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Chapter 102 - Side Story 12 – Have Some Fun (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 102 - Side Story 12 – Have Some Fun (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

Lin Jiang shrugged. He was that shameless.

Zhang Wei cleared her throat then started the cla.s.s. Lin Jiang listened to her chanting until his lids became heavy and he finally fell asleep on his desk.

When he awoke, the cla.s.sroom was already empty and only Zhang Wei was left at the lectern sorting through the course materials.

Lin Jiang quietly blamed Hao Meng for not waking him up. That guy had surely rushed straight to the canteen to buy food immediately after cla.s.s. That worthless thing! Only thinking about eating all the time, so much so that he could forget such a big living person such as himself.

Lin Jiang grabbed his book and prepared to leave but unsurprisingly b.u.mped into Zhang Wei who was holding the lesson plan in her arms.

Zhang Wei’s beauty was bright and flamboyant, bringing with it a strong offensive. When she smiled, it eased the look slightly, making her appear gentler.

Her charming eyes looked at Lin Jiang as if she was looking at a child and her eyes carried a sense of unfairness within them. “Lin Jiang, aren’t you going to greet me? No matter what, I’m still your love rival, right?”

Zhang Wei had just received the call from the Queen Mother last night, wanting her to step up and admit to her status of being Gu Ming Ren’s fiancée. She guessed that the matter of her two little friends dating had been discovered. At that time, Zhang Wei had let out a derisive sound, feeling that they were really pathetic for their love nest to be exterminated before she even lodged a complaint.

Lin Jiang chuckled in his heart and put on a fake smile, saying, “Xuejie seems to have overestimated herself. Gu Ming Ren doesn’t fancy you.”

The other boy’s eyes were already stuck on him and no one else would be pleasing to his eye. Lin Jiang was that self-confident!

Zhang Wei sneered. “It’s best that you listen to my word of advice. Don’t place too much hope in Gu Ming Ren. I know the two of you have a common friend that has come out successfully. But don’t forget, the He family is dealing in purely business but the Gu family is involved in both business and politics. Their situation is a lot more complicated than the He family.”

Zhang Wei was extremely resentful of Lin Jiang’s confidence and felt that he was being really silly, just like how she was back then, innocently believing that there was such a thing as invincible love in this world.

“If you don’t believe me, then just wait and see.”

Zhang Wei was able to keep up well in this play. She wanted Lin Jiang to open his eyes and see how men’s mouths could drift.

When Zhang Wei left school, she drove to the Gu family home.

The atmosphere was oppressive in the Gu family home. There were clearly servants walking around everywhere but not a sound was heard. It looked exactly like a silent movie.

Zhang Wei said something to disrupt the undercurrent. “Auntie Li.”

She had a nice voice — a little sweetness in the midst of the intellect.

Li Yan’s face had been covered in tears all day and she was looking a few years older. She had originally been sitting in the living room staring into s.p.a.ce and was interrupted by Zhang Wei. Turning her head, she saw an animated, young face and it eased her mind slightly.

“Wei Wei.” Li Yan treated Zhang Wei like her own daughter, pulling her to sit down. “Has your mom told you everything?”

“Yes, she has. No problem.” Zhang Wei smiled. “Moreover, I quite like Xiao Ming.”

Li Yan liked the candid yet shy expression she saw.

It was a pity that her son was bent.

Li Yan sighed.

With a meaningful look, Zhang Wei consoled her, “Auntie Li, actually a majority of people in this world are bis.e.xual. Xiao Ming could be as well.” Even if he was bent, she would find a way to make him straight.

Li Yan knew little about this so she kept quiet and didn’t say anything.

She just felt heartache for her son. Back then after ten months of pregnancy, she had given birth with great difficulty, a lot of bleeding and nearly died. That was why there never was any intention of having a second child even though Li Yan had a good relationship with Gu Wen Tian for so many years. The doctor said she bled easier, so he didn’t recommend having another one.

Li Yan asked Zhang Wei to stay for dinner. Having been locked up for two days, Gu Ming Ren’s face was a little haggard. With tightly pursed lips, his expression didn’t improve after seeing Zhang Wei. “Xiao Ming Ren, you really hurt me.” Zhang Wei pretended to cover her chest with a heart-broken expression.

Drama queen.

Gu Ming Ren withdrew his gaze and sat down to eat with a cold expression on his face.

Li Yan ladled some soup for him, her eyes were tearful and it made a sad sight.

“Go back to school for cla.s.ses this afternoon.”

In a fit of anger, Gu Wen Tian had made him stay in his room to reflect but keeping him locked up wasn’t a solution. Li Yan was so distressed that she even felt Gu Ming Ren had gotten thinner after less than two days.

“Okay.” This result was faster than expected.

It also originated from his mother’s kindness and love.

The first thing Gu Ming Ren did when he got his phone back was to transfer money to Lin Jiang. However, there was a limit on the transfer. He asked Lin Jiang to meet him at a designated place with his bank card.

Gu Wen Tian could be cutting off his funds at any time and before that happened, he had to ensure that Lin Jiang had enough for his future school fees and expenses.

The son of a b.i.t.c.h was extravagant with his spending. Gu Ming Ren hated that he was only nineteen years old and unable to give the other boy a stable life.

“I thought you were going to be a few more days. I didn’t expect it to be so soon.”

Smiling, Lin Jiang walked towards him with large strides betraying the calm mask on his face. He stood beside Gu Ming Ren, actually wanting very much to hug him but he restrained himself.

Gu Ming Ren took his hand and they both let out a sigh of relief when their palms touched.

“Did your dad hit you?” Lin Jiang teased. His palm was hot and he wanted to divert attention away from it.

Gu Ming Ren simply replied, “No.”

He took Lin Jiang’s card to the counter to transfer the money. Lin Jiang asked flippantly, “How much are you transferring to me? Not afraid that I’ll run away with your money?” Hearing the two words “run away”, Gu Ming Ren broke out in cold sweat and he stared into Lin Jiang’s eyes for a long time, then said firmly, “You wouldn’t dare.”

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Lin Jiang smiled brightly with his canine teeth biting his lip gently. “I only wouldn’t want to, not wouldn’t dare to!”

The freezing of his bank card was the last straw.

“Hey, are you sick?!” Lin Jiang couldn’t understand how the other boy was processing it and kicked the tip of his shoe with his foot.

Gu Ming Ren raised his head and held Lin Jiang’s face affectionately. His pale lips b.u.mped against Lin Jiang’s mouth, touching it lightly, then leaving it again. He did this over and over again until Lin Jiang was so stirred up he was on fire and said angrily, “Can you f.u.c.king be more straightforward?!”

“Okay,” he responded in a low voice and opened his mouth to entangle their tongues together.

Lin Jiang really admired his kissing technique which was able to make him so weak at the waist that he couldn’t support himself.

After the pa.s.sionate kiss, Lin Jiang took a breath and said, “Are you in a bad mood? Why don’t we go and have some fun?”

The look in Gu Ming Ren’s eyes gradually changed. Lin Jiang cursed and immediately cut in, “I meant bungee jumping! Or boxing and so on! What’s inside your head?!”

Gu Ming Ren inconspicuously puffed out his lips. Actually, he knew of a boxing gym. It was better to go stretch his body and relieve his gloomy thoughts.

Gu Ming Ren checked the time. There were still three hours to go before his afternoon cla.s.s.


He had driven so Lin Jiang sat in the front pa.s.senger seat. He asked offhand, “When did you get your driving licence?” “Summer vacation.”

Lin Jiang let out an “oh” sound but wasn’t actually paying attention as he was playing a game.

The boxing gym was on the top level of the commercial centre.

As soon as Lin Jiang went up, he regretted it. This was a luxuriously decorated and grand area. They didn’t have money! The other boy’s card had just been cut-off! Although he still had some money on his side, they couldn’t be so extravagant and wasteful now that there was no golden thigh to hug. He could only rely on his own frugality and be a sensible little boyfriend.

“Let’s go. Let’s go. We can’t play here.”

Something suddenly flashed in Gu Ming Ren’s mind. He strode to the front desk and recited a phone number. Lin Jiang remembered that this was his Ming Ge’s number.

After the young lady at the front desk keyed it in and confirmed that he was a VVIP customer, they were invited in.

Lin Jiang laughed out loud. “Is that acceptable?!”

Gu Ming Ren remembered that He Cheng Ming loved boxing. This place had a reputation in A city so He Cheng Ming should be a regular customer.

Anyway, he was now in the capital and couldn’t use it, so he might as well lend it to him for a fight with Lin Jiang.

Gu Ming Ren brought over the protective equipment and took the lead to step into the arena while warming up his muscles.

Lin Jiang was quite excited. In the past, all his fights were with He Cheng Ming and he was always brutalized by him. Today with Gu Ming Ren, he felt that he still had a small chance to display his masculinity!

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