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Chapter 43 - A Diary Lying Inside

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Chapter 43 - A Diary Lying Inside

That night, he returned to the He family residence.

When the servants saw him, all of them stopped to call out, “Second young master.”

He Cheng Ming pa.s.sed by with both hands in his pockets, unwilling to respond even with his eyes. He had always resented such a hierarchical feudal system.

Despite being in the 21st century, this old-fashioned manner was still ongoing.

But it had been like this in the He family for generations and he couldn’t change it. As a result, he didn’t like living at a home that oppressed him.

Before he arrived, he had already greeted He Mu Sheng. With long strides, he went upstairs to the study room where He Mu Sheng was looking through some doc.u.ments.

“Sign it.” He Cheng Ming walked over and put the part-time contract on the table.

He Mu Sheng glanced at it and thought it was funny. “Haven’t you already successfully pursued him? Still so enthusiastic?”

“This is called interest. Strengthening of feelings, understand? Don’t talk nonsense and quickly sign it. My mom will be back soon,” He Cheng Ming urged unhappily. If Zhao Mei Lan knew about this matter, she would put an end to it.

He Mu Sheng didn’t add in his thoughts and changed the subject. “Not planning to stay for dinner? You haven’t come back for a long time. Dad asked about you previously.” He signed the contract as he spoke.

He Cheng Ming glanced at the contract, kept it in his pocket and said coldly, “What else can he ask about me? Aren’t all my results reported directly to his office?”

“Thanks, I’m leaving.” With that, he left the room. Before he could go downstairs though, he met Zhao Mei Lan coming back from shopping.

He Cheng Ming froze upon hearing Zhao Mei Lan’s surprised voice. “Xiao Ming is back. Mom missed you to death. Come down quickly and let Mom have a look.”

Being a Su Zhou native, Zhao Mei Lan spoke softly with a graceful and charming tone.

He Cheng Ming went downstairs with a wooden expression, feeling slightly fidgety as he knew that he couldn’t leave tonight.

Zhao Mei Lan put the many bags she was carrying onto the sofa and ran to hug her precious son. Thinking that he had lost some weight recently, she asked the kitchen to cook some soup to make up for this.

“Is it the school holidays? I’ve been hoping that you should be back soon. Your father also missed you, Xiao Ming. Stay here today. Mom makes sure that auntie cleans your room every day, so it’s very tidy.”

Zhao Mei Lan took He Cheng Ming’s hand and said kindly. The more she looked at her son, the more satisfied she became.

She wasn’t the first wife of He Yue Jin. His former wife was He Mu Sheng’s mother, and it was a business marriage without any feelings. After the birth of their first child, they led separate lives. Zhao Mei Lan had only been a lover whom He Yue Jin supported discretely, but after an accidental pregnancy, which brought happiness to the middle-aged He Yue Jin, he divorced and married her.

To the wealthy, family background was extremely important. Since she had been supported by her lover and had no proper qualifications, the ladies within the circle looked down on her. Fortunately, her son was ambitious and had a good memory since he was young. When he grew up, he became even more talented and received excellent grades, putting her in a very good light.

Therefore, Zhao Mei Lan had great expectations for He Cheng Ming, hoping that he could get rid of He Mu Sheng and receive the He family inheritance in the future. This way, she could lift her head high and become the best.

“Okay,” He Cheng Ming responded coolly, then got up. “If there’s nothing else, I’m going to my room.”

Although Zhao Mei Lan was accustomed to his att.i.tude, she still felt a little dissatisfied. She reminded him, “Later when your father comes back, don’t put on that expression.”

He Cheng Ming just turned and left, gloomily shutting himself inside the room.

After lying on the bed for a while, he sent Ji Liao a message. When no reply came, he threw his phone towards his bedside. Sitting up, his slender fingers pulled open his bedside cabinet. There was a diary lying inside with its most important contents torn out. But on a blank page, there was a shallow imprint of Ji Liao’s name.

He Cheng Ming’s eyes dimmed, and he lay down again, closing his eyes.

Elsewhere, Ji Liao was having dinner with Xu Ai Wen, who informed him about issues with her own part-time work.

Xu Ai Wen only disclosed that her company was getting busier since it was the end of the year. Since that was the case, she was unable to attend to simultaneous matters at the same time, hence Ji Liao’s matter was pushed aside for the time being.

When Ji Liao returned to his room after the meal, he saw He Cheng Ming’s message: Does your nose still hurt?

He lay on his stomach on the bed and texted: It stopped hurting long ago.

He Cheng Ming replied immediately: My heart aches.

Ji Liao laughed, got up to lock the door, and called the other boy on the phone.

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He Cheng Ming picked up the call and walked to the window with his lips curved slightly. “You dare to call me even though you’re at home?”

Ji Liao shivered slightly as he wasn’t wearing much. He Cheng Ming took off his coat and gave it to him, but of course, Ji Liao refused to wear it. He stared at him and protested, “You still have a cold!”

He Cheng Ming didn’t like his weakness being mentioned constantly, so he was a little agitated. He frowned and insisted on making him put it on.

“Be obedient.” His tone wasn’t very nice; he was suppressing his emotions but his face was still dark.

Sensing his faint anger, Ji Liao was too afraid to pester and ignore him further.

But this didn’t stop the complaints in his heart. Yesterday, he said he would listen to him, but today, he went back on his word!

Not far away from them, Xu Ai Wen stopped within the crowd and had a complicated look in her eyes.

That afternoon, she was nearby for a meeting and recalling the address on the contract that Ji Liao had asked her to sign last night, she remembered it was just ahead.

She wanted to go and visit Ji Liao but didn’t expect to see such a scene.

Her phone sounded and Xu Ai Wen saw that it was a call from Meng Yuan. She picked it up and turned away.

Some spoilers from the author:

Regarding Ming Ge’s character set-up as irritable and a school bully, there is a reason and it will be explained later in the story.

Daddy Ji’s death was an accident, but actually has something to do with He Cheng Ming. This will not be cleaned up.

Xu Ai Wen is a stereotype. The one more troublesome than her is Zhao Mei Lan.

The clear cp will not be abusive because both of them are very resolute.

Gu Lin cp does not have a clear sweetness but is very engaging (author’s own belief) and considered to be seizing by force/forced love.

Gao Sheng will become the antagonist/villain.

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