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Chapter 103 - Side Story 13 – Became the Financial Backer (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 103 - Side Story 13 – Became the Financial Backer (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

With a red protective helmet on, Lin Jiang raised both arms in a preparatory position. He bent his back slightly and took two steps to make a preemptive move, taking a tentative swing at Gu Ming Ren.

Gu Ming Ren dodged easily and in almost the next second, a large fist quickly and accurately moved straight towards Lin Jiang’s head. Lin Jiang hurriedly raised his hands to block it but wasn’t in time to avoid being hit, forcing him to retreat by two steps.

After stabilizing himself, he questioned Gu Ming Ren immediately, “Are you pulling your punches?! If you’re a man, then don’t pull your punches! Do you look down on me?”

Take that earlier punch, if the other boy didn’t pull back, he would have been forced to retreat to the ropes at the very least, not just lightly jolted two steps back.

Gu Ming Ren pursed his lips and thought to himself, he was a man but at the same time, he was the other boy’s man. How could he not pull his punches?

Lin Jiang glared at him fiercely. His next attack was merciless. Firstly, he swung his fist unexpectedly and following that, he put almost all his strength into the jab.

Boxing was a sport for the brave. The feeling of his blood boiling seemed to give Gu Ming Ren new life. After exploring Lin Jiang’s strength, he started to fight against him seriously. Neither of them relented and came to blows while rolling on the ground.

Sitting on Gu Ming Ren, Lin Jiang gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve wanted to beat you up for a long time!” Following that was a violent beating.

Gu Ming Ren fought back desperately, pushed Lin Jiang down and pressed against his body. “You think I didn’t want to? Son of a b.i.t.c.h!”

After his heart opened, Gu Ming Ren kept Lin Jiang restrained on the ground and rubbed against him, simply venting his previous dissatisfaction.

“You’re the son of a b.i.t.c.h! Stupid pervert!” Lin Jiang swung a fist at him.

When they were in a straightforward mood, it wasn’t easy for one to hold back their words. All sorts of things which they were previously unable to or dared not say were confessed until everything was turned inside out.

The two teenagers were twisted into strange postures on the arena. When the muscular foreign private coach looked at them from below the arena, he said doubtfully, “I think something’s not quite right with them.”

His colleague walked over and patted him on the shoulder. “It’s as you think. Go on out. You’re not needed here.” Aggrieved, the coach shrugged and sadly left the singles-unfriendly place.

This no-holds-barred and messy boxing only stopped after an hour.

The two of them were overwhelmed. They threw down their boxing gloves and lay down in the arena with their arms outstretched.

Gu Ming Ren looked at the ceiling of the boxing gym. He felt around twice and touched Lin Jiang’s palm, clasping his fingers.

Lin Jiang was still panting when he became aware of the other boy’s actions. He turned his head to look at Gu Ming Ren and grinned.

Then he suddenly remembered what the other boy had called him.

Lin Jiang turned over and moved his leg to kick Gu Ming Ren’s waist. Once wasn’t enough and he wanted it to do a second time when Gu Ming Ren firmly grasped his ankle.

“What are you doing.” His eyes were intense but his tone was mild and did not show whether he was happy or angry.

Lin Jiang sat up and removed his helmet. He flung his hair twice, sweat flying everywhere.

“Earlier, who did you call son of a b.i.t.c.h?!” He grabbed Gu Ming Ren’s collar with an expression that said, “I’m settling the score with you now so you had better obediently admit to your mistake.”

Gu Ming Ren looked at him, his wet black hair stuck to his forehead. It was short and layered like a foolish dog.

He removed the obstructing helmet and closed in on Lin Jiang, saying, “Didn’t you also call me a stupid pervert? Did I get back at you?”

Lin Jiang was temporarily at a loss for words and Gu Ming Ren took the opportunity to encircle his waist. The two of them leaned very near to each other. They were chest to chest, almost able to feel the other boy’s heartbeat, just that they couldn’t determine whether it was caused by their intense exercise or each other.

Besides their heartbeats, their breathing had also changed. Their nasal cavity filled with the sweaty smell of male hormones, acting like a human stimulant.

Their eyes met and they pulled away from each other.

They went individually to the VIP room for a bath and came out after changing into clean clothes. It was almost time and they drove to school.

Gu Ming Ren didn’t find out about his fiancée until he reached school. It was obvious that this was his father’s doing but what made him angry was that Lin Jiang hadn’t responded and told him about the matter.

The microeconomics cla.s.s was very boring and there were corpses slumped throughout the cla.s.sroom. Gu Ming Ren was also a little distracted. After a thought, he took out his phone and sent Lin Jiang a message: Pick me up after cla.s.s. Let’s eat together.

Behind that, he added a school building address.

Lin Jiang glanced at the message. It was so far away! He replied somewhat unwillingly: Can’t I wait for you at the canteen?

Gu Ming Ren sent him a smile: No.

Lin Jiang was speechless. Taking into consideration that the other boy was in a bad mood today, he reluctantly decided to pamper him: Okay, wait for Daddy to pick you up.

Gu Ming Ren laughed and typed a few words: Son of a b.i.t.c.h.

Lin Jiang replied bluntly: Stupid pervert!

The two of them each revised their contact names and felt the sweetness of being pa.s.sionately in love.

Lin Jiang arrived ten minutes early. With both hands stuffed into his pockets, he leaned against the outside of Gu Ming Ren’s cla.s.sroom to wait for him.

When the cla.s.sroom door opened and the students poured out, all their eyes drifted towards Lin Jiang as if wondering why he was there.

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Thanks to school gra.s.s Gu, Lin Jiang was now a big star in the finance faculty and everyone knew who he was.

He was traumatised by the last time he was caught in bed by Gu Ming Ren’s mother and never wanted to do it in that place again!

Gu Ming Ren sometimes really admired Lin Jiang. He was obviously experiencing so many difficulties — being abandoned by his parents, forcing himself to be intimate with Gu Ming Ren when he didn’t like him, then later liking him but not having his status recognised. These were all understood clearly by Lin Jiang but he never said anything and lived happily as if it was nothing.

After dinner, Gu Ming Ren wasn’t in a hurry to go back. In any case, he had already come out of the closet, so was being more wilful.

He wanted to accompany Lin Jiang and felt like he owed him a lot.

While they were walking around on campus, Lin Jiang could feel that the other boy was still moody. He went to the convenience store and bought two cans of beer.

Right then, it was getting dark. When Lin Jiang came out of the store, all of the campus street lights came on with a “pop” sound, giving him a scare and making him duck his head.

Not far away, Gu Ming Ren laughed. Lin Jiang ran over with a dark expression on his face and kicked him. “What the heck are you laughing at?”

I bought beer for you and you still laugh at me?!

Gu Ming Ren took the beer, opened it and gave it to Lin Jiang. With a disdainful tone, Lin Jiang said, “I f.u.c.king have hands. Do I need you to open it?!”

Gu Ming Ren felt that he was really no fun.

He drank a mouthful himself.

There were many campus activities in the evening and energetic university students could be seen everywhere. After walking through the busy area, Lin Jiang saw the sign for Moon Lake ahead. Prodding Gu Ming Ren with his elbow, he smiled slyly and said, “Let’s go do something bad.”

Gu Ming Ren was dragged along by him and felt his heart fluttering.

He, of course, knew that Moon Lake was the holy land of University A’s couples.

As they walked, they pa.s.sed many couples by the lake kissing, hugging and whispering with their heads close, causing Lin Jiang’s face to redden. He sighed to himself. University was really different. If this was high school, this row of couples would have to go to the academic affairs office to get whipped.

Lin Jiang’s wrist was suddenly pulled on. Gu Ming Ren signalled for him to sit under a gnarled tree. There was no point walking any further. This place was too popular and the places next to the lake were all taken.

Lin Jiang was alright with the second-tier location and sat beside the gnarled tree.

As soon as he b.u.mped his can with Gu Ming Ren, he saw a couple kissing in front of them. The two of them were silent, their Adam’s apple bobbed and they raised their heads to drink the beer. Lin Jiang swallowed the icy liquid in his mouth then turned his head to Gu Ming Ren and said, “Do you think that it’s only good if you can provide for me?” Actually, he knew what the other boy was worried about and blaming himself for. He looked simple-minded but in fact, understood it well.

“Gu Shao, you are looking for a partner, not raising a son. Why do you put so much pressure on yourself.”

Lin Jiang spoke in a relaxed manner, his voice clear and sure as if this was just a small issue that had little impact on the main matter.

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