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Chapter 13 - Who Was the One with His Arm around Your Shoulder Earlier

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Chapter 13 - Who Was the One with His Arm around Your Shoulder Earlier

Among the four of them, they were all science students, except for Ji Liao. Gu Ming Ren was in cla.s.s one while He Cheng Ming and Lin Jiang were in cla.s.s two. Because Ji Liao was an arts student, he was in cla.s.s twelve, which was right at the end.

Cla.s.s twelve was nearer to the right staircase entrance, so Ji Liao left them halfway.

But before he could take two steps, someone pounced on him from behind, giving him a scare.

Turning his head, he saw that it was Yu Jin, and his heart returned to his chest.

“What are you doing?” Ji Liao asked him.

Yu Jin hung his arm around Ji Liao’s shoulder with familiarity and turned to glance behind them. He countered, “Were you with He Cheng Ming earlier? Along with Gu Ming Ren and Lin Jiang?”

He felt it was inconceivable. After all, in this school, He Cheng Ming and Gu Ming Ren were like two flowers from a tall mountain range, hardly having dealings with anybody else. Lin Jiang was the only one who had entered their circle, and hence became the object of everyone’s envy.

Ji Liao nodded, silently admitting to his relationship with the three of them.

Yu Jin was so surprised that he was stunned for a moment. But he quickly recovered and clapped Ji Liao on the shoulder excitedly. “Well done! When did you manage to hug the golden thigh? Why didn’t I know?!

Without waiting for Ji Liao’s reply, he continued, “In that case, you will have privileges in the future, right?! No need to queue up for bread? It’s so nice just thinking about it!”

Ji Liao shot him a glance and said sulkily, “You’re overthinking it. They are them and I’m me. We’re just normal friends!”

Yu Jin gave a mischievous laugh. “That’s better than not knowing them at all!”

The two of them bickered as they walked into the cla.s.sroom.

When Ji Liao was seated, he received a message from He Cheng Ming: Who was the one with his arm around your shoulder earlier.

It ended as a statement, not as a question! Ji Liao sensed a murderous spirit from this sentence and hurriedly explained: It’s Yu Jin, my friend.

He was afraid that He Cheng Ming would violently beat somebody up.

There was no response for a while before a message came: Baby, I’m jealous.

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In the beginning, Ji Liao would have been fl.u.s.tered by such words. But maybe after seeing it so often, he gradually came to accept it and was now immune. He boldly sent He Cheng Ming a waving-goodbye emoticon.

He Cheng Ming noticed the refusal on his face and didn’t push further. Instead, he said, “Then how about I send you home? You can’t refuse me this. It’s been so many days, Ji Liao…” His tone sounded dissatisfied.

Ji Liao felt this person was really…

At this moment, a phone sounded.

He Cheng Ming was unhappy at the interruption. Lifting his phone up, he saw it was Lin Jiang.

He answered and said directly, “Not going. You guys have fun.”

As soon as Lin Jiang heard this, he wailed, “Ming Ge, don’t. I already booked the room and now I’m just waiting for all of you!”

Then he lowered his voice and added, “Just bring him over. I already arranged the rest!”

He Cheng Ming frowned, and looked at Ji Liao’s lovable and cute appearance. After thinking about it, he decided to let it be and was about to hang up when Ji Liao suddenly spoke up, “Let’s just go.”

He couldn’t stand to see He Cheng Ming in a difficult position. Once his heart softened, he compromised.

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