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Chapter 22 - Investment towards Sexual Bliss for the Second Half of His Life

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Chapter 22 - Investment towards s.e.xual Bliss for the Second Half of His Life

Ji Liao’s face was red as he leaned limply against the wall to calm himself. Within 24 hours, he had been kissed twice and the other party was a male. But he didn’t feel any discomfort and even felt quite…good.

Was he…bent?

He lifted his head to look at He Cheng Ming. A big part of his uncertainty was that he wasn’t sure if the other boy really liked him. What if it was just a trick?

After all, his reputation was so bad that he had every reason to doubt him.

“What are you thinking about?” He Cheng Ming was very satisfied after the kiss and his mood was so good that he could fly.

But Ji Liao’s voice was gloomy. “Nothing much.”

Thinking he was still worried about his results, He Cheng Ming rubbed his head and said, “I’ll tutor you in math. Anything you don’t understand, you can ask me, okay?”

He had always found it a bother to teach and normally felt that it was a waste of his time. But if it was Ji Liao, it wasn’t the same. Any time spent on him was an investment. Well, it was an investment towards s.e.xual bliss for the second half of his life.

“Huh?” Ji Liao didn’t expect him to suddenly change the subject. He took some time to respond, and asked stupidly, “How did you know I’m not doing well in math?”

“I was in the office earlier and heard everything.” He Cheng Ming replied.

Ji Liao’s face burned, and he felt slightly ashamed. But on second thought, this was the real him and not the obedient image that he seemed to portray. He would also become distracted during cla.s.s, and get scolded by the teacher for his bad habits.

If He Cheng Ming saw his shortcomings, would he actually like him, or would he abandon him?

“But you never teach.”

Ji Liao remembered a conversation about a girl who asked He Cheng Ming to teach her. He threw her book out and warned everyone else not to ever bother him with their homework.

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From then on, news of his irritable and arrogant personality spread…

A serious He Cheng Ming was simply so dazzling that it was difficult to look away.

“Are there words on my face?” He didn’t notice that the other boy had finished writing and was looking at him.

Ji Liao quickly lowered his head, picked up the answer sheet in front of him and focused on a.n.a.lysing it.

After reading through it, he gave a sigh. Worthy of first place. The thought process was clear and the steps were straightforward. Explained in this way, it seemed like the solution was very simple.

“The important thing is this formula. You have to remember it.” He Cheng Ming drew a line on the paper to emphasize his point.

Ji Liao nodded in acknowledgement. Once he understood the problem clearly, he became more interested. He asked several more questions successively while the clock hands slowly inched towards one o’clock. Ji Liao felt that it was about time to start chasing him away. If his cla.s.smates returned to the cla.s.sroom, it would be difficult for him to explain their situation.

“Ah, destroying the bridge after crossing the river.” Although He Cheng Ming sounded dissatisfied, his body was energetic. He walked to the door of cla.s.s twelve and met face-to-face with Xu Xiao Jing who was coming in.

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