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Chapter 15 - Next Time, I'll Still Dare to Do It

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Chapter 15 - Next Time, I’ll Still Dare to Do It

He Cheng Ming stared at Ji Liao, who didn’t dare to lift his head. His heart felt like dry wood in an intense fire — so heated that his throat was dry – and the anger in his chest was difficult to calm.

That little trick couldn’t be concealed from him. But what made him the angriest was after knowing that he was Six, Ji Liao still chose to switch his card with someone else.

Did it really not matter to him?

He Cheng Ming sneered and felt that after a half-month’s worth of hard work, he was still at a standstill.

Forever unable to move someone who wouldn’t love you.

He lifted up a full gla.s.s of alcohol from the table, raised his head and downed it.

Around them, Meng Yao Yao’s girlfriends were cheering on the two of them. One was heckling and another was shaking the drum-shaped rattle. Xu Xiao Jing took the lead in clapping and shouting, “Princess carry! Princess carry!”

He Cheng Ming stood up from the sofa, accepting his loss. He had lost so he had to receive his punishment. When he got up, he cast a look at Ji Liao, who had just lifted his head, and their eyes met. He Cheng Ming’s lips curved into a smile and he walked over to Meng Yao Yao.

Meng Yao Yao had a shy and timid expression, wanting but not daring to look at He Cheng Ming. In the next second, she gave a soft cry of surprise as her body was lifted up easily by the person beside her.

There was a faint smell of alcohol on him, but even more so, there was a rea.s.suring scent.

“How about walking around twice ? Just lifting her is so boring!” Xu Xiao Jing couldn’t hide her smile. She tried her best to encourage the situation, even pulling Ji Liao into it. “Am I right, Ji Liao?”

Ji Liao froze and met He Cheng Ming’s indifferent eyes. As his heart filled with distress, he forgot to answer.

But He Cheng Ming seemed to already know his answer and carried Meng Yao Yao once around the room, causing everyone to cheer excitedly and praise them to be a natural couple. It wasn’t until he felt the girl bury her head into his arm that He Cheng Ming frowned and put her down.

Lin Jiang hurriedly concluded, “Okay okay, let’s play the next round.”

He was about to distribute the cards when He Cheng Ming reminded him not to mess with the cards. Lin Jiang’s hand trembled, then he distributed the cards to Gu Ming Ren.

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Gu Ming Ren was happy to watch from the sidelines and didn’t expect to reap some benefits. He bluntly a.s.signed Two to sit on his lap for three minutes.

Ji Liao made a m.u.f.fled sound and resisted subconsciously, but he couldn’t move because the other person was too tall and strong.

His wrists were held tightly together above his head.

It seemed to be that person’s first time kissing as well. He had no technique as he was biting and learning by feel. His actions shifted from being rough and explosive, to being soft and gentle. Ji Liao had stopped resisting and his head was spinning.

Although He Cheng Ming finally moved away, he still wanted to continue. Ji Liao leaned onto his shoulder, gasping for breath. His legs were weak and he didn’t have the strength to speak.

“I’ll give you one last chance, Ji Liao.” He held him in his arms and whispered in his ear, “Push me away now and I won’t look for you again.”

Ji Liao was about to explode after hearing this. How could he say such nonsense after forcing a kiss on him?

He wanted to lift his head and look directly at this sc.u.m. But the other boy held his head down forcefully, not even giving him the chance to answer and immediately said, “Okay, you don’t have any more chances.”

Then, he softened his voice and apologized to him, “I’m sorry.” But he thought to himself, Next time, I’ll still dare to do it.

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