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Chapter 45 - Say Something Ji Liao. Don't Scare Me

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Chapter 45 - Say Something Ji Liao. Don’t Scare Me

When the two of them reappeared, Ah Gu could tell from one glance what they had been doing. His lips lifted in an unclear meaning.

Soon, it would be the new year. Today was the last day of work for that year. After Ji Liao calculated his savings, he decided to buy a new year’s gift for He Cheng Ming.

During the afternoon break, he went out to look around for gift options.

Because He Cheng Ming had received Zhao Mei Lan’s call, he was in the changing room, getting ready to leave right away.

The door opened and Ah Gu stepped in.

Seeing the handsome and unruly youth in front of him, his eyes lifted, revealing crimson antic.i.p.ation.

If he had his eye on someone, there was no way he couldn’t get them.

Walking to He Cheng Ming’s side, Ah Gu gave a flirtatious smile and probed boldly, “Handsome, want a bite?” His tone was frivolous and sensual.

With that familiar tone, He Cheng Ming suddenly thought of the message he received last night, and it became clear.

So it turned out to be this idiot.

He didn’t even bother to turn his head. “Get lost. As far as you can.”

Not expecting the other boy to not even give him a chance, Ah Gu was stunned, but he didn’t give up either. Maybe he wasn’t being charming enough, so He Cheng Ming was not moved.

He removed his c.u.mbersome coat, which revealed the tight knitted sweater that made his waist appear thinner and s.e.xier.

He propped himself on He Cheng Ming’s shoulder and enticed in a low voice, “Anyway, your little boyfriend is out. He won’t know.” Then blew a warm breath into his ear.

“Shut the h.e.l.l up!” He Cheng Ming had never understood the word “tolerance” — he pressed on the shoulder of the man in front of him and lifted his leg to knee him ruthlessly.

With a cry of pain, Ah Gu bent over in agony, but he forced a smile and said, “Ha, SM?”

Ha. He had a death wish.

He Cheng Ming didn’t move for a long time. Then, deciding to use him as practice, he raised his hands to beat him up. The man who was originally full of confidence was now doubting his life. Although he felt like all his organs had moved, he didn’t seem to look seriously injured!

When Ji Liao returned and opened the door, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with excitement, he was stunned by this scene.

He Cheng Ming followed his gaze. Ah Gu had put on his coat but he was a mess and collapsed at the wardrobe gasping, looking like he had just done something intense.

Moreover, there were only the two of them in here.

He Cheng Ming clenched his fists. As he was afraid that Ji Liao would misunderstand, he hurried to explain, “It’s not what you think.”

He stood in front of Ji Liao, blocking the dirty sight, and held him in his arms.

Ji Liao’s mind was blank and he was a little confused for a while. By the time he could respond, he had been brought out of the coffee shop.

Today, the sun shined warmly on the two of them.

He Cheng Ming crouched beside him while kissing him, his tone careful and loving. “Say something Ji Liao. Don’t scare me.”

Ji Liao paused, then said bluntly, “What were the two of you doing?” His clear eyes looked at the person in front of him.

He Cheng Ming didn’t miss out a single word as he told him the whole story. Once he finished, he looked as nervous as a prisoner standing on trial.

“What’s the meaning of bite?” Ji Liao didn’t understand and asked curiously.

He Cheng Ming raised his eyebrows and told him, “Split the word and say it.”

“Oral--s.e.x?” After the words pa.s.sed his lips, he quickly covered his mouth. His ears reddened and his eyes widened in shock…

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That barista was shameless, daring to say such a thing!

The two of them left the house and Meng Yao Yao brought Ji Liao downstairs. At a glance, she saw He Cheng Ming standing not far away.

She waved her hand and felt that the male G.o.d was even more handsome wearing new clothes!

“Actually, it was Lin Jiang who booked a KTV room and asked us to join,” she explained to Ji Liao.

He Cheng Ming had insisted on taking a taxi to fetch them.

Meng Yao Yao was considerate and sat in the front pa.s.senger seat, leaving the s.p.a.ce behind for the convenience of the two people.

Ji Liao was moved by her kindness and couldn’t help but take a longer look at her. This look prompted He Cheng Ming’s imagination to run wild, and he instantly turned Ji Liao’s head, saying with jealousy, “Look at me.”

He was a little uneasy at the thought of Meng Yao Yao’s reputation at school as the “straight men capturer.” Although Ji Liao was now bent, he couldn’t say for sure that he would not be straightened by Meng Yao Yao, so he felt that he had to pay more attention.

Ji Liao laughed and ignored his childishness.

The three of them soon arrived at the KTV where Lin Jiang was singing a heartrending song. “Love even when dead. There is no happiness if not fully expressed.”

Ji Liao looked around, only to find Xu Xiao Jing in groups of twos and threes. He whispered to He Cheng Ming, “President Gu isn’t here?”

He Cheng Ming mocked heartlessly, “He wouldn’t be if Lin Jiang’s doing the inviting.”

Ji Liao said, “Oh,” and nodded knowingly.

The two of them sat down. Once Lin Jiang finished his song, he came over, grinning with a toast. “Ming Ge, Ji Liao, Happy New Year.”

He Cheng Ming turned and asked, “Can we drink?”

Ji Liao nodded.

Seeing the couple’s affection, Lin Jiang buried his face in his hands and cried, “It’s the New Year. Can you be caring towards the single dogs?!”

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