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Chapter 42 - A Good Male God Eventually Becomes a Brother-in-Law

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Chapter 42 - A Good Male G.o.d Eventually Becomes a Brother-in-Law

Ji Liao had always been obedient and sensible, so when he became enthralled, Xu Ai Wen blamed the boy from earlier. Hence, her impression of He Cheng Ming hit rock bottom.

But she also sensed Ji Liao’s persistence. The more pressure youths had on them, the more rebellious they would be. So she said no more, planning to pay close attention to it later and to not allow Ji Liao to go astray again.

At noon, Meng Yao Yao stayed to eat. She complimented the food with every mouthful until Xu Ai Wen was in a good mood. After the meal, Ji Liao sent her downstairs and whispered a word of thanks. Meng Yao Yao giggled, “No need to thank me. When auntie marries into my family, you will become my younger brother.”

As far as she knew, Ji Liao was born in August, making him younger than her by four months. So she was the older sister and Ji Liao was the younger brother. If that was the case, wouldn’t He Cheng Ming become her brother-in-law?

A thought suddenly appeared in Meng Yao Yao’s head: A good male G.o.d eventually becomes a brother-in-law!

She let out a sound of laughter and Ji Liao looked at her, puzzled.

“Nothing, nothing.” Meng Yao Yao waved her hands.

The two of them exited the community and Ji Liao waved for a taxi. He watched her get on before heading back.

At home, Xu Ai Wen was washing the dishes. When she came out, she saw Ji Liao with his head bent over his phone. He didn’t seem to care whether she would see the contents as he placed it carelessly.

Xu Ai Wen glanced at it and saw that it was some job advertis.e.m.e.nt.

The thought of not having been able to give Ji Liao a good life in recent years saddened her. Fortunately, Ji Liao was sensible and had never caused her any trouble. Except for last night.

“You don’t need to do that this year.”

She had already discussed it with Meng Yuan — after the new year, they would get their marriage certificate. At that time, they would no longer be pressed for money and Ji Liao could buy whatever he wanted.

“I want to,” Ji Liao looked up and said.

He didn’t have anything to do at home during the winter holidays. Moreover, it was almost the new year. Last time, He Cheng Ming had bought him a sweater, which he kept in mind ever since, so he wanted to buy something for the other boy, but he didn’t have the money.

“It won’t affect my schoolwork,” Ji Liao added.

When Xu Ai Wen saw his resolution, she didn’t comment any further. With a sigh, she changed and went to work. Meng Yuan had only helped her apply for half a day off.

In the afternoon, since no one was home, Ji Liao left the house. Halfway, He Cheng Ming called and they agreed to meet at the central square.

Ji Liao wanted to go to the coffee shop for an interview to become a part-time waiter.

He Cheng Ming, who couldn’t bear the idea of him working, asked him if he was short of money.

Ji Liao smiled helplessly. “Why? Do you want to support me?”

He Cheng Ming let out a “tsk” and asked him for a figure to see if he could afford to support him.

“Fifty thousand a month.” Ji Liao stretched his fingers, throwing out a random figure.

He Cheng Ming immediately took out his card and placed it in his hand. “Fifty thousand. Let’s go.” He took his hand, wanting to leave.

Actually, he wasn’t sure how much money his card had. Zhao Mei Lan gave him five thousand every month as pocket money. Including the red packets from relatives during the Chinese New Year, it should be plenty…

Shocked, Ji Liao quickly returned the card to him. “You’re crazy.”

It was just a casual remark,but he actually took it seriously!

He Cheng Ming hugged him, not wanting him to toil at work while at the same time wanting to please him.

His heart chilled at the memory of Xu Ai Wen’s extreme repulsive att.i.tude towards him that morning; he was afraid that Xu Ai Wen would pressure Ji Liao to break up with him, so he was trying his best to please him.

“Just leave it with you. It’s right to let the wife take care of the money.” It was a bit of a scheme: once he handed his money over, if there were any future disputes, it would not be an easy separation.

Unable to see through his intentions, Ji Liao only felt a little shy. What wife? Anyway, he refused to accept it and said, “I don’t care about your money.”

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“Then what do you care about? Managing me?” He Cheng Ming tilted his head and couldn’t help teasing him. “I’m very easy to manage, really. Whatever you say, I’ll always listen.”

“But if we work together, it won’t be as troublesome. Not only can I save money, I can also earn money. It’s worthwhile, right?” He then smiled at Ji Liao, who didn’t expose his ulterior motive.

After yesterday’s incident, it was certain that Xu Ai Wen would manage him more strictly. In addition to his winter vacation job, it would also prevent him from meeting with He Cheng Ming. Constantly being by his side was, of course, the best scenario.

“Okay,” he responded quietly.

He Cheng Ming felt such sweetness in his heart that he kissed the other boy’s face. “Good boy.”

At that time, Ji Liao’s phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, it was Xu Ai Wen.

He motioned to He Cheng Ming to be quiet, then went aside to pick up the call. Xu Ai Wen asked him where he was, to which he honestly replied that he was out for an interview and was about to return home.

Ji Liao sighed once he hung up the phone. Turning around, he b.u.mped into someone’s chest with a thud. In an instant, He Cheng Ming asked him, “Does it hurt?”

Ji Liao rubbed the tip of his nose and endured it, saying, “I’m okay.”

It was all red, how could it be okay?!

Today, he wore a cargo jacket with two large pockets in front with rivets on them. Ji Liao had b.u.mped into the rivets.

He Cheng Ming blamed himself and immediately took it off. This piece of garbage!

Ji Liao tried to stop him. “What are you doing? Don’t catch a cold again.”

He was so afraid of the cold, what was he trying to flaunt for?

Seeing that the boy didn’t stop, Ji Liao said anxiously, “Will you listen to me or not?”

He Cheng Ming paused and brushed his finger across his red nose. “I’ll listen.”

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