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Chapter 112 - Side Story 22 – Insulting Her Son in a Fancy Manner (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 112 - Side Story 22 – Insulting Her Son in a Fancy Manner (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

Lin Jiang was stunned, the sudden huge sum of money frightening him.

“My parents left that to me?” Lin Jiang had some doubts.

When his parents absconded, they didn’t even have time to let him know. How could they have left this huge sum of money?

Uncle Lin strode to the window and looked at the warm sunlight outside while continuing to speak pleasantly, “Your parents contacted me in March this year. They transferred this sum of money to me and said that it was for your future marriage. At that time, I found it odd that they would leave it with me instead of keeping it themselves.”

“It wasn’t until June that I saw the news of the Lin group’s money laundering and the absconding, and I realised the reason for your parents leaving this sum of money with me.”

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t contact you at the time.” Uncle Lin turned to look at Lin Jiang and sighed regretfully while saying, “Your father has always been daring since young, always saying that the daring would be full to the point of bursting while the timid would starve to death. Unexpectedly…” he had capsized his own ship.

How could he do something illegal?

Uncle Lin was annoyed at himself for not asking more questions at the time. If he had, maybe he could have persuaded them to stop.

Lin Jiang stood dazed and in a trance.

If it happened like this, his parents had known long ago that something would happen to them, so they left his money with Uncle Lin. It also meant that they were not bearing the responsibility for someone else like what Zhang Wei said, and it confirmed the truth of the matter.

Lin Jiang’s eyes flashed. He had chosen to believe Zhang Wei’s words and wrongly blamed Gu Ming Ren.

Seeing that Lin Jiang looked off, Uncle Lin thought that he was sad about being abandoned by his parents and hurriedly comforted him by saying, “Lin Jiang, it doesn’t matter. From now on, Uncle Lin is your family and you’ll live your life with me.”

Now that it had come to this, he could only help his eldest brother by taking good care of his nephew.

Lin Jiang’s face was pale and he went out of the study room preoccupied.

Lin Che was sitting in the living room watching television while Auntie Lin was pestering him to show her a photo of her new daughter-in-law. “Don’t think I don’t know. Hand over the photo of my daughter-in-law right now!”

The last time he dated was a month ago. Counting on her fingers, Auntie Lin knew that it was time for her son to have a new boyfriend.

In school, Lin Che was critical and full of himself. When he got home, all his intelligence would be declared worthless and he could only allow his authoritative mother to insult him.

“Take a look, take a look!” Lin Che threw his phone at her with a bad att.i.tude.

Auntie Lin took the phone happily and opened the picture.

The child looked quite decent, but his height didn’t seem right.

Auntie Lin touched her chin and sized Lin Che up with her eyes, then finally said contemplatively, “Son, I always thought you were a seme and never thought…”

Auntie Lin hugged him and lamented, “Son, does your bottom hurt? Mom will make you turtle soup tonight.”

At the end of his patience, Lin Che pushed away his blind queen mother. “Mom, can you wake up?!! Be a proper housewife, okay?! Don’t read so many BL novels!!!”

Auntie Lin had three hobbies: awkward chitchat, reading BL novel and insulting her son in a fancy manner.

“You brat, even wanting to manage your mom’s hobbies?!” Auntie Lin’s expression changed immediately. She pointed to Hao Meng’s photo and said threateningly, “Believe it or not, I’ll ask your husband to deal with you!”

Lin Che wanted to cry. What did he do in his previous life to get such a mom?

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He stopped watching television and stood up discontentedly. Not forgetting to take his phone, he planned to go back to his room to vent his anger on Hao Meng.

Lin Jiang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had originally felt a little guilty. Now that he was being teased by his second aunt, the feelings had completed dissipated.

“No, I have cla.s.ses tomorrow morning and my roommate is waiting for me.”

Auntie Lin expressed regret that her nephew couldn’t stay the night. Suddenly, she heard movement from the staircase. Turning, she saw that Lin Che had changed his clothes and come down.

“Where are you going?” She asked vigilantly.

Lin Che had both hands stuffed into his pockets. “I’m sending Tang Ge back to school.”

After speaking, he pulled Lin Jiang away and left. Auntie Lin called out from behind, “Be home by ten, do you hear? Tighten that little bottom for me!” With a dark expression, Lin Che was about to get into the front pa.s.senger seat when Lin Jiang threw the car key back to him. “I don’t have a driver’s licence.” His family went bankrupt before he could learn.

All men loved cars. In a slightly better mood, Lin Che drove the beloved sports car towards University A.

Hao Meng had long been waiting below the dormitory for them. He wore a big red scarf today which contrasted with his skin, making him look more lively and full of youthful energy.

Lin Jiang had been wondering why someone would be so nice to send him back. It turned out he was using his name to do something dishonest.

Lin Jiang opened the car door and patted Hao Meng on the shoulder as he pa.s.sed by and continued on to his dormitory.

The window of their dormitory happened to overlook the sports car downstairs. Lin Jiang was a little upset and wanted to enjoy the breeze. In the end, he saw Lin Che pressing Hao Meng against the car door for a kiss.

Hao Meng acted conservatively and held on tightly to the other boy’s arms. In consideration of Lin Che’s height, he bent his legs in good faith.

Lin Jiang walked away quietly, missing Gu Ming Ren a little.

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