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Chapter 49 - I'm He Cheng Ming's Mother

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Chapter 49 - I’m He Cheng Ming’s Mother

“Don’t think about having me skip grades again. That’s all.”

There were no benefits in saying more. He Cheng Ming threw out this last remark, then turned and left.

Zhao Mei Lan felt some trepidation about letting her son take the wrong medicine, and she regretted believing the words of that quack doctor. At the same time, she was glad her son was smart enough to sense that something was wrong in time. Otherwise, how could she have been as well-regarded as she was now?

Yes, the respect that she had gained was from relying on He Cheng Ming.

Because she had an outstanding son, He Yue Jin also paid more attention to her and respected her sufficiently. All the friends in their circle also tried their best to get on her good side, hoping that when He Cheng Ming inherited the family business, she would still have them in her view.

She was a woman with no background, hence it hadn’t been easy to get to this stage. How could she give it up like this?

So that night, during some pillow talk, she told He Yue Jin that He Cheng Ming wanted to study finance and asked him to find a renowned teacher to mentor him.

The next day, a highly-priced authority in finance was invited to their home. Because it was his father who had issued the order, He Cheng Ming could not refuse. He was allowed to live outside because he had been so obedient. Although he was dissatisfied, he never disobeyed and this time was no exception.

At Zhao Mei Lan’s request, the mentorship continued for half a month. He Cheng Ming attended cla.s.ses during the day and night, so he could only talk to Ji Liao through video calls. He was not allowed to quit until the day before school started.

After not seeing him for over ten days, he missed Ji Liao to death. When he left his family house, he went directly to Ji Liao’s neighbourhood.

Wearing cotton-padded clothing, Ji Liao hopped his way downstairs. Halfway there, he was impatiently hugged by someone who had rushed up and pressed him against the wall of the staircase. He kissed him crazily as if to relieve his lovesickness.

Once He Cheng Ming had his fill of kisses, he hugged him and asked in a low voice, “Missed me?”

Ji Liao said, “I’m still all right.”

During the day, he revised his school work. At night, he talked to the other boy through video calls. It was okay as long as they maintained communication.

However, someone wasn’t happy as he grumbled, “You have no conscience. I missed you so much that I nearly went crazy.”

Every day, he could only see him through the phone, unable to touch, kiss or hug him. He was so tormented that it wasn’t even pleasurable to m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e.

Ji Liao chuckled, feeling his heart warming, and asked, “Are you cold? You travelled for such a long distance.”

He Cheng Ming was about to say something when suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps from above. He sensed the person in his arms stiffen and he immediately pressed his head into his chest.

An elderly woman, who came down the stairs to throw out the trash, glanced at the two of them. She recalled all the kids in the building in her mind, but couldn’t think of which family’s daughter was involved in this early romantic affair, so she gave up and left!

Ji Liao’s heart was pounding, realising that it wasn’t safe here. He took the boy’s hand, ran downstairs, and rushed outside of the community.

The two of them walked habitually to the bus stop. Ji Liao felt that it was colder than usual, so he wanted him to go back early. Anyway, this short time together wouldn’t seem much since school resumed tomorrow.

“No way,” He Cheng Ming refused seriously. He couldn’t leave before achieving his goal.

“Why not?” Ji Liao didn’t understand and looked at him.

“Let me touch you for a while before I go.” His hoa.r.s.e tone carried a deep desire as he led him to the back of the bus stop. This section of the road was relatively unfrequented and there was no one around at night.

Seeing his impatience, Ji Liao lifted his clothes generously to reveal a pale expense of his waist.

He Cheng Ming’s eyes reddened, and his long fingers explored two rounds before gradually moving down to his groin.

Ji Liao’s face flushed, and his body immediately tensed. His response was so cute as it showed his inexperience.

He Cheng Ming chuckled and pulled his hand back. After suffering from pent-up frustrations for half a month, he was finally happy.

The next day, school reopened. It was a new semester and the cla.s.s was bustling with everyone in high spirits.

As soon as Ji Liao arrived, he was informed that he had entered the top 100 in Liberal Arts. He had also gotten 110 points in Mathematics, the third place in cla.s.s.

Xu Xiao Jing told him in excitement, “You’re now in 62nd place!”

During his previous term, he didn’t make it to the top 100, so who’d expect that his grades would skyrocket to this point in one try.

“How can you be so happy over 62nd place? A bad student is still a bad student.” Lin Jia Sui pa.s.sed by them while rolling her eyes, then placed her schoolbag in the drawer.

She had just checked her own position. 5th position — an improvement by one position from the previous term.

“Do you have a problem? So it’s only you, oh great cla.s.s monitor, who can be good in her studies? Everyone else is a bad student.” Xu Xiao Jing pretended to retch to show her disgust towards her.

“My studies have always been good, unlike someone’s who has a brain like a pig’s.” After the New Year, Lin Jia Sui seemed to have been dipped in poison, which provoked Xu Xiao Jing to want to hit her. If not for Ji Liao stopping her, she would fight until the other party cried out “Uncle.”

The original good mood had been spoiled, and Xu Xiao Jing was extremely annoyed, cursing that they were d.a.m.ned unlucky!

Ji Liao was speechless, but he was a boy and he didn’t want to bicker with the girls, so he dropped it.

It wasn’t long before cla.s.s began. The form teacher announced that they would be holding a thank-you event for a recent donation to the school.

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The main idea was that a rich person donated money to construct a laboratory and invited the local media to report on it. The school cooperated by holding a donation ceremony, so all the students had to attend.

Obedient in greeting.

Zhao Mei Lan signalled the princ.i.p.al to leave. When the door closed, she revealed her true appearance and sneered at Ji Liao. “Auntie? You can’t afford to call me Auntie. You have such good skills to make my son bent for three years.”

Ji Liao didn’t understand. Bent for three years? What’s more, it should be He Cheng Ming who made him bent, right?!

He was about to ask when the closed door suddenly flung open. The boy, who gave the speech on stage earlier, rushed in angrily and ran straight to Zhao Mei Lan, scaring her into retreating a few steps back.

“What did you say to him?!” The boy clenched his fists and looked fierce, seeming like he would attack the person in front of him in the next second.

Upon witnessing this, Ji Liao hurried over and held him back while asking softly, “What’re you doing? Isn’t she your mother?”

He Cheng Ming asked him to go outside, but Ji Liao was so worried that he didn’t move. The person in front of him shouted, “Go outside!” His temper rose, and he could no longer control himself.

Ji Liao’s eyes glistened and appeared frightened. He released the hold on the other boy’s clothes and turned to leave.

He Cheng Ming regretted it in that instant, feeling a stab in his heart.

He glared at the woman on the sofa and asked again, “What did you say to him?!”

Zhao Mei Lan was also frightened by her son’s angry disposition and swallowed before saying, “Mom just wanted him to stay away from you, but before I could say anything, you came in!”

At this, He Cheng Ming placed the heart that was suspended in his throat back into his chest. It was fine, she didn’t say anything to him.

He broke out in a cold sweat, but when he recovered he said heartlessly, “I’m warning you, if you look for Ji Liao again, don’t blame me for disappointing you. You’re my mother and I can’t touch you. But I can destroy myself.”

The graveness of his words frightened Zhao Mei Lan. “What’re you talking about?! How can you destroy yourself?!”

“I can come out, quit school, or even kill someone…” Before he could finish, his face was slapped.

Zhao Mei Lan stood up with her hands trembling, and she threatened, “How dare you! If you attempt to come out or quit school, I’ll, I’ll die for you to see!”

She had never expected her good son, who she had personally groomed, to become like this. That male vixen was to blame. She hated Ji Liao so much.

“Are you willing to die?” He Cheng Ming sneered. He didn’t want to talk any more nonsense, so he said with finality, “I’ll tell you one last time. Stay away from Ji Liao. As long as you don’t get involved in our business, I’ll bring glory to you and let you rest easy as the wealthy lady. If not, I’m finished and so are you.”

Zhao Mei Lan was so angry that she felt dizzy. She pointed at him but couldn’t speak. At last, she collapsed and sat down on the sofa.

She wasn’t stupid and knew that as long as her son was with a man, she would always be worried. But for now, she didn’t have any other choice except to agree.

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