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Chapter 38 - Have a Relationship Too

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Chapter 38 - Have a Relationship Too

December pa.s.sed sweetly and soon it was January, the time of hair loss due to examinations.

At the end of the term, Ji Liao had a pile of political and historical essays to memorise. Besides that, he had to deal with his most difficult subject, which was mathematics. So private tutoring from He Cheng Ming had to be placed on the schedule again.

The library had become the designated place for the two of them to date, chat and do their homework.

Every time, He Cheng Ming would be wrapped up snugly, leaving only his head exposed. He would even have a warmer in his lap, so he could warm his hands regularly like an old man as he sat beside Ji Liao.

When Ji Liao needed him to explain something, he opened his mouth. If not, he would play with his clothes and touch his waist, trying his best to take advantage. As long as it wasn’t too much, Ji Liao would allow him.

Sometimes, He Cheng Ming would also do calculus problems. When he wasn’t around, Ji Liao would secretly look through his papers. In the end, he couldn’t understand the problems and felt that trigonometry and geometry were good after all.

However, Lin Jiang was struggling on the verge of collapse.

Ever since his Ming Ge and Ji Liao got together, he had lost his ent.i.tlement of a follower. Ming Ge had said that if there were no issues, don’t bother him. If there were, go and look for Gu Ming Ren. He obviously wanted to give him up for adoption to Gu Ming Ren, that pervert!

Being abandoned mercilessly by his big brother and being focused on pa.s.sionately by a pervert, Lin Jiang felt wronged like a child and that the world wasn’t worth living in.

But recently, Gu Ming Ren had relaxed his supervision on him, probably because of his end of term studies. He had extra time and didn’t know what to do with it. But what he shouldn’t do, he was extremely clear on that.

In any case, he couldn’t pay attention in cla.s.s.

If he couldn’t even listen in cla.s.s, he shouldn’t be expected to do his homework, right?!

Life seemed to have suddenly lost its meaning. Lin Jiang was listless for a long time and finally decided that he couldn’t go on like this — he had to escape from this predicament!

His first step was to have a relationship too.

His target was of course the school flower, Meng Yao Yao. She was pretty and gentle. Most importantly, he would get respect when he brought her out. Yes, she was an ideal girlfriend.

Once Lin Jiang put his mind to it, he would do it. That afternoon, he bought a bouquet of flowers and personally delivered it to cla.s.s six.

This high-profile scenario immediately attracted an audience. Before long, Ji Liao, who was in the library, received a message from Xu Xiao Jing: Does Lin Jiang want to express his feelings for Yao Yao?!

Following that, a photo was attached. In the photo, Lin Jiang held a bouquet of roses and sat in cla.s.s six with his legs crossed, which made him look very sloppy and like an adolescent.

Ji Liao showed it to He Cheng Ming, who conveniently forwarded the message to Gu Ming Ren. Then he kissed Ji Liao and said, “Don’t be bothered about him. Just continue writing.”

Lin Jiang waited in cla.s.s six, but soon felt a little impatient when ten minutes went by. He was unable to understand why girls needed such a long time to eat when they all had the same sized mouths — as for himself, he only needed ten minutes.

There was a sudden stir in the audience outside the cla.s.sroom, and Lin Jiang thought that Meng Yao Yao was back. He adjusted his hair, then put on a smile. His eyes first saw a pair of legs, slender and straight. Moving up…

Huh? Why were there no b.r.e.a.s.t.s???

Following that, he saw Gu Ming Ren’s gloomy face. His golden gla.s.ses on the bridge of his nose reflected the dazzling afternoon sunlight.

Lin Jiang was so scared, he threw the flowers aside and a.s.sumed a defensive posture; he used the desk to block him and planned to run away at any time.

Looking at the expressionless approach of the other boy, he swallowed and tried to reason, “Gu Ming Ren, President Gu, I haven’t violated the school rules this time.”

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The school did not stipulate that students weren’t allowed to date, and he hadn’t even done anything yet!

Gu Ming Ren had an expression of sudden realisation on his face. “It seems that you didn’t learn your lesson from last time.”

With that, he moved closer to Lin Jiang. Lin Jiang was calm on the surface, but in actuality, even his gut was trembling. However, he was born with a wild nature, so he couldn’t possibly let Gu Ming Ren take advantage of him. He rolled up his sleeves, deciding to fight him.

Gu Ming Ren used his arms to block the tennis racket he had swung, then rushed forward and held Lin Jiang’s wrists. Their strengths were comparable, pressing each other against the wall as both struggled to take control.

Lin Jiang used a knee to hit his thigh, but it was evaded by the other boy. They were separated for less than a second, until Gu Ming Ren pushed him onto the office chair, and using a leg to press onto his lower body, he captured his wrists with both hands.

When Lin Jiang saw that he was trapped, he immediately shouted, “Get away from me! f.u.c.k, Gu Ming Ren, you…”

The word “pervert” had not been uttered before his mouth was covered. The other boy’s testosterone level was high and his body carried a faint scent of tobacco, emanating a warning that he was not to be trifled with.

Feeling the intrusion of the other boy, Lin Jiang bared his little tiger teeth and fiercely bit into his mouth. Although blood flowed out, Gu Ming Ren didn’t care. He took the opportunity to enter his mouth, plundering to his heart’s content.

Lin Jiang fought hard in their fierce battle, and barely kept himself restrained from biting Gu Ming Ren’s tongue off!

After the kiss, his mouth was swollen!

d.a.m.n it, Lin Jiang sniffed, thinking that he needed to be crueler the next time and actually bite it with his eyes closed. Who cared if he died!


There would be no next time!

Gu Ming Ren released him and straightened. He wiped his mouth, which had been injured by the little wild cat, and smiled happily.

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