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Chapter 46 - Was this a duck? This was royalty!

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Chapter 46 - Was this a duck? This was royalty!

Everyone burst out laughing.

Someone mentioned that they wanted to hear He Cheng Ming sing. Without a word, Lin Jiang brought the microphone over and shouted, “Come on, select the song ‘Double Happiness’ for Ming Ge.”

After hearing that, He Cheng Ming kicked his hip bone lightly, causing Lin Jiang to stumble. As if remembering something, he said, “Change it to ‘Dark Surge.'”

He used to hear He Cheng Ming sing this song often, so he must like it.

The prelude gradually became powerful. He Cheng Ming leaned against the sofa with the microphone held close. His deep and mesmerising voice poured out. Just one line was enough to amaze people.

“Afraid of a repeated tragedy, in my life, in my life.”

“The more beautiful something is, the more I can’t touch it.”

Conveying the Cantonese language’s emotional undertones, his gaze fell on the youth beside him. His palm rested on his shoulder, his thumb rubbing against that person’s thin collarbone again and again.

Normally, Ji Liao would have been shy, but after drinking a little bit of alcohol, he was a little dazed. He was also mesmerised by He Cheng Ming’s singing, and his eyes were full of love, staring nakedly and bravely at him.

As their CP club member, Xu Xiao Jing may have only a smile on her face, but in her heart, she was screaming wildly. Ah ah ah, this real-life natural dog food was killing her. She covered her face and let herself fall onto Meng Yao Yao.

This was sweeter than if she herself was dating. Boo hoo hoo!

Meng Yao Yao laughed and scolded her, “Loser!”

Followed by a smitten expression on her own face. Male G.o.d’s singing was really good!

At the end of the song, a round of warm applause broke out.

Xu Xiao Jing clapped until she almost injured her hands. She was so excited that she took the lead in shouting, “Kiss! Kiss!”

He Cheng Ming was in a good mood. His back lifted off the sofa, leaned into Ji Liao without the slightest hesitation, and kissed him on the lips. Then he whispered into his ear, “Baby, have some restraint. You’re going to make me hard with that look.”

Ji Liao’s ears turned red and he quickly lowered his head. His mouth was dry so he picked up the water on the table. After a mouthful, he realised it was alcohol and felt even fainter as a result.

He choked and He Cheng Ming handed him some fruit juice with a “tut.” Ji Liao took a sip and felt better.

“d.a.m.n, I can’t take it anymore.” Xu Xiao Jing, who had been watching their sweet interaction, covered her heart. She collapsed on the sofa and pretended to die.

Everyone there was dumbstruck!

Was this the same He Cheng Ming who was frequently irritable and always had a dark expression on his face?!

Most of the people here had only heard from Lin Jiang that He Cheng Ming was dating a man. Most of them had a good family background, so knew very well that h.o.m.os.e.xuality was disgraceful and not allowed in a powerful family. So they didn’t really care, treating it as if he was just playing around with a duck. But after witnessing it today, this duck was a little different.

Besides He Cheng Ming picking him up personally, when they arrived and sat down, Lin Jiang had to go over there to toast them. He Cheng Ming even asked him for permission, sang to him tenderly and worried over his well-being when he had choked on his drink.

Was this a duck? This was royalty!

It suddenly turned quiet. Lin Jiang was the first to respond, telling everyone that it was fine to be single, and continued his rowdiness.

Although Ji Liao’s brain was muddled, he didn’t forget his gift for He Cheng Ming, so he checked the time and saw that it was nearly eleven. If they walked home from here, they should be in time for the new year at midnight.

“Shall we leave first?” He whispered to He Cheng Ming.

He Cheng Ming raised his brows but agreed. He said goodbye to Lin Jiang before leaving with Ji Liao.

On New Year’s Eve, the streets were very quiet. The cold wind sobered Ji Liao slightly but his body was still a little weak. He Cheng Ming noticed his sluggish composure and squatted in front of him, saying, “Climb on.”

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Ji Liao did not argue and leaned onto him. Anyway, it wasn’t the first time he had carried him.

Yu Jin retreated two steps away and suddenly felt awkward.

“Earlier, you had something to say?” Ji Liao c.o.c.ked his head, questioning.

Yu Jin was stunned at their display, and his eyes fell on their clasped hands for a long time. He was too late. Ji Liao and He Cheng Ming had been in contact with each other for three or four months, so if Yu Jin had come to terms with his feelings and confessed before then, would the results have been different?

“Nothing much. Just wanted to give you your New Year present.” He gave the picture he was holding to Ji Liao.

It was a square frame wrapped in brown kraft paper.

Ji Liao took it. Maybe it was the lingering alcohol in his system, but his usual sensible and caring side did not exist currently. He couldn’t sense the boy’s disappointment as he said jokingly, “I hope it’s not a drawing of an old man!”

He still remembered their antics from their previous conversation.

“No.” Yu Jin’s lips pulled and thought to himself, I drew you, the person who’s in my heart.

“That’s good.” Ji Liao accepted it happily.

“Then, I’m off.”

Yu Jin pa.s.sed by He Cheng Ming without a glance.

He Cheng Ming watched his distant figure with discerning eyes. Why didn’t he reveal his true intentions?

Subconsciously, he clenched Ji Liao’s hand. His baby could attract people and have them fall for him. He secretly congratulated himself for his decision on making his move. If he had waited for Ji Liao to like someone else before making a move, his chances would have been slimmer, based on Ji Liao’s character.

“Let’s go. I also have a present for you.” He pulled him upstairs.

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