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Chapter 30 - He Caused That Incident

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Chapter 30 - He Caused That Incident

Ji Liao changed the subject. “Where do we go now?”

It was still early as it was only three in the afternoon.

“Do you have anywhere you want to go?”

He Cheng Ming had not planned anything further. As long as he was with the person in front of him, he would be satisfied regardless of where they went or what they did.


An idea flashed through Ji Liao’s mind.

He used to visit that place often, but ever since Ji Qing Wen pa.s.sed away, he had never gone there again.

“Qing Zhi Mountain. Do you know that place?” He finished the last mouthful of ice cream and looked at him with limpid eyes.

He Cheng Ming’s expression stiffened momentarily and there was a flicker in his gaze before it quickly returned to normal. He nodded, then hesitantly said, “It’s a bit far.”

The journey there would take about an hour and a half. Moreover, it was remote and difficult to return from.

“Anyway, we still have plenty of time. Shall we?” Ji Liao seemed to have made a firm decision.

Often, he lacked the courage as he was afraid that if he went there, he would fall apart; and was afraid that if he came back too late, Xu Ai Wen would worry. He always had a lot of misgivings, which he used as an excuse to avoid facing Ji Qing Wen’s departure. But right now, He Cheng Ming was with him, so he felt slightly more at ease and wanted to depend on that boy’s strength to go straight to the heart of the matter.

He Cheng Ming couldn’t bear to reject him, so he murmured, “Okay.”

They boarded a bus after buying their tickets at the intercity bus station.

During the b.u.mpy ride, Ji Liao looked out of the window at the familiar scenery with a heavy heart.

Along the way, He Cheng Ming held his hand with a guarded secret hidden deep in his eyes. His heart rate gradually increased and he became afraid.

Qing Zhi Mountain was the place where Ji Qing Wen had previously built villas for some rich people. The most luxurious one there belonged to a family with the last name He.

He Cheng Ming pinched the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb.

“Are you feeling unwell?” Ji Liao noticed his sickly appearance. He had been born to the rich and powerful, and was meticulously taken care of since young k2014; this should be the first time he took an outlandish bus like this with such a strong odour.

“Yeah.” He Cheng Ming didn’t hide it. He tilted his head to rub against Ji Liao’s shoulder while looking miserable and powerless.

Suddenly, he straightened his head, and without warning, pecked Ji Liao’s crooked smile.

Ji Liao: “…”

But he didn’t scold him.

He Cheng Ming cheered up and his heart filled with sweetness, diluting his earlier bitterness.

He changed his posture and held Ji Liao intimately, the scent of his shower gel penetrating his nose. It was so intoxicating that it felt like he had been bewitched, causing He Cheng Ming to rub against him again and again.

It was a long journey and it would be a waste if they didn’t do anything.

When they arrived at Qing Zhi Mountain, it was almost evening. Fortunately, it was still bright.

When they alighted from the bus, Ji Liao breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn’t figure out why He Cheng Ming was always so insatiable even though they were both boys — he was always trying to take advantage of him, whether it was his mouth or hand, one of the two was always in action.

Not far away, there were villas which had been built during the last three years, but the houses on the left and right were obviously not modelled by the same architect. Ji Qing Wen designed the ones on the left, but he didn’t know who designed the ones on the right.

As Ji Liao approached, his memory became clearer.

There was a very large stone. That year, the summer was very hot and he often lay on top to cool off while watching the workers mixing cement nearby.

Ji Liao stopped and He Cheng Ming automatically held his arm.

“This row of villas was built by my father.” Ji Liao’s tone was slightly proud, but it couldn’t hide his sadness. “But there was an accident in the last one.”

Ji Liao walked over. Ji Qing Wen probably died around here. It was said that the foundation was almost finished, and he had gone onto the upper beams to check the extent of its completion. In the end, he had fallen and smashed into the cement pit that was prepared for the construction of the swimming pool.

Ji Liao’s eyes turned red and his pupils dilated.

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He Cheng Ming’s heart broke for him and he quickly pulled him into his arms.

Exactly like a little rabbit that could elicit someone’s pity for them.

He Cheng Ming felt his throat dry. He had only wanted to scare him, but now he wanted to turn the act into a reality.

His actions were faster than his thoughts, already covering the other boy’s mouth with kisses, then afterwards, he began to travel down his neck.

It was possible that being alone together in a hotel under a sensitive mood, and in addition to He Cheng Ming’s handsome face that was filled with l.u.s.t, made it difficult for him to refuse. Ji Liao couldn’t help but let out a groan, arousing He Cheng Ming’s desire.

Pushing him down, He Cheng Ming knelt beside him and lowered his head for a wet kiss. Ji Liao gripped the bed sheet anxiously, sensing a hand reaching into his waist with an uncontrollable heat.

Before he could respond, his sweater was pushed to his chest. He Cheng Ming rose and stared at him.

Ji Liao felt shameful under his scrutinizing gaze and turned his head away.

He Cheng Ming laughed softly, then kissed his face and got up.

He walked into the bathroom, and soon the sound of running water was heard.

Ji Liao hugged the quilt and rolled around twice. He was embarra.s.sed. If the other boy hadn’t stopped, wouldn’t he have been eaten tonight?!


Looking down at his crotch, he sighed. Towards that person, he also felt desire.

“Hard?” He Cheng Ming had come out and was looking at where Ji Liao’s gaze was directed towards.

In a state of shock, Ji Liao quickly lay on his stomach, not wanting to be seen by him.

“Darling, don’t crush it.” He Cheng Ming said seriously, righting his body.

Ji Liao’s face reddened. He sat up and ran into the bathroom.

He took a bath and when he came out, he saw He Cheng Ming lying on the other bed.

Turning off the lights, both of them fell asleep.

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