked over with a smile and said, “Xiao Ming Ren, do you still remember Jiejie?!”

Expressionless, Gu Ming Ren sucked up a mouthful of milk tea, swept his gaze over Zhang Wei and said tonelessly, “I don’t know you.” “Tsk, when you were a child, you said you wanted to marry me when you grow up! Have you forgotten?” Zhang Wei reminded him.

Thinking that he would misunderstand, Gu Ming Ren automatically glanced at Lin Jiang, not expecting to see the son of a b.i.t.c.h looking like he was going to see a good show and as if it had nothing to do with him.

“I can’t remember.” Gu Ming Ren was reluctant to face Zhang Wei.

Zhang Wei was the daughter of Li Yan’s good friend. She often came to his house to play when she was young and frequently took advantage of him, even forcing him to say that he would marry her when he grew up. Gu Ming Ren felt that this woman could take a lot of credit for him later disliking the opposite s.e.x.

“I’m guessing you don’t want to take responsibility.” While saying that, Zhang Wei looked like she was about to stretch out her claws and refamiliarize herself with the proud face of Xiao Ming Ren.

There was a deep frown on Gu Ming Ren’s face and he was about to dodge when he heard Lin Jiang interrupt in a hurry, “Wei Jie! He’s my boyfriend.”

There was an obvious intent to declare his ownership in that statement and Gu Ming Ren couldn’t stop the corners of his lips from curving up. Son of a b.i.t.c.h finally remembers his status, he thought.

“Xiao Ming Ren, you dare to have gay relations?! Does Auntie Li know? Uncle Gu allows you to behave like this?!” Zhang Wei had an incredulous expression on her face and even her tone was filled with absurdity.

If Gu Ming Ren came out of the closet, the Gu family would be turned upside-down.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Gu Ming Ren looked at her with a strong warning in his eyes.

Zhang Wei was frightened by the flicker of intensity in his eyes but it was just for a second, then she laughed. “How could it have nothing to do with me? You said before that you would marry me! Moreover, Lin Jiang…”

Zhang Wei’s eyes swept over Lin Jiang and she flipped her long hair, winking as she said, “I don’t think he has any compet.i.tive strengths. Xiao Ming Ren, you deserve better, like me.”

Zhang Wei bit her red lips s.e.xily.

“d.a.m.n it, I quit!”

Lin Jiang untied his ap.r.o.n and gave vent to his anger by throwing it on the ground. Then he pulled Gu Ming Ren’s collar and gave him a hard kiss. “Who do you think you are, trying to poach him away in front of me? He likes me, so what’s it to you?!”

With that, Lin Jiang dragged Gu Ming Ren away, not caring about whatever expression Zhang Wei might have on her face. That was such intolerable bullying. How could he not have compet.i.tive strengths?! The web forum even had people praising him about being a vixen reincarnated!

Lin Jiang was indignant and the person beside him held onto his wrist. Lin Jiang turned back and said angrily to him, “You shut up! If you dare to say a word, I’ll hit you until your head explodes!”

Gu Ming Ren put his arm around his shoulder and laughed silently. “Then hit me. It’s not like as if I’ve never been hit by you.” Lin Jiang could not be reconciled and his chest rose and fell intensely. Gu Ming Ren hugged him tenderly. “I’m very happy.”

He was even happier than the day when the other boy had admitted he wanted to be with him. This kind of happiness was down-to-earth. He could feel the boy’s care and his uneasy heart was relieved.

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“Happy my foot! You just want to see me make a fool out of myself!”

Lin Jiang stopped to look at him and smiled slyly. “I think you want to eat me!”

Calculating that it had been some time since they had done it, Lin Jiang agreed and they went to a supermarket to buy cooking ingredients. In the end, they didn’t buy a lot of ingredients but ended up with a cartful of snacks. Lin Jiang was in a bad mood and wanted to binge on snacks. Anyway, it wasn’t his money being spent.

Gu Ming Ren didn’t stop him and indulged Lin Jiang in almost all of his wilful behaviour.

When they reached home, Lin Jiang burrowed himself in the sofa playing games while Gu Ming Ren was busy in the kitchen preparing four dishes and a soup. After feeding him, he was stripped and eaten up. Lin Jiang felt so good that he lifted his chin while Gu Ming Ren kissed his lips from above. After many times of such interactions, they had a tacit understanding and could unlock anything with a high difficulty.

Lin Jiang asked in a faltering voice, “If…if…if she tells your parents…”

The rest of the sentence was swallowed down. Even so, Gu Ming Ren knew that he was talking about Zhang Wei. “If she tells, then so be it. They would know sooner or later.”

If they knew, then it would hasten the breakup. Once Lin Jiang thought of this, he wished he could drain Gu Ming Ren. He didn’t know if he would ever find such a satisfactory person in future. He suddenly regretted that he didn’t get together with the other boy in high school and had wasted so much time.

After they exhausted themselves, Lin Jiang leaned against Gu Ming Ren in his arms and thought about what he would do after they broke up. He had to find a serious job to earn money, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to afford his tuition. He suddenly thought of his parents and didn’t know if they were doing well abroad.

“Where did you send my parents to?” Lin Jiang asked curiously.

Gu Ming Ren paused for a moment. “I don’t know. I didn’t buy the air tickets.”

Lin Jiang said “oh” and nothing more after that. He was a little sleepy and resting his head against the other boy’s arm, he slowly closed his eyes.

It was a good night’s sleep until dawn.

The first thing he saw when he woke up was a woman, full of personality, pushing the door open on her way in. He was so scared that he wrapped himself tightly in the quilt.

Only then did he realise that Gu Ming Ren wasn’t beside him.

Li Yan’s mind shook and she was slightly unsteady on her feet. Inside the room, the smell of s.e.x still lingered in the air. She trembled while pointing at Lin Jiang. “Who are you?!”

Lin Jiang froze for a long time and couldn’t say who he was.

Gu Ming Ren returned from buying breakfast downstairs. He saw the high-heeled shoes at the door and his heart stopped.

Quickly going inside, he saw Li Yan at the room door exchanging wide-eyed stares with Lin Jiang and his whole body went cold.

“Mom.” Gu Ming Ren called out.

Li Yan looked back at him with wet eyes, her tears falling silently, causing Gu Ming Ren’s heart to ache.

“Mom.” He attempted to comfort Li Yan but could not say a word.

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