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Chapter 120 - Side Story 30 – It Tastes Like You (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 120 - Side Story 30 – It Tastes Like You (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

After they resolved their physiological issue, Lin Jiang leaned contentedly on Gu Ming Ren’s shoulder. Their fingers were intertwined, the matching rings on their ring fingers pressed together. For these three years, Lin Jiang had kept the ring on. Whenever any lascivious men made a move, he only had to lift his finger and the other person would tactfully retreat.

Towards the young wild ducks from abroad that took the initiative to approach him, Gu Ming Ren had also not been the slightest bit tempted. Whenever relationship matters were brought up, he would always mention Lin Jiang. He often said that there was a sweet boy with a wild personality waiting for him back home.

Gu Ming Ren’s eyes wandered around Lin Jiang’s apartment. As far as he could see, it was filled with socks, shoes, rubbish from takeaway orders and small electrical appliances placed together with bowls and chopsticks. It was a mess and looked like a doghouse.

But based on Lin Jiang’s style, it should be like this since he lived by himself. If it was too clean, Gu Ming Ren would be worried instead.

Gu Ming Ren lowered his head to give his sweet little cub a kiss. It seemed like the boy was still very obedient and well-behaved.

“Is that what you eat every day?”

On the dining table sat the container of instant noodles from the day before, the pizza box from yesterday and the takeaway order from today that wasn’t finished. Gu Ming Ren raised his chin and motioned for Lin Jiang to see for himself.

Lin Jiang didn’t want to face it and shook his head vigorously.

How would he know that the other boy would launch a sneak attack! He had been thinking about tidying up the day before the return but in the end, he wasn’t in time to do it.

“How much weight did you lose?” Gu Ming Ren lifted Lin Jiang’s chin, his eyes looking down at him as he asked.

Lin Jiang smiled to get on his good side. Like a little milk dog, he snuggled into his arms and explained guiltily, “Not much. I lost weight from before when I was exercising!”

Gu Ming Ren believed him. The corners of his eyes twitched slightly and with a low voice, he said into Lin Jiang’s ear, “Later, I’ll know once you weigh yourself on the scale. The number of jin you’ve lost is the number of times I’ll do you. ”

Before even doing anything, Lin Jiang’s legs were already trembling. He estimated that he had lost more than ten jin. Moreover, the other boy’s stamina was amazing.

“Ge, I’m so hungry now. Let’s eat first then do the weighing!” Lin Jiang was really afraid. Did he have to be so fierce immediately after returning?!

“Okay.” Gu Ming Ren laughed and touched his sweet little cub’s head. He got up and helped him to tidy up the living room a little.

It was evening when the two of them went out to buy ingredients together. Lin Jiang had not visited the supermarket in a long time. He always felt that it was too lonely and even b.u.mped into his Ming Ge and Ji Liao each time, getting his fill of dog food and losing his appet.i.te.

Today, it was his turn to show love! Lin Jiang was secretly thinking about this when he heard Gu Ming Ren ask, “How about some hotpot? Let’s make a light soup.” If it was too spicy, it wouldn’t be convenient for them to do naughty things.

Lin Jiang gave a random nod, his eyes searching in all directions. In the end, he didn’t see his Ming Ge and Ji Liao even after paying.

The show of love was a failure.

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They carried the supermarket bags upstairs. Gu Ming Ren was wearing a shirt and pants. His temperament and style were too much, making Lin Jiang unable to help casting sidelong looks at him.

Gu Ming Ren gave a positive acknowledgement, feeling that his sweet little cub was now an adult who could work independently.

“Ge, have a drink?” Lin Jiang suddenly itched to drink a little.

Naturally, Gu Ming Ren wouldn’t refuse him. “Okay. ”

Lin Jiang eagerly took out two bottles of liquor that he had been saving.

There was a liquor store in the capital. It was very famous and if you didn’t know them personally, you couldn’t buy from them. He got these two bottles thanks to He Cheng Ming and had been saving it as he couldn’t bear to drink it, waiting until the other boy returned so they could enjoy it together.

The liquor caused a burning sensation but it didn’t sting the throat. After swallowing it, the mouth was filled with sweetness. Gu Ming Ren’s eyebrows lifted and Lin Jiang immediately took credit by saying, “How was it, good?”

Gu Ming Ren curved his thin lips and his affectionate eyes reflected the smiling face of the person in front of him. He opened his mouth and said in a low voice, “It tastes like you.” The first taste burnt, then it was sweet causing him to long for more.

“Like me?”

Lin Jiang sampled it. When the cold liquid touched the tip of his tongue, it burned immediately. After flowing past the throat, he felt the heat spread to his chest.

“I feel that it’s like you.” It looked cold and dull but was actually warm like the light.

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