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Chapter 12 - Squatting at the School Gate to CatChapter a Couple in the Act

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Chapter 12 - Squatting at the School Gate to CatChapter a Couple in the Act

Today, Lin Jiang arrived especially early but didn’t go straight into the school. Instead, he squatted at the school gate to catch a couple in the act!

Last night, he finally understood. After following He Cheng Ming for so many years, when had he ever seen him flirting with a girl? Although he hadn’t done so with a guy either…but there was bound to be a reason for the unfounded story! So he suspected that the person He Cheng Ming was dating might as well be Ji Liao who had only recently appeared!

Ever since Ji Liao had appeared, He Cheng Ming had changed completely. During lessons, he kept checking his WeChat, whereas in the past, he would always sleep until lessons were over! Now that there was no backup, the teacher would frequently “remind” him to pay attention, even using He Cheng Ming as an example. “Look at He Cheng Ming. He’s first in the level and doesn’t even sleep during lessons. All of you have the nerve to sleep?”

Lin Jiang: “…”

She really knew how to take advantage of the situation! Previously, when He Cheng Ming slept, he didn’t hear her bring up any examples like, “Even the first in the level is sleeping. What are all of you studying for?!” In short, she blamed him for not doing well in his studies and was unworthy to sleep.

Lin Jiang sighed. His legs were tired from squatting at the school gate but he hadn’t seen anyone yet.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him. He looked up and saw the gold-rounded gla.s.ses on the bridge of a boy’s nose. Gu Ming Ren!

Lin Jiang stood up quickly and asked, “Gu Shao, have you returned from the compet.i.tion?!”

Gu Ming Ren was He Cheng Ming’s only brother and was also on the same level as He Cheng Ming. Regardless of ident.i.ty, attractiveness, and intelligence, they were equally excellent! But compared to He Cheng Ming, Gu Ming Ren was a bit enigmatic, so Lin Jiang was slightly afraid of him.

“Yes.” Gu Ming Ren looked suspiciously at him and asked, “Why are you squatting here?”

Lin Jiang laughed merrily and said, “I’m waiting for Ming Ge!”

Gu Ming Ren’s face cooled immediately, and his eyes hidden behind his gla.s.ses revealed a glint of danger, “He asked you to wait for him?”

Lin Jiang was confused. “No, I wanted to wait for him.”

After he spoke, he saw He Cheng Ming following Ji Liao off the bus! He was happy that his suspicions had been validated, and ran over immediately, shouting, “Ming Ge!”

He also greeted Ji Liao, “How are you, sister-in-law?”

Ji Liao was stunned! Once he could respond, he explained red-faced, “Don’t call me that! I’m not ——” He checked their surroundings and confirming that n.o.body else heard, he heaved a sigh of relief.

But He Cheng Ming was obviously pleased with the term “sister-in-law”. He took his phone and pulled Lin Jiang out from his WeChat blacklist.

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Lin Jiang was so happy that he didn’t notice the frosty manner of a certain person beside him.

Ji Liao stared for a while, then scanned his code as well.

Inexplicably, two awkward “good friends” appeared in his WeChat. One was the famous rich second generation, Lin Jiang, and the other was the student union president, Gu Ming Ren.

It was his first time being in close contact with Gu Ming Ren, so Ji Liao couldn’t help but look again. The student union president was, after all, an important person. Although He Cheng Ming was also an “important person”, Gu Ming Ren’s ident.i.ty was obviously more decent.

“If you continue looking, I’m going to be jealous.” He Cheng Ming lowered his head and spoke into Ji Liao’s ear, then pulled him away with an arm around his shoulder.

Naturally, Lin Jiang wanted to follow He Cheng Ming. But when he took a step forward, Gu Ming Ren blocked him with his foot. “Yours.”

Meaning that he wanted to add him in his WeChat contacts.

Lin Jiang was overwhelmed; it was understandable that he would add Ji Liao since it was his brother’s wife, but why would Gu Ming Ren add him too? He was only a small brother of He Cheng Ming, and not worth much weight.

But since the big shot insisted, he would comply.

He casually scanned his code, then ran after He Cheng Ming.

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