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Chapter 113 - Side Story 23 – Let's Reconcile (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 113 - Side Story 23 – Let’s Reconcile (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

Some people slept soundly while others found it difficult to sleep throughout the night.

Lin Jiang looked at Hao Meng for the seventh time but the big brother was still dreaming and hadn’t woken up.

Lin Jiang turned over and tapped on his phone. He looked at the familiar phone number and after hesitating for a long time, he gritted his teeth and put it down.

Early the next morning, Hao Meng shook Lin Jiang’s bed vigorously while biting on a steamed dumpling.

Lin Jiang’s head ached from the shaking and he was about to get angry when the other boy presented him with a bag of hot dumplings, which were especially fragrant in the cold winter.

Lin Jiang looked at the words “Tao Yuan Restaurant” on the bag and tensed, immediately asking, “Who bought it?” Hao Meng chewed twice and swallowed what was left of the steamed dumpling, then said, “Your seme.” After his guess was confirmed, Lin Jiang dropped his eyes and felt some complex emotions.

“Where is he?” Lin Jiang asked softly.

Hao Meng took a sip of soy milk. “Left. He said that you should sleep more.”

Hao Meng ate with great delight and couldn’t help asking Lin Jiang, “Where are these dumplings from? How can they be so delicious?!”

Lin Jiang paused for a moment, then immediately turned over and got out of bed. He pulled on a coat, then ran downstairs in a hurry. However, there was a fog and with the whiteness surrounding him, he couldn’t see anything clearly.

Lin Jiang was slightly depressed, feeling that he was being unreasonable and stupid.

He returned to his dormitory and ate the dumplings that Gu Ming Ren had sent.

The “Tao Yuan Restaurant” breakfast was in limited supply and was not only extremely difficult to buy but also had to be ordered in advance.

Now that Lin Jiang thought about it, he felt that something wasn’t right. Why did he suddenly buy him breakfast? He had never done this before and had not treated him like this even when the two of them were together.

Hugging his books, Hao Meng called out to him, “Lin Jiang, aren’t you leaving?”

They had cla.s.ses today.

Lin Jiang nodded and went to cla.s.s worriedly.

What bothered him even more was that Zhang Wei was in today’s cla.s.s. This cla.s.s was coming to an end which meant that they had to finish up their homework, and Zhang Wei was their workgroup instructor.

Zhang Wei didn’t look too good. Her make-up couldn’t cover the fatigue well, making her look like a withered rose.

Seeing that she was distracted, Hao Meng asked, “Xuejie, you don’t seem to be in good spirits. Are you sick?”

Zhang Wei gave him a pale smile, then her gaze fell on Lin Jiang and she said lightly, “Lin Jiang, I’m not feeling well. Could you send me to the clinic?”

Hao Meng puffed up his cheeks in unhappiness. He had obviously been the first to ask. Why did she ask Lin Jiang to send her?!

Lin Jiang paused for a moment, then followed Zhang Wei out.

With a palm against her abdomen and her forehead perspiring profusely, Zhang Wei persisted in taking two steps, then stopped, calling out Lin Jiang’s name weakly.

Even though Lin Jiang didn’t like her, he couldn’t avoid getting nervous. “Xuejie? Xuejie?” Zhang Wei fainted in his arms.

Lin Jiang carried her to the infirmary. With the white curtains drawn, the female doctor examined Zhang Wei. When she came out, her att.i.tude towards Lin Jiang was very bad. “What’s the matter with you?! Your girlfriend has just had an abortion and you allowed her to go to cla.s.s?!”

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With an expression of bewilderment, Lin Jiang automatically retorted, “She’s not my girlfriend.”

Lin Jiang didn’t know when Gu Ming Ren arrived but when he turned, the other boy was already standing behind him, giving him an intense look, with a tremor in his eyes.

“You…” Lin Jiang didn’t know how much the other boy had heard.

Gu Ming Ren withdrew his gaze from him and walked over to Zhang Wei, asking, “What’s going on?” Zhang Wei threw a nasty tantrum and smashed various things to make them leave. She was proud, so how could she easily allow others to see her in such a predicament.

Zhang Wei’s mood was extremely unstable and she made a lot of noise. The doctor rushed over to dissuade her and was driven away by her temper. Zhang Wei only stopped acting up when she drained her strength and fainted again.

When this happened, Gu Ming Ren sent her to the hospital and informed her family members.

After Li Yan found out, she rushed over as well. Seeing her son, she advised, “Baby, today is your birthday. You’re allowed not to come home, and have a good time.” At this, Lin Jiang suddenly realised that today was the other boy’s birthday.

He lowered his head and stared at his toes, guilt filling his chest and regret making him unable to say a word.

Gu Ming Ren walked up to him and asked in a low voice, “Do you still mean what you said earlier?” Lin Jiang looked sideways at him. “What I said?” Gu Ming Ren swallowed. “Reconciling with me.”

His tone was humble like before and he was just waiting for an answer.

Lin Jiang stared blankly. His chin started trembling uncontrollably and his voice became unsteady. “Do you still want me?”

Gu Ming Ren said, “Yes.” No matter how far you go, I will still be waiting for you.

No matter how many mistakes you make, I will always forgive you.

So Lin Jiang, let’s reconcile.

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