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Chapter 126 - Extra 7 – I'm a Pure Zero, Seme (Lin Che x Hao Meng) [End]

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Chapter 126 - Extra 7 – I’m a Pure Zero, Seme (Lin Che x Hao Meng) [End]

“That’s all for today.” Hao Meng ended the lesson on the dot and asked as usual, “Is there anything that’s not understood?”

He was now a lecturer at University A, teaching General Theories of Archaeology. Because he was so soft and adorable, he was quite popular with the students.

“Teacher Hao!” The female student raised her hand high and said excitedly in a gossipy manner, “I would like to ask if your Lao Gong is coming to pick you up today?!”

Hao Meng normally didn’t have any airs. The students were all very close to him. They also knew Hao Meng’s s.e.xual orientation and that he had a handsome old seme!

“Little missy, are you trying to control everything and even whether or not my Lao Gong is picking me up!” Hao Meng said gruffly. These female students were taking his cla.s.s but thinking about his seme. How devoid of humanity they were!

“Hey, so sour.” There was a wave of rowdy jeering in the cla.s.sroom.

There tended to be more girls taking a history major and every one of them liked Hao Meng. Even though this teacher looked tall and mighty, he was actually soft, adorable and easy to push over. As long as they acted coquettishly, the main points of the exam would be drawn out of him!

“Teacher Hao! Your Lao Gong is here to pick you up. Ah ah ah!” A random person shouted out and Hao Meng looked at the door. Lin Che, with one hand stuffed into his pants pocket, had really come to pick him up.

Already told him not to! Hao Meng cursed silently. It was too unsafe. This cla.s.s was like a spider’s cave!

Ever since Lin Che picked him up once before, the little missies in the cla.s.s kept thinking about his seme. They were like the White Bone Spirit, with make-up on, waiting daily for Lin Tang Seng to arrive. They even provoked him openly and threatened to make Lin Che straight!

Hao Meng snorted and secretly noted down the name of this love rival, intending to teach her a lesson during the concluding exam.

Hao Meng packed his textbooks and went out, saying to Lin Che in a discontented tone, “Didn’t I ask you not to come?!”

When Lin Che heard this, his face sank. He glanced at Hao Meng and felt that something hadn’t been right with him lately. He was normally clingy to death but was suddenly indifferent this past half month.

“What, what did I do wrong again?!” Lin Che often didn’t know what he did to cause his little princess’s unhappiness. He had to ask every time. “Don’t come here again next time.” Hao Meng didn’t say more and only wanted to bring his seme away quickly.

Lin Che was so angry that he grabbed the other man’s arm, rudely dragging him into his arms, then kissed him hard.

Hao Meng was now very conscious of being a good role model for others. This was in public and if the students saw, how bad would that be! He pushed at Lin Che but the other man didn’t budge.

Lin Che had always minded the time when he wanted to force himself onto Hao Meng but Hao Meng easily struggled free. It had hurt his self-esteem too much. From then on, he had persevered on working out and trained his body to be strong so that Hao Meng could no longer escape from his hands.

“Let me go, Lin Che.” Hao Meng exclaimed.

“I owe you a lesson, Da Méng Méng.” Lin Che sneered and captured the other man’s hand while walking outside.

Previously, when Hao Meng had gone home with Lin Che to meet his parents, Auntie Lin was immediately delighted. On the same day, she gave the nickname of Da Měng Měng to her daughter-in-law. After some time, it changed to Da Méng Méng. This nickname won Lin Che over and he had been using it since then without change.

Hao Meng was thrown into the car with his books. Lin Che sat in the driver’s seat and angrily stepped on the gas, rushing towards home.

“Ah Che, what are you angry about.” Hao Meng asked carefully.

Lin Che maintained a poker face and drove expressionlessly. That appearance made Hao Meng’s legs tremble. As soon as they arrived home, he got out of the car and ran.

Hao Meng ran into the living room where Auntie Lin was watching a soap opera. She enthusiastically intercepted him. “Da Méng Méng is back at the right time. This television show is infuriating. Come and curse the screenwriter together with Mom!”

In just these two seconds, Lin Che had already grabbed Hao Meng’s shirt collar. Hao Meng was taller than him by six centimetres but this didn’t prevent him from catching and bringing him to the room for a lesson.

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After Lin Che grew up, his position at home was suddenly upgraded. Before, Auntie Lin could still control him. Now that it wasn’t possible, she could only pray silently for her daughter-in-law, then secretly follow to listen in at the corner.

After the chicken soup had simmered for three hours, the couple was not done! Auntie Lin let out a tutting sound and smiling, she went out for mahjong.

Young people had good physical strength.

After they were done, Hao Meng’s eyes were full of tears and he hugged the pillow sobbing gently. Beside him, a bare-shouldered Lin Che looked at his affronted expression and couldn’t help laughing out loud. He used his lower body to nudge him. “Do you have to go to that extent? Hmm?”

“You try folding your legs here and there!” Hao Meng was angry!

Lin Che laughed and took the little princess into his arms, then said after a kiss, “Who told you to have such long legs that are so nice to play with?” Hao Meng glared at him. There was no feeling in his lower body and he still had to stand and teach tomorrow!

“Why are you angry?” Hao Meng burrowed into the arms of his seme, only daring to mention it after they had done it.

“You won’t let me pick you up from school.” Lin Che looked at him askance.

“My students like you very much and two of them are especially pretty. I’m afraid that you’ll be hooked away by them!” Hao Meng explained. “Which two?”

“One of them has short hair and bright eyes. The other has long hair, big b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a small waist.”

Lin Che snorted. “You can remember so clearly. Looked at them a lot?”

Hao Meng: “…”

I’m a pure zero, seme!

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