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Chapter 118 - Side Story 28 – I'll Wait For You To Come Back (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 118 - Side Story 28 – I’ll Wait For You To Come Back (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

The first five years with each other.

When Lin Jiang thought back on it now, it felt endless and pa.s.sionate.

Gu Ming Ren’s time in the university was very short. In his second year, he had completed all his courses. After his early graduation, he successfully got an offer from Columbia University to be a graduate student and chose to continue his studies abroad.

This was a very difficult choice and he was hesitant. He wanted to go but couldn’t bear to leave Lin Jiang behind.

Lin Jiang had always led an easy life with everything provided to him. These two years had made him even more used to having his basic needs provided for him. The only thing he was good at was gaming.

How could Gu Ming Ren feel at ease leaving such a precious partner at home? So, he tried to persuade Lin Jiang to go with him.

It was a moonlit night and the two of them had just been intensely intertwined. Lin Jiang was slumped on his body panting, his chest rising and falling. Even a sentence had to be divided in two. “Are you trying…to kill me today?”

The ruthless man seemed to want to tear him apart to eat.

Gu Ming Ren stroked Lin Jiang’s smooth and delicate skin. Laughing softly, he flirted, “Nonsense, I work hard to do that every day.”

“Hmm?” Lin Jiang raised his head and looked at his seme with a strange expression on his face. “You’re suddenly being flirtatious. Do you have something to tell me?”

Gu Ming Ren had always been outwardly cold. He rarely spoke flirtatiously but showed it with his actions instead.

Lin Jiang stopped himself from imagining further and moved off the other boy’s body. Looking at him seriously, he said, “Are you hiding something from me?”

After being together for so long, the two of them had started thinking as one, a long time ago.

“I got an offer from Columbia.” Gu Ming Ren had only applied for this school and he didn’t hide it from Lin Jiang when he took the GR test.

Lin Jiang paused for a moment. He knew of this university. It was one of the Ivy League schools in America but that was where his knowledge ended. He took out his phone and searched for it: Columbia University is located in Manhattan, the most prosperous city in the United States. It is world-famous for its finance and economics majors, and adjacent to Wall Street, the “financial centre of the United States”.

After he had read to this point, Lin Jiang silently threw his phone aside. This was the excellence that he, as a lousy student, could never experience.

“Then you should go!” Lin Jiang didn’t hesitate and his voice was normal, still hoa.r.s.e from what they had done earlier.

He knew that Gu Ming Ren had a genuine interest in this industry and he had great talent. It would be a pity if he didn’t go.

“Then how about you?” Gu Ming Ren turned on his side and put his arm around Lin Jiang, holding him tightly. He said in a low voice, “Lin Jiang, would you like to go with me?”

At the thought of their parting, his chest would swell and hurt. He just wanted to kiss his sweet little cub over and over again.

Lin Jiang’s words were suddenly stopped by a mouth and after uttering an “oh”, he pushed the other boy aside. “What am I going to do there?! Warm your bed?! In your dreams.”

Lin Jiang wasn’t happy. He knew what Gu Ming Ren was worried about — that he couldn’t take care of himself. He treated him entirely like he was slow-witted.

Actually, he also had something to say to the other boy. “I want to quit school.”

His entry into University A had been arranged by Gu Ming Ren but the archaeology major was really boring. Lin Jiang knew very well that he was not suited for studies. Attending cla.s.ses every day was torture.

“I want to go to the capital. Ming Ge invested in an e-sports project. I actually partic.i.p.ated in that.” As Lin Jiang watched Gu Ming Ren’s face, he continued, “Ge, whether I continue to study or not, it’ll be the same. But for you, it’s different.”

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Lin Jiang suddenly acted like a know-it-all. “The man I like must be an Ivy League graduate!”

“Make sure your phone is charged and you must answer my calls. You’re not allowed to spend the night outside and I’ve already found a house for you, next door to He Cheng Ming. Don’t be afraid of troubling them, even if you have to go over to his house to eat. I’ll fly down to the capital to see you when I have time.” Gu Ming Ren advised him sincerely, his eyes not wanting to move away from Lin Jiang’s face even a little. “The most important thing is that you must wait for me to come back.”

He was reluctant about this and really wanted to put him into his pocket to bring him along.

Lin Jiang seemed to be more unaffected and nodded ok. He also had a request. “I heard that there are many gays abroad. You had better take care of your chicken. If you dare to cheat, I’ll make you die without any descendants!”

His tone was threatening but Gu Ming Ren felt a sweetness from it. He fell onto him in an embrace, breathing in Lin Jiang’s unique scent and felt calmer.

They couldn’t bear to part with each other but the prompt for boarding suddenly sounded.

Lin Jiang grabbed the other boy’s hand fiercely and with a shimmer in his eyes, he stuttered, “You, you must remember to miss me!”

Gu Ming Ren swallowed and he felt fretful. He had not even left and he was already thinking of how he could get through it!

“Ge, I’ll miss you too.” Lin Jiang said softly. He grinned showing his canine teeth, looking especially cute.

When Lin Jiang walked out of the airport, the rain had stopped and the plane carrying his sweetheart was heading towards the blue sky. Lin Jiang raised his head for a look and stuffed both hands into his pockets. Inside, he felt a ring.

His eyes lit in realization. He didn’t know when the other boy had put it in!

Lin Jiang chuckled and placed the ring on his ring finger.

I’ll wait for you to come back.

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