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Chapter 24 - Your School Uniform is Untidy

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Chapter 24 - Your School Uniform is Untidy

The next day, there were two red lists on the school’s bulletin board which were the results of the mid-term examinations, and each listed the top 100 in Arts and Science.

There was no surprise that the first in Science was He Cheng Ming. But to everyone’s shock, his total score this time was closer to the second place score by thirty marks.

Moreover, the second place was held by the student union president, Gu Ming Ren.

Although Gu Ming Ren was expressionless when he saw the list, he swore in his heart. Was He Cheng Ming a f.u.c.king otherworldly being? Sleeping during the day and flirting with Ji Liao at night, yet still able to produce such results. f.u.c.k my life, Gu Ming Ren thought to himself.

What made him even more furious was that every year, during this time, his name had to be brought up for comparison. The main idea was that if He Cheng Ming had a better temper and att.i.tude, the position of student union president would have nothing to do with Gu Ming Ren.

Ha! Saying that he was happy with the situation was just a facade.

As soon as he was about to leave, He Cheng Ming walked over, followed by Lin Jiang.

Gu Ming Ren’s eyes narrowed and he became unhappier.

“Oh, Gu Shao, you came to see the list too.” Lin Jiang was fully aware of his “little brother” position, so he had to endure his embarra.s.sment to greet the other boy.

At the thought of having sat on Gu Ming Ren’s lap the last time, he became ashamed and his face turned scalding hot.

“Your Ming Ge can come, but I can’t?” Gu Ming Ren remarked unpleasantly.


Lin Jiang choked up before a smile was plastered on his face; he was cursing in his heart. Did this spectacle monster swallow some gunpowder today? Why was he so snappy? Seemed like he had to let him off today.

He Cheng Ming understood how Gu Ming Ren felt. Every time the list was released, he would become angry for the next one or two days.

The reason was very simple. The He family and Gu family were close friends. When the wives got together, they either acclaimed their husbands or their sons. In the praising of sons, He Cheng Ming had never let his mother down. Naturally, Mrs. Gu would be unhappy, thus never stopped putting pressure on Gu Ming Ren.

“Hey, don’t worry about it.” He Cheng Ming patted Gu Ming Ren on the shoulder and comforted him carelessly.

Gu Ming Ren looked at him. “Get lost.”

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He Cheng Ming smiled and moved away. By instinct, his follower, Lin Jiang, wanted to keep up with him, but was suddenly caught by the collar.

He picked it up, not expecting to see Ji Liao’s message: I’m in the library. Do you want to join me?

Fireworks went off in He Cheng Ming’s heart! This was the first time Ji Liao had taken the initiative to invite him!!!

He replied immediately: Wait for me.

In the next second, he turned and strode towards the library. As he walked, his pace picked up and became a trot. On the way, the youth’s tall body, long alternating legs and smiling eyes caused many female students to stop and turn back to look at him.

The library had a special study area for students to do homework and engage in soft discussion.

Ji Liao reserved a spot there, then went to get water. When he came back, he b.u.mped into a breathless He Cheng Ming.

He handed his water bottle over and asked, “Want a drink?”

He Cheng Ming, for certain, didn’t mind and accepted it, lifting his head to take a mouthful. It tasted a little sweet.

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