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Chapter 16 - But I Like Him

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Chapter 16 - But I Like Him

Ji Liao was still in a good mood, even though he had nearly suffocated earlier.

Hearing He Cheng Ming’s apology, he chuckled silently. Why were his actions always an afterthought?

But he decided to let it go and couldn’t be bothered about it. After all, during those times…he had really felt something.

This feeling made Ji Liao very annoyed. Mentally, he felt that this should not happen. But his body was very honest and was provoked by He Cheng Ming.

“Don’t hold me.” He struggled slightly, but was held even tighter.

“As soon as I let go, you’ll surely run.” He Cheng Ming’s arms encircled him domineeringly. His head was lowered with his chin propped on his shoulder, like a big dog wanting to please his master.

Ji Liao was speechless for a moment. “Then how long are you going to hold me? If we don’t go back, they’ll suspect something!” With that, he tried to push away the person in front of him, but couldn’t.

He Cheng Ming felt so good holding him and his mood naturally improved. He laughed softly and said into Ji Liao’s ear, “What are you afraid of? We’re not having an affair.”

Affair k2014; the word was spoken very clearly by him. His voice was magnetic and pleasant with an enticing tone. Ji Liao felt weak from the waist down. If it wasn’t for He Cheng Ming holding him upk2026;

So easily defeated! He thought, ashamed.

He Cheng Ming could smell the fresh and clean scent of Ji Liao’s body. His mind had long wandered off and he couldn’t help but say, “Baby, you smell so nice.” After saying that, he gathered Ji Liao closer.

Ji Liao was about to get really angry. He was simply too much of a bully!

“Let go of me!” He struggled violently with all of his strength. After all, he was also a boy and he wasn’t weak.

He Cheng Ming didn’t dare to oppose him. He was afraid to hurt him, so he allowed himself to be pushed away.

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Ji Liao turned to open the door, and ran out. He Cheng Ming looked at the emptiness in his arms and felt a slight sense of loss.

The night breeze lifted her long hair, revealing her gentleness and beauty. Meng Yao Yao stood in front of them, her face flushed with shyness. She gave Ji Liao a friendly smile, then said to He Cheng Ming, “I have something to tell you.”

The girl’s voice was sweet and could not be refused.

Seeing this, Ji Liao understood the situation and started to walk away. But He Cheng Ming grabbed his arm, then asked Meng Yao Yao, “What is it?”

Meng Yao Yao glanced shyly at Ji Liao, then mustering up a hundred thousand points of courage, she said loudly, “I like you.”

When she confessed, her eyes were full of love and expectation — Ji Liao was moved by that frank and lovely expression! He Cheng Ming seemed to sense that Ji Liao’s heart was beginning to waver, and he frowned. In the next moment, he covered Ji Liao’s eyes, preventing him from seeing Meng Yao Yao.

“But I like him.”

Ji Liao’s eyes were covered, so his ears became sensitive. That statement, “But I like him,” was like a bomb exploding beside his ear. His heart beat wildly and uncontrollably for He Cheng Ming.

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