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Chapter 4 - I Didn't Think That You Would Wait for Me

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Ji Liao bit his lip in silence, looking like he was uncomfortable to speak.

He wasn't deliberately hiding the truth from Yu Jin ⁠— he just didn't know how to say it. The situation seemed so preposterous that he himself hadn't entirely accepted it.

Yu Jin saw his embarra.s.sment and did not pursue the matter any further. He knew that although Ji Liao looked a little cowardly, he was actually very stubborn. It was useless to interrogate him about something he didn't want to talk about. “Forget it. Anyway, it's not disadvantageous for you to be friends with He Cheng Ming!”

It's fine as long as you don't suffer, Yu Jin thought.

Ji Liao hummed and nodded. To express his grat.i.tude, he shared half of the sausage from his bread with him.

Yu Jin was flattered and accepted it without further thought.

At noon, Ji Liao quickly tidied his desk and moved with the after-school crowd to go and hide in the library. His phone had been left in the drawer of his cla.s.sroom desk and not brought with him. He had done this on purpose as he didn't want to see another message from He Cheng Ming and didn't want to accept his invitation to eat with him.

He used this as a silent rebellion, hoping that the other party would understand his intentions, and be merciful in letting him go.

While doing his homework, two hours pa.s.sed quickly. Ji Liao left the library as he hadn't eaten lunch and his stomach was rumbling with hunger. He turned towards the cafeteria, bought two pieces of bread and ate it on the way back to cla.s.s.

When he climbed up the stairs, he was startled by what he saw in the corridor.

At the entrance of Cla.s.s Twelve, a tall and powerful youth was leaning against the white wall. The loose school uniform could not conceal his broad shoulders. One long leg was straightened while the other was slightly bent, indicating a waiting posture.

Ji Liao did not dare to think about it. Had he been waiting here for him?

As if in response, the youth turned his head and met Ji Liao's eyes.

At his expression, Ji Liao's heart throbbed. Perhaps He Cheng Ming's eyes were too clear, but he easily read his loss and sadness, like a loyal dog that had been abandoned by its owner.

Ji Liao averted his eyes. He felt a little scared but also a bit regretful. It seemed like he had really hurt him…

He Cheng Ming looked at the person in front of him and his eyes fell upon the bread in his hands for two seconds. Only then did he give up and turn to leave.

At that moment, Ji Liao realised He Cheng Ming had been carrying some takeout. There was a trash can in a corner of the corridor. When He Cheng Ming pa.s.sed by it, he threw the cold takeout away. He didn't want anything that Ji Liao didn't want.

Back in his own cla.s.s, He Cheng Ming flew into a rage and kicked over his chair.

Ji Liao was stunned for some time, then recovered and checked his phone. There were four messages sent by He Cheng Ming at noon.

Baby, where are you?

Quickly reply to me. Once the takeout is cold, it wouldn't be nice to eat.

You don't want to eat with me?

I'll wait for you.

After reading through all the message, Ji Liao's mood became gloomier.

He really didn't think that He Cheng Ming would wait for him at noon.

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Originally, they had not interacted at all. Then, out of nowhere he had said that he wanted to pursue him. If it was anyone else, would they have accepted it immediately?

Ji Liao was frightened at first, then surprised and immediately replied: I thought you were angry.

Followed by: Sorry, I didn't expect you to wait for me.

After that, he didn't have anything else to say.

He Cheng Ming stared at the screen of his phone. He knew that Ji Liao didn't like him ⁠— he had said that he liked girls, although he didn't know the reason he retracted that message, he was still happy. When he had said that he would consider it instead, he treated it as a ray of hope.

He thought he had a chance, but he didn't expect it to be so out of reach.

Putting the phone down, he leaned against the sofa, closed his eyes and thought back to the summer of that year.

It had been very sunny and the sky was blue. The sound of construction drilled into his ears. He was sitting in the car, glancing around when he saw Ji Liao for the first time.

He was lying on a broad stone pillar with his clothes rolled up, revealing a clean and slim waist. Further down were his prominent hip bone and slightly protruding bottom, then his slender legs. He had worn shorts, making his legs appear very long and white.

Subconsciously, he swallowed his saliva.

He had thought it was a girl until the person had shouted, “Dad!”

It was a crisp and youthful voice.

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