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Chapter 122 - Side Story 32 – Ten Years [Finale] (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

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Chapter 122 - Side Story 32 – Ten Years [Finale] (Gu Ming Ren x Lin Jiang)

The eighth year with Gu Ming Ren.

At this point, he was already moving unhindered across the business world and had gotten a handle on the rules of high society. Every contract he signed had ten billion yuan worth of project lists.

City A’s finance industry called him the most iron-fisted young president in recent years. But only Lin Jiang knew that those pair of money-making hands washed dishes and cooked for him every day.

“Hire..hire an auntie?” Lin Jiang panted, trying to convince Gu Ming Ren when he was at his weakest.

Hire an auntie for the house so that he wouldn’t have to do so much. After work, the great president still had to cook for him. If it came out, people would laugh themselves to death.

Gu Ming Ren pinched his chin, his charming voice slightly hoa.r.s.e. “Are you still able to think of other things at this time?” It seemed like he hadn’t done enough.

Lin Jiang whimpered and wanted to speak but his mouth was sealed immediately.

After their hearty s.e.x session, Gu Ming Ren stroked the sweet little cub’s face and replied, “Why should we hire an auntie? It’ll disrupt our alone time.” He actually had selfish motives.

Gu Ming Ren needed a way to compensate him because he harboured some guilt towards Lin Jiang.

Lin Jiang had been with him for eight years but he still couldn’t announce their relationship. He also couldn’t bring him past the door of the Gu family home because the reputation of Lin Jiang’s parents were tainted and it wasn’t good for the Gu group brand.

Gu Ming Ren knew who the culprit was for the incident that happened that year but he couldn’t touch that person.

The Li family was in politics, so Gu Ming Ren often went to visit his grandfather. Grandpa Li knew his grandson’s intention but didn’t dare to act rashly and made him wait.

The wait was two years long.

That year, a senior official was sacked and it involved a lot of dirty history including the previous incident of money laundering that caused Lin Jiang’s parents to be blamed. Gu Ming Ren used a little strategy to add fuel to the fire and with his relationship to the Li family, he forcibly cleared the Lin couple of responsibility for the crime.

When Uncle Lin saw the television news report, he immediately called Lin Jiang and told him where his parents were. Actually, they had been in contact all this while. Lin Jiang was stunned and called Gu Ming Ren as soon as he could. “Did you see the news?! My parents have been absolved!!!”

His tone was completely incredulous. The pie had suddenly hit him in the head and Lin Jiang was crazily happy.

Gu Ming Ren hummed lightly. The sweet little cub had not been so excited in a long time.

Their days together became more and more stable. After the pa.s.sion, there was only life. Although they were still in love, there were fewer ups and downs.

“Ge, I want to see you!” Lin Jiang just wanted someone to share the pie with right then, and that person had to be his seme!

So, President Gu skipped work with glory and immediately drove home to accompany his wife.

The moment he stepped in, there was a pa.s.sionate hug. Lin Jiang’s entire body was almost hanging off him and his eyes couldn’t hide his joy. “Ge! I’ll be able to see my parents!”

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Although he never mentioned it, he always kept a memory of his parents in his heart.

“Give me back the ring!” Lin Jiang was in a predicament and pounced at him to get back what was his.

Gu Ming Ren’s heart nearly melted. He took the young man in his arms and kissed his evading eyes, then covered his slightly open mouth.

“Lin Jiang, marry me.”

After waiting year after year, now was the best time.

“First, put the ring on me! It’s so embarra.s.sing.”

Gu Ming Ren comforted him with a smile. “It’s not embarra.s.sing, my sweet little cub.”

“f.u.c.k your sweet little cub.”

Not only did Lin Jiang not accept his comfort, but also kicked him over.

Gu Ming Ren persisted in promising him, “I’ll be obedient in future, wife.”

Lin Jiang: “…”

If you’re not, I’ll beat you to death!

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