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Chapter 108 - Side Story 18 – Breaking Up is Impossible (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 108 - Side Story 18 – Breaking Up is Impossible (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

The next day, it was already noon when Lin Jiang woke up feeling faint with a blurry vision. He realised that he wasn’t in his dormitory but in Gu Ming Ren’s house.

He propped his body up and got out of bed. Opening his mouth, he realised that his throat was dry and he couldn’t make a sound.

There was a gla.s.s of warm water beside the bed. Lin Jiang picked it up and drained it. After he walked out, he heard Gu Ming Ren on the phone. “Yes, surname is Lin. Please help me to check.”

Gu Ming Ren hung up the phone and turned to see the pale, thin youth standing upright. An overwhelming sense of guilt rushed over him. His gaze fell onto Lin Jiang’s bare feet. He frowned, walking over to pick him up and put him on the sofa. “Why didn’t you wear any shoes?”

His tone was loving like before, making Lin Jiang’s eyes red and he lowered his head, not looking at him.

“We’ve already broken up.” In a hoa.r.s.e voice, he reminded Gu Ming Ren and also himself.

As the weather had become colder, the slippers in his home had been changed to padded ones and Gu Ming Ren had prepared a pair for Lin Jiang as usual. He patiently helped the boy put them on, then smiled and said, “I didn’t agree.”

“I don’t need your consent.” Lin Jiang said coldly.

Gu Ming Ren didn’t want to continue this subject. He paused for a moment, wanting to check the temperature on Lin Jiang’s forehead. Just as he lifted his hand, Lin Jiang moved to avoid his touch.

Gu Ming Ren froze and withdrew his stiff hand, saying warmly, “The doctor came to check on you this morning. It was my fault, not having any qualms about how you felt. It doesn’t matter if you don’t forgive me but breaking up is impossible.”

Lin Jiang acted like he had heard some big joke and snorted, “So now, I don’t even have the right to break up with you. I’m doomed to be bound to Gu Shao, right?”

Gu Ming Ren pursed his lips and as if he didn’t hear Lin Jiang speak, he got up and walked away.

Li Yan was being discharged from the hospital today and he had to go home no matter what.

Before Gu Ming Ren left, he arranged everything. The rice was steaming in an electric rice cooker. Three dishes and a soup just needed some warming before they could be eaten. He had even prepared the water that Lin Jiang would need for his medicine and wrote a note to remind him to call if needed.

“I’m going out for a while.” Gu Ming Ren stood by the bedside and informed him softly. Lin Jiang was napping with his back to him and said nothing.

Today, the Gu family home was more lively than normal. Since Li Yan had been discharged from the hospital, her good friend came to visit her. Naturally, Zhang Wei went as well and was currently enjoying the flowers from beside the flowerbed. Gu Ming Ren had been worried that he didn’t have time to settle the score with her and hadn’t expected her to deliver herself to him.

He strode towards Zhang Wei who turned and gave him a smile, then said, “Xiao Ming Ren, do you think this rose looks nice?” Gu Ming Ren gripped her forearm and lifted it up. “What did you tell Lin Jiang?!”

He had a nasty tone and his fingers were quietly forceful, wishing that he could kill the woman in front of him.

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Zhang Wei’s beautiful face became distorted in an instant. She struggled twice but failed. Enduring the pain, she said, “What are you afraid of? Why would you be afraid of me if you didn’t do anything wrong?”

Zhang Wei clenched her teeth and forced a smile. “It’s okay, Auntie Li. I fell down accidentally.” Gu Ming Ren sneered. “Heard that? She fell down by accident.” With that, he pulled Li Yan with him and walked away. Li Yan had no choice but to ask the housekeeper to attend to her.

When the mother and son pair returned to the room, Li Yan gravely asked Gu Ming Ren what was going on.

“That woman is not as simple as you think.”

After summarising what happened with Lin Jiang, Li Yan sighed regretfully. “Wei Wei has been hurt before. That man dumped her again and again, even cheating her of all her money. From then on, Wei Wei stopped dating. Her temperament became strange, sometimes good and sometimes bad.”

Li Yan felt that it was not a matter of personality but rather a psychological disorder that she couldn’t overcome.

“But she still shouldn’t have…”

Li Yan stopped there and didn’t continue talking. In her heart, she had some hopeful expectations, for example, if her son’s relationship ended, would he be disappointed with men and turn to women?

“How is that child?” Li Yan inquired quietly.

Gu Ming Ren had a headache when he thought of Lin Jiang and he frowned. “I’ll deal with it.”

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