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Chapter 44 - No Questions Allowed When Kissing

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Chapter 44 - No Questions Allowed When Kissing

That night, when Ji Liao returned home, he saw Xu Ai Wen sitting on the sofa watching television. Although she was supposed to be watching television, her expression was not in the least bit relaxed, seeming as if she had been waiting for him.

Ji Liao’s heart sped up.

“How was work today?” Xu Ai Wen glanced at him and saw that the boy’s coat was not on him — he was now wearing his own outerwear.

Ji Liao couldn’t grasp the meaning behind her words, so he only gave a neutral reply. “It was okay.”

Xu Ai Wen’s face darkened, and after a while, she said, “From tomorrow onward, you don’t have to go again.” Her tone was not that of a discussion, but an imposition.

She turned off the television and silence fell within the living room.

“Why?!” Ji Liao stepped in front of her, protesting against her dogmatism.

Xu Ai Wen looked up at him. He had beautiful eyes and a tall stature. After he was more grown-up, he would be even more handsome, thus he wouldn’t have to worry about not having a girlfriend in future. She only hoped that her son could get married, have children and lead a normal, ordinary life instead of being labelled as “gay” by society and receive peculiar attention.

“You’re asking why? Are you going there to work or to date?!” She raised her voice and looked directly at the person in front of her, questioning him strictly, as if there was no room for alleviation.

Ji Liao pursed his lips, his expression full of reluctance and unwillingness.

He was aloof and resisted silently, but seeing Xu Ai Wen’s reddening eyes, his heart softened and his shoulders sagged. “Mom, I’ve grown up.”

Then he added softly, “I know what I’m doing and I have the right to choose who I like.”

When Xu Ai Wen heard this, she was so angry that tears started to fall. She thought that Ji Liao was too stupid and naive, choosing a road full of brambles and still thinking it was true love.

“What do you know? Can you and he have any results?! Can you two marry?!” She didn’t hesitate with her aggression.

Ji Liao’s character was relatively timid. When his opponent was strong, he would subconsciously make concessions, so it was rare for him to argue with others.

But at this moment, he looked into Xu Ai Wen’s eyes. “Didn’t you also get married? In the end, when Dad died, you married someone else.” He spoke quietly but also sarcastically.

Xu Ai Wen felt as if a sharp knife stabbed her heart. Hurt by those words, she raised her hand in an uncontrollable moment and slapped Ji Liao.

But she couldn’t refute it.

“Look at what you’re saying now,” she shouted, her voice trembling.

“Mom, I…”

Ji Liao was a little regretful. He meant that the result of love was not necessarily marriage. After marriage, there was still the possibility of divorce. Wasn’t it more important to like each other?

But Xu Ai Wen rejected his explanation and told him to go back to his room.

Ji Liao collapsed on his bed and began to feel guilty. Although he knew that Xu Ai Wen wanted what was best for him, she had forgotten to respect his opinion. In more than ten years, this was the first time that the two of them quarrelled and it was also the first time that Xu Ai Wen hit him.

That night, Ji Liao went to bed early and woke up the next day to find his door locked.

Did she intend to lock him up?

He actually had a spare key but Xu Ai Wen didn’t know.

Although he went out as usual, Ji Liao was not in a good mood. When he saw He Cheng Ming in the coffee shop, his cold had worsened as expected. He had wrapped himself up tightly and looked like a wolf which made him laugh.

“Is it that serious?” He poked at the boy’s heavy clothes.

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Seeing his troubled expression, He Cheng Ming deliberately flirted, “It’s very serious. It’ll only get better if baby kissed me.” Because of the nasal sound caused by the cold, it sounded even cuter.

Before he finished his recollection, his crotch was already tented. He went to the bathroom to resolve his physiological problem. Before that, he remembered to blacklist the number after replying with an evaluation: Inferior.

The next day at work, he was carrying some plates and walking away from the front counter when he felt a nearby barista staring at him with interest. When he stopped, the other person brushed his fingertips against the back of his hand.

He Cheng Ming’s sudden obsession with cleanliness burst forth. His face darkened and his eyes were cold. “Do you want to f.u.c.king die?”

He actually dared to take advantage of him. Today it was him, then would it be Ji Liao tomorrow? Thinking of this, he was extremely irritated. Grabbing the barista’s collar, he threatened, “You better control your hand.”

At this moment, Ji Liao came over. Seeing their posture, he thought that He Cheng Ming was bullying someone and immediately persuaded them to make peace.

The barista’s name was Ah Gu. He had started a day later than them and was a regular employee. He had a pair of beautiful mono-lid eyes, which turned towards Ji Liao as he smiled indifferently with a very charming expression.

Ji Liao felt slightly uncomfortable and was dragged away by He Cheng Ming.

“Why are you suddenly washing your hands?” Ji Liao asked him.

“Dirty.” He Cheng Ming was disgusted, then turned to ask him, “Has he ever done anything to you?”

“That barista?” Ji Liao was confused, still not knowing what had happened and replied honestly, “Never interacted with him.”

He Cheng Ming was relieved, kissed him with satisfaction and told him, “Okay, stay away from him.”

With the cold finally gone, he didn’t let this chance slip away. He pressed Ji Liao down beside the sink and kissed him deeply. Between kisses, he put his hands under his clothes. Ji Liao pushed him away a little and asked, puzzled, “Why do you always touch my waist?”

“Because I like it.” He Cheng Ming’s voice was hoa.r.s.e.

Then he added, “No questions allowed when kissing!”

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