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Chapter 20 - If You Move Again, I'll Kiss You

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Chapter 20 - If You Move Again, I’ll Kiss You

Ji Liao came out from the office, crestfallen.

It was lunchtime but he had no appet.i.te. He headed directly back to his cla.s.sroom and slumped onto his desk.

Actually, he used to be a good student with excellent grades. Every time he got first place, Ji Qing Wen would reward him and bring him out to play. Sometimes it was outside or within the province, and sometimes to his construction site.

Ji Qing Wen was an unsophisticated architect. Why add the word “unsophisticated”? Because he had no diploma and had followed a “master” around construction sites while applying his knowledge. Additionally, his designs had a certain quality that had granted him a small, local reputation.

When the rich bosses had been in the city for a long time, they wanted to return to nature in their spare time, so they bought a piece of land at the mountain top, intending to build a villa there. One of the bosses had a good impression of Ji Qing Wen and gave the a.s.signment to him.

Ji Liao liked to go to his father’s construction site because the air was refreshing and it was quiet. Moreover, he was very interested in the foundations of the structure. He felt a sense of accomplishment seeing the small villas being built from the ground up and felt that his father was the best.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year, during winter, Ji Qing Wen braved the rain to catch up on the construction work schedule. He had an accident at the site, rolling down from the roof and died.

It was difficult for Ji Liao to accept it. He had suffered from a bout of illness and his academic results had been plummeting ever since. Although it slowly picked up, it would never return to the time when it was at its best.

Maybe there was also a psychological reason. Even if he took first place, there would be no one to reward him.

When Ji Liao thought of this, he gathered his arms and buried his head deep inside.

He missed Ji Qing Wen.

Right then, a tall red figure appeared at the window.

He Cheng Ming looked into cla.s.s twelve and saw Ji Liao slumped at his desk. He couldn’t see his face but could imagine how upset he was and did not relish it.

This little fool, just two sentences of scolding and he couldn’t take it?

He had surely not eaten lunch.

Entering the cla.s.sroom, He Cheng Ming stopped in front of Ji Liao’s seat. Ji Liao sensed something and lifted his head to look, then froze.

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“Why are you here?” He asked in surprise.

Ji Liao didn’t dare to move again. His eyes were full of grievances and fear.

The students who pa.s.sed by all looked at them and Ji Liao’s heart beat very fast. He heard two boys calling out to He Cheng Ming, “Ming Ge.”

He Cheng Ming nodded like a boss, then raised a brow at Ji Liao. “See, no one thinks there’s a problem. Don’t worry for nothing.” His benefits would not be removed because of this!

Ji Liao was silent and pursed his lips tightly, expressing unhappiness towards his overbearing manner.

“Baby, why the long face? Come on, give me a smile.”

He Cheng Ming teased him, but seeing that Ji Liao didn’t give in, he faked a sigh. “If baby doesn’t smile, then I’ll give you a smile.”

With that, he lifted the corners of his lips and smiled at Ji Liao like a big dorky fool.

Ji Liao couldn’t resist. With a sn.i.g.g.e.r, his resentment from earlier disappeared in a flash, and he felt slightly better.

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